Digital usually refers to something using digits, particularly binary digits.

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  1. neil26581

    For Sale FREE Sims 4 digital download code for EA app

    Would anyone like a code for the Sims 4 for the EA app or EA Origin as it used to be known. I also have a code for the expansion pack Go to work.
  2. A

    For Sale Vintage AKAI Model AT-401 Fm AM Stereo Digital Synthesizer Tuner

    This was part of an older AKAI Stereo Component system I had in the 70s in good working order and in good physical condition.
  3. M

    For Sale Neumann KH 310 D Active Studio Monitor with Digital I/O (left) Speaker - £1200

    Purchased from Bax-Shop September 2022. Comes boxed and complete. I can send via courier at buyer's expense. LEFT side version. immaculate. very little use. This is the digital version, read below. The Neumann KH 310 D L G is a 3-way studio monitor built to follow in the footsteps of the...
  4. lynx

    Digital SPDIF Converter - RCA to TOSLink -£4.03 @ CPC

    Digital SPDIF Converter - RCA to TOSLink Youll have to spend a few more ££ if you want to avoid del charge.
  5. lbphillips

    For Sale PS5 Digital

    Launch day PS5 digital It has just sat under the TV for months. We all play PC and Xbox in this house All boxed and complete. It has an additional 1tb nvme drive upgrade in it. £330
  6. needsos

    Wanted Sony Alpha 7 C or similar

    For video recording ideally with a lens in good condition Needs to have autofocus, zoom, 4k recording
  7. Gerjaffers

    PS4 Digital And Disc Question

    Hello, So I want to install BO3 as a digital game on my PS4 but I was wondering if I could get the disc after then put the disc in and it won't need installing again? This is for PS4? Thanks Gerjaffers
  8. M

    Faulty Humax

    I’ve had two Foxsat HDR’s for a while. One of them is unable to recognise the down lead inputs. I’ve had a new dish fitted and down leads checked. I’ve eliminated everything except the PVR. I can do wothout it but would like to retrieve the recordings from the humax hd and the one I had plugged...
  9. Sparxuk

    For Sale Vox VT20X digital modelling guitar amp.

    I have for sale my Vox VT20X modelling amp, purchased new in 2020. Its in excellent condition, just selling as I'm just not using it as much as I thought I would. I have original packaging and power lead included. Collection preferable as it would probably cost a fair amount to post due to...
  10. 1

    Bush Freeview recorder. B1TBHDPVR.

    Hello, I have a 1 TB hard drive which I removed from a Bush Freeview recorder. B1TBHDPVR. I have uploaded the contents of that hard drive to my PC. The files are chunk files and need to be converted to AVI or something where they could be viewed on my PC. The files are probably encrypted. Any...
  11. SourKraut

    Question Alternatives to the Arris Freesat Box - Humax?

    I have a sound issue with my Arris Freesat box, and just wondered what the Humax Aura Freesat Recordable box is like? Thanks for any info or even suggestions
  12. C

    For Sale Western Digital 8tb Hard Drive

    I have a 8tb hard drive for sale - WD80EZAZ It was taken out from a My book external hard drive case a few years ago and been ive been using it in my NAS for media storage. No Warranty £70
  13. Boostrail

    Rugby on Prime not in UHD

    Just switched to Prime using TV app to watch Scotland v. France. Surprised its not available in UHD.
  14. D

    Digital signage solution better than Firestick?

    I am looking to improve our signage in a Church situation. Currently we have two screens showing a rolling welcome display that runs an mp4 video from a USB stick. Screens are an LG 55UH5C and a similar LG 55" display. The downside of this is that when the display needs to change, I have to...
  15. tankalf

    Digital network stereo amp for old Tannoy Profile 638 Plus/D80

    Hello guys, i'm writing to ask your suggestions and ideas... I have two old Tannoy Profile plus 638 also know as D80, but perfectly working, and I like a lot their sound and their sensitivity Now I live in a small apartment, so I don't need too much power, and I have not too much space. I would...
  16. herky10

    Question Digital co-ax input mod

    Hi Recently purchased a Sony Minidisc player(MDS-JE640) from e-bay, which came with a co-ax input (resistor? - excuse my ignorance!) modification. Can anyone tell me the reason why this would have been added? See picture:
  17. rccarguy3

    Rotel 8ch amp digital input This power amplifier has digital inputs, whats the point of that unless AV processors have digital outputs per channel (which I believe is very rare)
  18. Casimir Harlow

    Win a copy of Ride On on Blu-ray

    Trinity CineAsia Trinity CineAsia presents heart-warming action comedy Ride On, starring international superstar Jackie Chan. Arriving on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from 24th July, with Blu-ray exclusive bonus material. RIDE ON To celebrate the release we are giving YOU the chance to win a copy...
  19. stingray230sx

    Question flat screen [digital] tuner questions, USA based poster

    I didn't see a tuner specific forum, so here is my question In a bid to rid myself of the cable companies incompetence and outright fraud [advertising a channel, the guide even shows the channels programming, yet the channel actually broadcast is completely different, and after 6+ months it is...
  20. DaveB86

    Best provider for purchasing 4K Digital Releases

    This question may be sacrilege in a disc forum, but for some releases I'd prefer to purchase digitally as I'm quickly running out of space for physical formats. My question is, is there a difference in picture/sound quality amongst iTunes, Amazon, Google etc for the same film or are they pretty...
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