1. speed1268

    Are Tripole better than Dipole??

    Hi All, Have Crystal Acoustics Dipoles at the moment which I have found are great! But wondered if the MK triples give a better dispersion? Any opinions on this would be great! Cheers speed
  2. Mikeyd1963

    Bi-Pole or Dipole

    Hi every one I have a pair of Monitor audio Bronze Bi-pole/ Di-pole speakers as rear surrounds or backs what ever you want to call them. They are on my rear wall where the main sofa runs, not ideal I know but it’s the only place they can go. Should they be set for Bi-Pole or Di- Pole for Dolby...
  3. michael5039

    Rears/surrounds - direct radiating, bipole, tripole, dipole etc.

    So I'm redoing my living room and in the process thought it would be a good chance to try upgrade to a good 7.1.2 setup. I dont have a very big living room and as a result I would like the surround speakers to be low profile against the wall. For reference I have a monitor audio RS centre with...
  4. Wswan85

    How dipole works - someone please help sos

    Afternoon all, I am looking to get the Klipsch RP-502s rear speakers, which are essentially 2-sided dipole speakers, Klipsch claim they utilise WDST (wide dispersion surround technology) which people are saying effectively makes them the same as bipole speakers, but technically as i understand...
  5. I

    Dipole Speakers (ADP 370) with couch against the wall for 5.1

    My room is 11' x 16' x 8', enclosed and was wondering where I can place Paradigm ADP-370 dipole speakers with the couch against the wall. TV and couch is on the center of the 16' wall. Manual and most forums say it should be on the side wall but their couch was 2-3 feet away from the wall. I've...
  6. Atomicus

    Bipole, dipole or direct with Atmos in this room?

    I am coming across conflicting opinion and advice on this, with some people even slating what Dolby themselves recommend, so I'm unclear what my approach should be. I would assume it's largely room dependent anyway, so have attached an image below of my space. I have x3 LCR in-walls up front...
  7. robkh1984

    Question Couch in the corner and against the back wall: side & rear surrounds

    I searched all around to get ideas for my particular setup, but couldn't find many options where the couch is against the back corner wall and there's a large space where a side wall would normally be in a rectangular room. I can do either a 5.1.4, 7.1.4, or even a 9.1.4 setup with Atmos/Auro 3D...
  8. T

    Rear speakers - When sofa is against back wall

    I have a really nice 5.1 setup in a nice little living room. The front 3 speakers are well placed and so is the sub. But, the sofa touches the rear wall and my rear speakers are quite high up on said back wall. They don’t sound amazing. They’re classics mission bipoles. I brought one down to...
  9. C

    Question Monopole, Bipole or Dipole for rear surrounds in 5.1.4 in 6m x 4m room?

    This is my layout The Amber speakers are the ones I need to buy. The SL and SR will be stand mounted bookshelf style speakers at ear height. The green ones are existing Definitive Technology UIW bp/a (bipole) in the ceiling which were my surround backs, but will now become my Top Rear Atmos...
  10. A

    Question Dipole speakers in a sound treated room

    Basically my 'movie room' also doubles up as a music production room, therefore there's a decent amount of sound absorption. The way it works is if I'm watching movies the music stuff is behind me, if I'm working on music the projector screen is behind me, so they are kind of back to back, the...
  11. canada16uk

    BXFX - Dipole or Bipole?

    Sorry think I placed this in the wrong section, but would appreciate some thoughts: Hey, I know the question of Bipole vs Dipole has been asked to death, but have a question about my placement. My speakers are not easy to move, so just want a bit of advice. I have them in forward firing mode...
  12. Z

    Question Speaker Choice and Placement

    Hi All, Have been reading through the forums for some time now and have a few questions to ask if I may. I am planning on purchasing the following but would like some advice on speaker placement and type: - Monitor Audio Silver 1 (fronts) - Monitor Audio Silver Centre - Monitor Audio Silver...
  13. P

    Question Dolby Atmos / DTS:X and di-pole surrounds

    Hi there, I wasn't really sure where best to place this thread, as I guess it concerns speakers and amps... Anyway, I currently have a 7.1 setup, and was just about to change my side speakers for a set of dipoles, as there is generally a lack of ambience and the side speakers are a bit too...
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