1. Evinger

    Themed Dinner & a Movie Evenings

    My Wife & I are real Hermits when Home, but being stuck in on the evenings can still wear, especially with the better weather. So we are going for a themed Dinner & Movie evening once a week. (Bit like a Date Night at Home). First one is "Master & Commander" I made Hardtack & Lobscouse a couple...
  2. wiz

    Critique my dinner

    Tasted bloody lovely Cheated a bit this year. Stuffing gravy and pigs in blankets from M&S
  3. Sonic67

    Oh Bells

    I'm looking to buy two dinner bells. Something similar to this: Not more than £50 each plus engraving. So a bit ornate. I've looked on Amazon but can't find anything suitable yet. Any ideas?
  4. tinkerbelluk

    Christmas Dinner Thread 2017

    Being a long term lurker I've been waiting for the Christmas Dinner Thread to pop up this year to give me some inspiration, but alas it's hasn't as yet, so you've brought me out of the shadows! What's everyone planning to have for the big day?
  5. Thug

    Tell me a sentence you can both say during sex and family dinner...

    Would you like stuffing?
  6. Theydon Bois

    Question What did you have for dinner?

    ....just had double pie and mash with green gravy. :clap:
  7. blue max

    What shall I have for dinner?

    Quick healthy meals that you can always eat. I just made a batch of chilli. Stick in bags in the freezer and bang, a meal in moments with a microwave rice.
  8. H

    Whats for dinner (photo thread)

    Interested in what everyone eats. Just made this.
  9. mjn

    The Christmas Dinner Thread

    What is everybody planning to have come the big day?
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