Disc or disk (computing and American English) may refer to:

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  1. C

    For Sale PlayStation 5 (disk), 8 games, 2 controllers - update

    This has hardly been used - I just can’t get into gaming these days. I bought it as a package from Currys PC world around April 2022 with the extra SSD which I have installed. Games as shown in the picture. Controllers also come with the official PlayStation double charger. It really is...
  2. B

    For Sale 1Tb & 2Tb Hard Disk Drives & Dell PERC H310 HBA - LSI 9211-8i - IT Mode - ZFS - Unraid - TrueNAS - FreeNAS

    Taken from my NAS as have upgraded to larger disks. all have no warranty, NAS has always been set to spin down disks when not in use. 3x 1Tb - Toshiba DT01ACA100 - - CrystalDisk Info Health - Good! - £25 Delivered all three. 1x 2Tb - £25 Delivered 2Tb - Western Digital - WD20EARX Green -...
  3. wiz

    Question HiFi test disk

    Anyone used one to fine tune their system? Don't have a problem, just want to know if I'm getting the best from it
  4. Taxslave

    Move to a new FreeSat box

    We currently have a Humax HDR 1100S and owned it for over 7 years. Having a new Freesat box installed next week. The two cables from sat dish to freesat box will be moved to the new box, The old (current box) has 100’s of hours of recorded material still on disk we want to watch. So we plan to...
  5. R

    Recording from TV into USB device or external hard disk.

    Hi I have LG smart TV and from what i understood there is a possibility to record straight into usb device but not exactly what i need. what i need is like VCR used to do, recording exactly what is broadcasting on the screen ( screen recording) whether that will be live tv or dvd palying on tv...
  6. Rosssiiii

    Question Ps2 - issues to spin the disk

    Hello i have a ps2 that is not able to spin the disk, it start and arrive to that screen : but i can't hear the disk spinning, so i have try to open and do some check, but what check ? that ps2 was not mine, but from the screenshot i have posted above i read iridium xl + so that mean that...
  7. B

    Would you buy a PC with no disk drive like a CDr/DVD etc?

    Would you buy a PC with no disk drive like a CDr/DVD etc? Are they now obsolete etc?
  8. C

    Help needed understanding smartctl output

    Hi, my trusty HP Gen8 server has started reporting an issue with one of the disks. The error is ATA error count has increased from 0 to 5 which doesn't sound good. I have 4 disks in situ and running raid 5 from memory so have some resilience . I have run a smartctl test and have attached the...
  9. lynx

    Optical disk not being seen.

    I have a usb optical drive which has been used rarely, connected to my wifes laptop and occasionally my desktop, it operated normally. I've just connected it to my pc and I don't see it in "this PC", W10 pro. It appears in device manager, but thats the only place. I've installed it and rebooted...
  10. S

    Digital or disk edition ps5

    I know there is no hardware difference between both editions but still Who should buy digital and who should buy disk edition. I am thinking to buy digital edition as i haven't played ps games since ps2 .
  11. Disk is not formatting!

    EPG timer not working says disk not formatting what does this mean? I just want the TV to turn over on the timed programme!
  12. mr starface

    External Disk not Initialising - Any Advice?

    I have a My Book Duo that has stopped working, its recognised in windows under disk management but I cant initialise the disk or see it under explorer. Knowing my luck its probably FUBARED but is there anything I can try to get it to spring back into life or at least pull the data from it...
  13. C

    DVD player / DVD rom drive wont read a burned DVD +R disk ( help )

    Hi, Help please. A burned DVD +R that I created a few years ago cannot be read from any of my 4 DVD players , or the PC DVD rom drive. The disk was not badly scratched, and I have polished the disk to get rid of the finer scratches, the burned section, centre of the disk to where it was burned...
  14. lynx

    Recommend a disk cleaner (cd). Megger Powersuite.

    I have a Megger powersuite pro disk, purchased new be myself some years ago. Installed it and used it. Now following a computer change I find the disc is unreadable, tried on half a dozen pc's and external drives, nothing will read it. The disk looks perfect (to my eyes) so I guess the next step...
  15. P

    NAD C538 vs NAD C541 disk player

    Hello! I'm interested in acquiring a NAD disk player, but I'm divided between two models: • a 2nd hand NAD C541 disk player (for 240€) • a 1st hand NAD C538 disk player (for 360€) Specifications for the NAD C541 Digital converter: PCM1732U, Delta Sigma 24 bit, 8 x oversampling Frequency...
  16. J

    QN90A (2021) with DP-UB420-P. HDR10+ Disk Content Availability

    Hello all, So I’ve figured out HDR10+ UHD Blue Ray Disk content is rare and Dolby Video is winning the HDR battle for disks. I have a few questions I’m hoping to you all can help me with find content and play it correctly; like Marvel films, Star Trek, Syfy, Adventure, etc. Is there any way to...
  17. spaceboydreams

    Marantz KI CD63 disk not spinning

    Hi just fitted a new laser to my cd63 and the disk no longer spins. I think I soldered the wires correctly but noting when cd is inserted. Anyone know what I may have done wrong? Thanks Simon
  18. E

    New Sony Oled Hard disk drive problem

    Deleted as problem solved and did not want to waste your time. Thanks and sorry.
  19. T

    What is "Multi Format" disk.

    I have been updating some of my older DVD's to BluRay, occasionally 4K if I feel it's worthwhile. On Amazon I see multiple choices on occasion, DVD, BluRay, Multi Format. That last option is what confuses me. I have tried searching some reviews and the Multi seems to have issues. USA is my region.
  20. Dr.Rock

    Dropped hard disk drive

    Hi, I purchased a new Western Digital 4 TB internal hard disk drive, of their "Black" variety. However, before I had a could install it, I put it on a 70 cm high chest of drawers from where it accidentally fell onto a carpeted floor. Is that enough to do any damage to the HDD or is the...
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