1. S

    Question Dimensions for HT

    Hello i am looking at some options for a dedicated home theatre room. My minimum starting point would be a 5.1.2 but would ideally like to start with a 7.2.4. I would use Anthem as my processor so has great built in room correction. One option is to use a converted shipping container. I like...
  2. P

    Stand Dimensions for TX40H800B

    I am considering purchasing Panasonic TX40H800B and I would like to know the Dimensions of the stand please.
  3. BillyWillySilly

    Samsung Q80R / Q85R Stand Dimensions

    Hi all, I cannot find these details anywhere but does anyone know the width and depth of the stands for the Samsung Q80R and Q85R? I'm trying to figure out if they would fit on top of my LG soundplate... Thanks!
  4. F

    LG 65UM7510 & 65UM7660 Dimensions

    Good Afternoon, Would anybody have the dimensions for the 65UM7510 and/or the 65UM7660? In Distance from Bottom VESA mount hole to Bottom of TV and Top Vesa Mount hole to Top of TV?? Thanks in advance Fletch
  5. Higibuilder

    Question Re um15 ultimax sub box dimensions

    Hi all is the correct for the UM18 please many thanks
  6. L

    Hisense U7B VESA dimensions?

    Hi is i possible if some one could confirm what the VESA dimensions are on the 55in model ? As I have seen some websites that sell it state it’s 200x200 and some 400x200. many thanks.
  7. D

    Focal Flax Domes mounting dimensions

    Hi Random question, does anyone know what the dimensions are for the mounting screws for Focal Flax domes, ie the distance between the two mounting screws (think it’s around 90mm) I’m trying to get the decorating, etc done before they arrive and would ideally like to do the drilling before...
  8. djwoodyuk

    Sky Q box dimensions

    Hi. Does anyone know the dimensions for: - Sky Q 2TB box - Sky Q Mini box for other rooms. thanks in advance.
  9. C

    Question Monitor Bronze FX Dimensions...

    I am look at replacing my ageing 5.1 system. Looking at the Monitor Bronze set up can someone confirm the actual height of the FX speakers? On their web page the specification says 274mm on the template pdf it says 287mm. If they are 274mm then one of the speakers will go on a side wall next...
  10. JamesJ 2

    Car Subwoofer Dimensions

    I am building a custom Subwoofer box for my car and have all the parts except the mdf to make the box, I am unsure what size it and the port should be for it to sound how it should. The drivers I have are X2 15" Pyle PLPW15D's. The area in the car I have to work with are: Width - 35" Height -...
  11. S

    Question New connect one box dimensions

    Can anyone supply the dimensions for the new one connect box, I cannot find details any where. I have all the TV details and it would be very helpful if I could get the connect box size so I could sort out before getting the TV where I can place it. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  12. Zigourney

    Question Can some please help me with the dimensions of the Philips hue Lightstrip Power adapter?

    Can someone provide me with the dimensions (WxLxD) of the UK power plug adapter that comes with the Philips hue lightstrip please? I am having a socket installed behind a wall mounted TV and need to know if the power brick will fit ok, its quite tight behind the TV. thanks!
  13. TheSleepyWalrus

    Question LG OLED65B7V Stand Dimensions

    Hi all, Have been watching Steve Withers' review of the 55 inch version and he mentions having a surface area of 740x254mm for the stand. Could anyone confirm if the 65 inch version has the same stand, or is it slightly bigger? Couldn't locate this info online! Cheers :smashin:
  14. rulocal

    Question Stand Dimensions of the LG Oled 55 Range

    I had been planning to hold off buying my new TV until moving house next year but am now seriously tempted due to the sudden price drop of the 55E7 and potential further drops of the B & C over the Black Friday period. The problem is that my old 40” Sony LCD is currently sitting directly on top...
  15. K

    OLED65C7V Wall Mount - help :(

    sorted now
  16. R

    Wall Recess Dimensions for Screen

    I just started a thread in the projector section but maybe my question is more relevant here? I have a basement that I'm turning into a cinema room. Without going into super great detail of the what and why, I'm lining the room with dry wall onto studs/battens over a cavity membrane system. I...
  17. R

    Screen Recess Size

    First post here but have been lurking for nearly a decade! I have a basement that I'm turning into a cinema room. Without going into super great detail of the what and why, I'm lining the room with dry wall onto studs/battens over a cavity membrane system. I want to recess a projection screen...
  18. M

    Question Elegante e8c height (with stand)?

    Hi Folks! Can anyone tell me the height of the Elegante e8c centre speaker with the standard shelf stand attached? I've looked online and the dimension given is 172mm, but I'm not sure if that's with the stand or not. I assume it is, since the speaker has a curved bottom and doesn't make...
  19. Sandman

    Lego Dimensions - lego batman movie story pack

    Me and my daughter started this and completed the first level earlier today. We then turned off the PS4 for dinner. Well we have just turned it back on to give level 2 a shot and can't figure out how to get back into the game and pick it up from where we left off. I have loaded the correct game...
  20. datz

    Rega Planar 1- dimensions

    Specifically I'm trying to find out if the RP1 will fit on top of my Yamaha N602. Looking at the specs it won't but could some kind person measure the distance between the feet (outside edge). I'm hoping this will make it possible. Many thanks
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