1. kalli

    some freetv through Sky Dish and LNB

    Hey, if I disconnect my Sky Q box (2 sat cables, all working, subscribed) and connect either of them to a hauppauge DVB-S2 and scan for channels, should I get to see any channels (dont care if free/encrypted). its just for a test. background: my father uses linux only, but has to use windows...
  2. Granty333

    Can I use my old sky dish for freesat on LG CX

    Last week our TV Aerial signal dropped out and I need a part for my ladders before I take a look at it. I have also been getting random freezes on the OS of the TV, each time needing to power off at the socket (not what i'd expect of a high end TV?) So I wondered as an alternative or extra, Is...
  3. I

    LNB to fit old (Mk3?) Sky dish

    I need a new LNB for my Humax foxsat HDR. I have an old sky dish, where the arm is a square tube, and the LNB holder pushes into it. I think this is MK3. My existing LNB holder has a 38mm collar, holding a (not working very well) 38mm LNB. Before I got up on the roof to measure, I bought an...
  4. R

    Sky Dish for Sky+ and SkyQ

    Hi, I'll be, most likely, requesting an independent company to install a Sky Dish at a new house. We currently have Sky+ In the future we might move to SkyQ Is there a dish that would work for both? Thanks
  5. R

    Getting someone else to install Sky dish?

    Hi We're hopefully to move house and take Sky with us. House is a two storey house in London. When had Sky installed at our current house we had an utter disaster. No matter how many times I asked for the "Special Heights" team, whenever the Sky Installer arrived they said they couldn't do it...
  6. L

    Question How to aim satellite dish?

    I hope this is in the right forum. While I was in Mexico, I got a VeTV satellite dish with 2 cable boxes and a monthly subscription. I brought it to the US yesterday and I've been trying to get it working. I was told to point it towards 78.8 degrees west, but says to point it at...
  7. topgazza

    Removing Sky Dish

    I don’t have Sky anymore or watch any Freesat and was thinking of removing my old Sky, non Q , dish off my wall. When I sell my house the new buyer is likely to want the latest Sky dish anyway. Unless they do watch Freesat only of course So, remove dish and cables ?
  8. Silverz1123

    Freeview TV signal through sky dish

    Hi I've just moved in to a new build house and haven't been able to get the TV or sky to work. I've spend the afternoon trying various things and finally I've got the TV to receive the freeview channels. The way I have done this is by connecting coax to the faceplate for the sky wires and then...
  9. C

    Replacing a LNB on a sky dish

    We have a Sky dish about 11-12 years old and I need to replace the LNB. The existing LNB mechanically plugs into the end of the square/rectangular mounting arm where as the new one I have is designed to clip over it. Problem is if I use the same mounting hole for the new one it looks like the...
  10. paulyoung666

    Sky dish with Hybrid LNB to feed Samsung Q7FAM ?

    There are 2 inputs on the connect box so I can use the soon to be redundant sky feed to connect to the tv , but what about the LNB end , do I leave as is , or do I need to swap the cables to the non sky q connections ? Also , with the dish pointing where it is ( I hope I don't nudge it if I...
  11. MelodyMae

    please help....SKY Q dish free yet?

    Hi there, I really want to join SKY TV but cant find anything that absolutely says that no dish is required when signing up-to SKY Q. Can anyone please confirm if this is an option to have NO DISH is NOW available. I've tried contacting sky, cant find live chat and have been constantly in a 20...
  12. V

    LG SK9000 with Dish Network

    Purchased LG in 12/18. Very happy with all 4k. Was reasonably happy watching regular HD on DirecTv. Got double-crossed in a deal at Sam’s Club. Bailed and went with Dish Network. For some reason many of the channels, shows, games, etc... just don’t feel as sharp as DirecTv. I’m a...
  13. K

    Foxsat pvr, sky dish, no signal

    Hi, just wanting to make sure I've not missed something really obvious. Moved into new house. Told previous owners had sky box. I'm assuming a dish aligned to receive sky will receive freesat without realignment, dish hasn't been removed, just checked!, plugged cables into foxsat which searches...
  14. M

    Question Sky Q dish, Sattelite cables, Samsung TV with Freesat Tuner built in how?...

    Hi all, I have a Sky Q dish and I have the cables from the dish to my TV room. I have a Samsung KS8000 with a connection for a Sattelite Main cable and a Sattelite Sub cable and Freesat Receiver built into the TV. Do I need a DiSEqC at all, or will it just work does anyone know? Will I get...
  15. ebasler

    Question New coax has no signal from Directv dish, old does

    This makes no sense to me, I have Directv and it currently works with an occasional glitch using 3 old cables connected by couplers feeding signal from the dish. I thought I could improve the signal feed by buying a new coax cable that was the appropriate length, but the new cable doesn't seem...
  16. M

    Question disguising a dish

    Did a quick search and didn't find anything, may have used the wrong terms, living in an apartment in Switzerland, going to put an 80cm dish on the balcony but don't want to upset the locals, wondering if covering the dish in sticky vinyl will affect the signal, I'm hoping as long as it is...
  17. P

    Painting a rusty old dish? What type of Hammerite?

    I have this rusty old steel warrior, which lived on the seafront in Brighton for many years, and I'm thinking of painting it to restore it's old youthfulness. I've seen Hammerite paint recommended. Would anyone have any experience of using Hammerite Direct to Rust and if so would anyone...
  18. BobbyMac

    Answered TRT 4K FTA with 90cm Dish Glasgow Area

    Achievable? If so any recommendations for a 4K receiver?
  19. davindersangha

    Using a SKY Dish (no box) to connect to Freeview

    Tearing my hair about a bit. I couldn't get Freeview HD using my normal indoor aerial, so I had a bright idea of using my twin SKY leads. I cut them and combined the copper wire and slotted into a booster which at the other end connected to my TV. Voila! It worked. However, some of the non-HD...
  20. Roohster

    Sky Q Communal Dish

    Has anyone here had Sky Q installed in a block where there is a communal dish with a distribution box? I've got a hideously complicated situation :P I enquired if my building was "Q ready" ages ago on the dedicated sky page, it wasn't but they assured me they'd get in touch if it ever was...
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