1. C

    For Sale BNIB Playstation 5 Disk Edition with Extra DualSense Controller

    Hi All I have for sale a brand new unopened PS5 disk edition and dualsense controller bundle. PS5 came from amazon, and controller was part of a bundle I purchased for myself. Postage will be with insured courier (Parcelforce) Cheers Tim
  2. gibbomufc

    For Sale PS5 disk edition (BNIB)

    BNIB, was purchased from PlayStation Direct. Price is based on collection only
  3. B

    For Sale PS5 Disk Edition (BNIB)

    Brand new PS5, bought from Amazon for a mate who can no longer afford. £575 collected or + shipping costs (~£25)
  4. R

    Panasonic DMR hard disk replacement with SSD .. success !

    I have managed to replace the HD in my Panasonic DMR with an SSD, so here’s a report of how it was done .. at first failure then success. I have a DMR-BST700 which is about 8 years old and the hard disk has started making a lot of clicking noises, I think when it’s converting the DR recordings...
  5. M

    Help with a 100% capacity disk drive that has no reported errors in disk check.

    Hello there. My P.C. is about 4-5 years old. It is a Windows 10 P.C. I have a 2TB H.D.D. that only has about 300GB of stuff on it. The O.S. is in its own partitioned section on the same physical drive, although it has a different drive designation. A few months back the computer started...
  6. Nighthawk648

    Need help with linking movie list in Excel with each movie on hard disk

    Good day all I have been listing all the movies I have stored on my hard drive in an Excel document so I can keep track of what I have But what I actually want to do is be able to open and play any of those movies I have listed by clicking something within the excel file to save me time...
  7. Gozerilla

    hard disk data on a lg smart tv

    Good evening i often use an external memory connected via usb to my lg smart tv. yesterday the electricity went off for a moment, and when i connected it again says something like "some files might be corrupted" "verify and restore" "open now" those are not the exact words because it's in...
  8. Projectorfan

    Artifacts when playing 4k HDR disk on non-HDR 4k player/projector

    Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but when I played a 4k version of "2001: A Space Odyssey" via my system (Sony UBP-X800 player, Denon AVR-X2300W receiver, Sony VPL-VW500ES projector) a while ago there were terrible artifacts that made it unwatchable. I returned the disk on the...
  9. liquidand

    Free disk space

    Hello, how can I check free disk space on my 65pus8505. In the android settings I can see only shared internal space(5.2GB total). But I read the TV should have 16 GB of flash memory instead.
  10. G

    What format is the hard disk in Samsung BD-H8500MBlu Ray Recorder

    I have a Samsung BD-H8500M Blu Ray Recorder with 500GB. I tried to upgrade it with one of my spare 2TB disks. The machine did not recognised the disk nor will it let me reformat in situ. I tried to clone the original with a external disk deck. It didn't work. I replaced the original back to the...
  11. Nando10

    Swann 8580 4k Hard disk drive upgrade

    Hi I have a Swann 8580 4k camera system with a 2TB Hard disk drive. I would like to upgrade to bigger hard drive a 6TB. Could anyone please advise on one that I could do a straight swap. The one it has in is a Toshiba DT01ABA200v. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  12. Tomnook80

    Question NAS hard disk recommendations

    Hi all. I have read a similar thread on here, but wondered if things had moved on at all in 2021. Had some excellent advice from @Zigourney already but thought there would be no harm in eliciting wider opinion. I'm setting up a new 920+ and am looking for recommendations on NAS storage. Volume...
  13. adamona

    100% disk usage when gaming (HDD)

    Hi. 3 months ago i build my first pc, and recently I've had some games freeze up and noticed when that happens my disk usage (HHD) goes to 100%. This only happens to games on my hard drive, primarily story games like GTA V and Mirrors Edge Catalyst (what I'm currently playing right now) as well...
  14. bellotin

    Question Error connecting SSD hard disk in 58PUS8555

    Hi everybody and Happy New Year. I have a 480Gb SSD connected to a 58PUS8555, and when I try to create a folder from a file explorer (Mixplorer), it asks me to assign write permissions to the disk. When I try to do it from another file explorer (Fxplorer), I get the following error The hard...
  15. J

    WHS 2011 Backup Disk Question

    For donkeys years I've happily run WHS 2011 on an N40L. Recently I replaced my server's external backup disk for a much bigger one and everything is working fine. I use the standard backup process baked into WHS 2011. Question: I have a lot of free space on the new external backup disc. I was...
  16. A

    Outlook calendar file from old laptop disk

    I backed up my old disk in full before upgrading to a new SSD. After re-installing Office when I open Outlook I cannot find my old calendar entries. I've attached a outlook.pst file from the old disk. Surely the old calendar entries are there, somewhere?
  17. S

    Question Can't mirror volume (Raid 1) in disk management

    Hi all, I'm having trouble mirroring two identical HDDs in windows 10 disk management. I have one drive which has data on, and another empty identical drive. My method is right clicking on the drive with data on (disk 1), and selecting 'Add Mirror', it then let's me select the blank disk (disk...
  18. M

    Question Why were video disc jukeboxes dropped?

    The BD Jukebox after dropping (ironic that hip "drop" meaning is opposite) reached $10,000 NIB on eBay. Unit old for $2000 I believe which is ridiculous since the CD Juke was something like $400 retail. I would think that the availability of jukes would cause more disc sales - especially when...
  19. jizzlejimbo

    Question Seeing as 4kbluray looks like the endgame physical format - Should I be worried about longer term disk rot?

    At the moment I stream everything but I really want to own my favourite films on 4kbluray. Realistically how long will these disks last if they're kept in a standard bookshelf. I don't want them getting bit rot after 5 years, if I invest i'd prefer if they will be usable over the longer term.
  20. R

    Question Odd error code (CE-41797-8) on PS4 when installing game off disk?

    Hey all. I am posting here due to an odd issue that occurred yesterday when installing a game from the disk. I was installing a newly purchased copy of Doom Eternal when the installation finished and a cross appeared over the installation bar. When I clicked on the application I got the error...
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