1. D

    For Trade My Ps5 disc edition for your PS5 digital console

    Looking to downgrade from a ps5 disc edition to a ps5 digital console + £250 my way. priced at £750 for forum rules Thanks
  2. K

    For Sale Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) 4K Digital Edition ✅ UK Brand New 🎄Last Chance for XMAS🎄

    Sony PlayStation PS5 Digital Edition UK Version Can Be Posted Immediately Get it while you can, once its gone its gone! You can also collect it from Streatham, London! 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty is included as Standard
  3. G

    For Sale Topping VX2 USB DAC Amplifier

    This little amp has been running my office setup for a number of years but I've now upgraded to something much more powerful. This is a purely digital amp with 3 inputs, I've had it running from Windows and a Squeezebox. It's not the most powerful thing in the world but will run some little...
  4. I

    Playing digital movie on PC to TV?

    I have an older 50” HDTV, and a PC with a DVD drive. But I don’t have a Blu ray player. If I bought one of those Blu ray discs where you get Blu ray, DVD, and digital (which is presumably HD) all in one, could I play the digital file on my PC and send the signal to my TV through HDMI so that...
  5. Tony Roma

    For Sale Singxer su-2 usb digital interface

    As per title, not being used since i got an MQA Dac. A couple of months old in great condition.
  6. soulstar

    Wanted PS5 Disk or Digital version

    Looking to gift family with resonable offers out there, prefer disk versions. Not looking to pay over the top though. In east central london Shoreditch can collect or have it delivered. Thanks.
  7. tairo

    Wanted PS5 collection/delivered £650ish

    Hi all , been asked to source 2 ps5s by family for xmas so let me know what you have and want ,thanks. Can collect in London Area.
  8. confusedracoon

    Question Yamaha RX-V477: No volume control on digital input source?

    Hi everyone, I have the strong suspicion that this is going to turn out to be a very stupid question, but let's go. I have digital audio source (incidentally, a Hifiberry Digi, but it shouldn't matter) connected via optical cable to the AV receiver. I can play back audio but the receiver's...
  9. M

    No Dolby digital from ps5

    Hi, Just a quick question about the sound from my ps5. Current set up is ps5 to lg 65 gx via hdmi in port 4 and then tv to onkyo tx-SR605 via optical cable. So I get Dolby digital sound for games from this setup but whenever I play any Blu-ray’s or 4K UHD I do not. I have altered all the...
  10. thedude

    Wanted Digital edition ps5

    Anyone got one for sale?
  11. X

    Question Sony HT-G700 complete loss of sound with Dolby Digital

    TL;DR Toggling pause/play quickly with dolby digital audio input breaks the soundbar until a power cycle Hi Everyone, I got a Sony HT-G700 at the weekend after my 10 year old amp died. I've now discovered an issue I can reproduce 100% of the time and I was wondering what your thoughts may be...
  12. N

    Question regarding cabling dolby digital to surround system

    Hi Folks Not sure if anybody could answer this one. I have a plasma Panasonic TV P50GT50B that accepts Dolby digital inputs, a Yamaha Surround System that has Dolby digital and and a SKY HD Box that has Dolby digital. If I use an optical cable form my sky box to the surround I get a Dolby...
  13. M

    Wanted PS5 digital edition.

    Don’t mind if it’s been opened, looking to pay around £450 inc. delivery and only from someone with strong feedback here. Happy to collect within a 30 mile radius.
  14. dhillon7

    For Sale Various Digital Codes

    I have the following codes for sale: Xbox Game Pass 6 Months - £40 (Currently £47.49 at Amazon) Madden 19 Digital Code for Xbox - £3 Alan Wake - £3 SOLD (This is playable on the Xbox One etc as it was included in my copy of Quantum Break. I think you need to redeem it on the Xbox console...
  15. Amiga Dude

    Wanted Ps5 Digital Game Codes

    Anyone have any Ps5 game digital codes unwanted? Mainly looking for Dirt 5 Sackboy spiderman ps5 (not remastered version)
  16. H

    For Sale Playstation 5 (PS5) Digital Edition x2

    I have 2 PS5 Digital Editions for sale. Both are still sealed and will be posted in original boxes received from Argos. I am looking £700 each which includes delivery. Payment via Bank Transfer.
  17. Torres 76

    Wanted PS5 Disc Console

    Hi All Looking for a PS5 (Disc Or Digital) which is immaculate with (fingers crossed) proof of purchase. Happy to collect close to Birmingham or sent to me via insured postage. Ideally would like to deal with a high feedback seller and buy in person. Thanks in advance Torres PS Not looking to...
  18. M

    Wanted Ps5 digital edition

    Looking for ps5 digital edition for xmas present. Based in Dublin. Thanks, Mick
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