1. ALH91

    Settings to use on LG 65UN711C0ZB to get a satellite signal through an SCR.

    Hey! Hopefully this is a super easy answer, but I live on a new development and when buying the house the developer provided a help guide to give to your Sky installer. I'm hoping the instructions on how to install Sky will help work out how to use the TV's built in FreeSat to pick up a signal...
  2. M

    Philips built-in satellite tuners: DiSEqC support?

    Hi, I currently have two LNBs connected to a DiSEqC 1.x/2.x demodulator. The first LNB is on Astra 19.2E, the second one on 28E (both LNBs use the same dish ; no motor needed). Will the satellite tuner provided with 6xx3/7xx3 models support satellite selection through DiSEqC, and therefore...
  3. T

    Life expectancy of a DiSEqC motor?

    Hi there, I've had my Technomate TM-2300 motor for a good few years now (3 yrs) how long roughly before I should look at getting it replaced? I may be replacing the dish fairly soon as the back has started to go a horrible green colour (its a white dish) and there's some specs of rust around...
  4. N

    Sky box diseqc settings

    I am hoping someone may be able to assit me with a frustrating problem I am having with my satellite installation. I have 2 dishes, one pointing to Hotbird for my wife's Polish NC+ satellite system and the other for Sky. I have them both connected to a single, 9 input multiswitch with Sky...
  5. A

    Monoblock LNB + diseqc switch + Zone 1 dish

    Hello (again) For a while I've been trying to get 19.2e and 13.0e on a modern Zone 1 dish (larger type). Tried a multi LNB setup using 2 quad Sky LNBs and a multi LNB bracket. This had previously worked quite well on a 60cm dish. No such luck on the Zone 1. I was focusing on 19.2 and trying to...
  6. Geeky123

    2 Satellites to 2 Receivers

    What is the best way to receive 2 satellites using one dish and watch them on two receivers? My idea is to use an lnb holder to hold two twin LNBs for each satellite, And implement the setup in the attached picture. Is there a better and cheaper way to do this?
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