1. namicist

    For Sale 1Week old PS5 Digital Edition

    I bought this last week after being invited by Sony to buy one direct from them. Digital edition I unboxed it hoping it would fit my gaming collection shelf and it doesn't by a fraction, so I reboxed it up.and will stick with my PS4 pro. The box outer sleeve has a tear in it, (it arrived like...
  2. gamer1981

    For Trade Vanguard crossgen disc for Digital copy.

    I dont suppose anyone has vangaurd crossgen digital and would swap for my disc version. It's just so I can share the game with my son. £45 Cheers
  3. Grale

    Wanted PS5 Digital version -NEW-

    Anyone got the digital version for sale? Looking for new and sealed. Payment via PPG or BT Thanks
  4. Davidjake07

    Wanted PS5 New In Box Digital Or Disc

    PS5 Wanted Yorkshire Area Digital or Disc Version Must be NIB
  5. MrR0b0T

    For Sale Western Digital Red SA500 1TB M.2 NAS SSD x 3

    I have three of these available, all are brand new and sealed. Looking for £90 each - no offers thanks.
  6. dominic*

    For Sale or Trade - £25 TESCO Digital gift card

    Got a £25 TESCO Digital gift card for sale can only be used in store. Looking for £23 or trade for a £25 Amazon voucher. Will email / message code and photo of e-gift. PPG
  7. Saxonous

    For Sale Mario Party Superstars *Digital Instant Delivery*

    I have a digital code for Mario Party Superstars that came as part of a bundle in a Switch OLED order I’ve purchased, but I do not want the game… I am selling for £40 as that is the cheapest I can see it online. I paid £48.67 for it in the bundle Instant delivery on payment!
  8. bure11

    For Sale Spiderman Remastered Digital Code

    Hi all Digital code for Spiderman Remastered here
  9. M

    LG OLED 65B7A and Dolby Digital+

    I have my LG OLED 65B7A connected to a Sonos Arc soundbar via the HDMI-Arc port on my TV. Will the TV pass an Atmos signal to the Arc speaker? Also, does this model TV support DD+? Thanks!
  10. R

    For Sale PS5 Digital Console - Brand New Boxed

    Brand new, was bought for my brother in law but he wants the disc edition so surplus Prefer collection
  11. BladeParker

    Sennheiser RS 175 headphones - digital vs analog subwoofer channel (no sound on sub-channel)

    I purchased the Sennheiser RS 175 headphones. When testing digital vs analog, I use a 5.1 audio test and I can hear the subwoofer channel on the analog setting. When testing digital (optical), the subwoofer channel does not make a sound on the headphones. What’s up? I would expect the subwoofer...
  12. C

    LG c1 not passthrough on xbox sx through hdmi to spdif dolby digital and dts working only 2chanals

    Hi, guys i'm new on lg tv i bought a lg oled c1 changed from my old 2016 samsung tv class 6 i noticed that with my xbox sx console have sound issue passthrough optical audio only 2chnl. i have been readed that dts license is removed from this tv but i'm totaly fine with dolby digital but it...
  13. C

    For Sale Yamaha YSP-2200 7.1 Digital Sound Projector

    Yamaha YSP-2200 7.1 digital sound projector /sound bar. In good condition and sold as seen. Contents included: soundbar with sub woofer; remote control; set up mic and mic tower; optical lead...
  14. paul1979

    Wanted ps5 digital

    Look to find out if any interest in my white BNIB ps5 disc version. Purchased from Amazon. Due for delivery later. I am after a digital so would be looking for a digital version plus’s cash my way?
  15. antonygamal

    Bargain AVR recommendation budget 600-500$ support HDR 10+ also Dolby Digital Plus Atmos DTS

    I have Samsung Qled 4k Q70t TV and want sound system work with it first, think of soundbar HW-Q70T but many recommend AVR setup so I need AVR to support 4k HD 10+ and Dolby Digital Plus Atmos DTS budget 600-500 $ plz recommend many options cos I am from Egypt and we do not have many AVR brands
  16. C

    Playing/digitizing tapes on old VCR

    I still have my old Sharp VC-MA55 VCR which seems to be working. We also have many cassettes which we recorded "back then" of our sons growing up. Is there some way I can digitise these cassettes and record them onto either an HD or CD? The VCR only seems to have one Video and one Audio output...
  17. S

    For Sale Western Digital My Book DUO 28TB & 20TB External Hard Drives

    Hi, I've got two Western Digital My Book Duo external hard drives for sale in 28TB and 20TB capacities. These drives can be configured either in RAID or JBOD to give excelent enteded storage for all your needs. The drives have been used to back up my NAS. Infact, I havent turned them on in...
  18. A

    Wanted Fifa 22 X/S Digital Download

    Hi Looking to purchase Fifa 22 X/S Digital Download Looking to pay about £35 thanks
  19. S

    Wanted Fifa 22 Xbox Series X/S (Digital)

    Hi all, Little lads birthday coming up and after this for him. Looking to pay £30 and no more as that seems to be the going rate. Let me know. Thanks guys :)
  20. Daniel989

    Digital signal process (e.g. Dolby PLIIz) sends everything to centre, what's wrong?

    Please could you help me understand what is going on here. Maybe I simply misunderstand the expected behaviour, but certainly what I am seeing is not at all what I want. When playing a stereo source such as YouTube or ITV Hub, if I put my amp into a DSP mode such as Dolby PLIIz or DTS Neo 6...
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