1. deliairj

    Wrong aerial type for my TV? Which adapter do I need?

    I have just moved into a new flat and the aerial cables are not the same as in previous properties and don’t fit my TV. They have a very thin wire and I believe they are for sky/freesat type boxes but we don’t have these. I need an adapter to make this fit a standard TV aerial but I’m going...
  2. T

    Sky Digibox Turning the TV On by Itself

    Hi all, I'm hoping for some help with an irritating issue. I've just replaced my KDL24W605A with a KDL32WD751BU and have a weird problem. Basically, the TV is turning on by itself, but only when connected (via scart) to my old Sky digibox, which I still use sometimes for certain free channels...
  3. Mark1979

    Question Can you use a Sky Q basic remote with an old Sky digibox

    Can you setup a Sky Q remote to work with a basic old Sky digibox?
  4. P

    Question Pair remote with Panasonic TU-DSB30 Sky Digibox Satellite Receiver?

    I have bought a spare (replacement) for a friends TU-DSB30 Sky Digibox. He already has one and uses Sky (I don't so not up to speed with Sky) and I bought s/h the Panasonic TU-DSB30 Sky Digibox as a replacement that he asked for. However this has turned up, but has no remote control with it? I...
  5. P

    Sky Digibox - using the recording facility

    Hello, I have a used Sky Digibox that a friend gave me with a working white card. I've seen on the net that to use it's record facilities, I need to contact Sky and to pay an extra fee before I can use the record facility. Could anyone help me with the following questions: 1) Does anybody...
  6. Rikki

    Controlling my digibox

    Hi..once again I wonder if anyone can save me a few bob..before i dash out and buy a digi box.After my son cleaned us out of our best tv's for his uni pad,decided to use his old lg(hd) tv with a logik digibox.works ok ,antenna in ,scart out,but i cant change chanels without getting up and...
  7. R

    How to connect sky digibox to bedroom tv once subscription has ended

    Hi, I've recently ended my sky subscription and have installed a humax freesat box in my living room that works perfectly. I also have an aerial from the sky dish into my bedroom and have been told I can use my old skybox or tune into freeview with my Samsung 24 inch HD ready tv. Can you...
  8. J

    Question Yesterday on digibox

    I have had an old Sky digibox for some while. It has performed very well and I get all the fee to air chanels. I note my Humax Foxsat now gets Yesterday on 163. But my digibox on 163 reports channel unavailable. An idea if I can get it.
  9. M

    Question no IR with IOLink on new skyhd box

    just trying to setup a newly delivered sky box with IOlink for a second room, i have the signal ok in that room but no IR back to the box. Is there something i need to activate on the box or is this system not capable of doing that any more? Thanks for your help!!
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