1. J

    DALI Oberon 5 and 7 differences?

    Could someone explain the key differences between DALI Oberon 5 and Oberon 7 speakers? They seem almost identical on paper - what am I missing? I'm not able to go and listen them. Is my Rega Brio (50 W into 8 Ω) powerful enough for both of those speakers? Specs:
  2. Y

    Height Speakers and 'Dolby Atmos Enabled' speakers - What's the difference?

    Hi, Surround sound newbie here, so apologies for basic questions. I have a Pioneer VSX 933 AV receiver that decodes Atmos as a 5.1.2 set up. The two height channel speakers that I need to get will be mounted high up above by front left and right, pointing down. Now should I be purchasing some...
  3. D

    What tangible, noticeable difference in sound would CCA give over OFC?

    I'm chasing my speaker cables into the walls / under floors as part of a refurb of my flat. My very friendly electrician has gifted me some CCA 2.5mm cable that was left over from his own home audio upgrade recently. I know there's a lot of what sounds like theoretical stuff about CCA vs...
  4. JKRsega

    Difference in ohms

    I have Kef Cresta 30s and Concerto 2s which are 8 ohms. I'm going to purchase from here a Kef reference 90 center speaker which is 6 ohms. Will this cause me any issues at all as I don't want my Yamaha ax DSP 757se amp to go bang! This may seem like a stupid question, but I've always been...
  5. R

    Optical cables - is there a difference?

    I have a cheap old non-branded minijack to toslink optical cable feeding my dac from my Macbook Pro - would I benefit from an upgrade? Additionally, is shorter better? If so, recommendations greatly sought.
  6. Matt_C

    Am I crazy or is there is a difference in "charges"??

    I'm sure I must be imagining it, but I've noticed it a bunch of times now so I'm beginning to believe it might actually be a thing. Can the "charge" put into a phone be of a worse quality depending on the charger/cable putting it in? Surely not - and electron is an electron isn't it? But I'm...
  7. Xeonophon

    A7G vs E76G what's the difference?

    Hi, Can someone enlighten me about the differences between these two TVs , i cant seem to see anything comparing the specifications on the Hisense website. Thanks.
  8. D

    Understanding the difference between glare and reflections !

    I am trying to find a 43-50"TV that handles direct reflections well and has a reasonable viewing angle. The problem is that whenever I Google it they want to talk about glare as if it is the same as direct reflections. I am not worried about loss of contrast as room isn't that bright or sunny...
  9. IWC Dopplel

    Finally some insight into cables and design

    This analysis fits very well into my experience: Yes they do and can make a difference Cables are system dependent, cost and sonic performance don't correlate that well Avoiding super cheap makes a great deal of sense What we hear might not be easily measured - its a complex question Its a...
  10. T

    Does anyone know the difference between TCL's 55s531 and 55s535?

    I ordered a TCL 55s531 thru Walmart for a family member. I don't see anything about it online and I was wondering what the difference was between it and the 55s535. I spoke to TCL a couple of times and no one has been able to say. Both show up on their website and both are carried by Walmart...
  11. M

    Will shielded speaker cable make a difference?

    I have redecorated and had a move around to seperate out my AV & Stereo components and moved the sub into the middle of the room. i run a 7.1.4 system witha Yamaha RX-A3080 av amp and pre out the fronts via my Arcam SR250. Since the move there is a slight hum (it could have been there all...
  12. Coldste

    Is there a big difference between 4K HDR and 4K Ultra HD

    I’m looking at gettIng a new TV, every time I go to filter what I’m looking for I see two options one is 4K HDR and the other is 4K Ultra HD is there any major difference between these?
  13. tinkerbelluk

    Buying advice - with a difference!

    Sorry, I know this has been asked plenty of times before but I'm after some advice. I should say first of all that I have no idea when it comes to cameras apart from using my trusty point and click compact. My 11 year old has developed quite a keen interest in photography and I've found an...
  14. M

    Difference between digital streaming & Vinyl

    i have been doing a lot of listening after finally being happy with my setup. Mostly at lower volumes as early morning and neighbiurs so id not really noticed before. Started listening to my Vinyl and was somewhat dissapointed but couldnt put my finger on why, it just didnt sound great, i...
  15. cooloox

    Can anyone tell me the difference between 55OLED805/12 and 55OLED855/12?

    These both TVs are on sale right now for me, the 55OLED805/12 is €1299 and the 55OLED855/12 is €1199. I'm wondering what the difference is between them. I see that the stands are different, but is that it? Thanks.
  16. asteveman2k3

    Question WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SVS PBULTRA16 & SVS SB16 Ultra. (In simple terms)

    Please can someone explain the difference between the SVS PBULTRA16 & SVS SB16 Ultra. In simple terms and which should I go for ?Thank you. My setup is as follows: Sony vpl 270es 4k PJ- Denon x6700h- Panasonic Dp- Ub9000 Blu Ray Player. As for speaker I currently have KEF IQ7 Fronts- IQ6C...
  17. L

    Would their be much difference?

    My lg 55" led is now 5 year old and coming out of warranty. I think it was the top of the range lg at that time and now im thinking of getting a xh9505 sony but is it worth the change? Will I actually notice any difference in picture quality or sound? Its mostly used for freeview HD and netflix.
  18. W

    What difference would I hear if I stopped pretending it was 1995

    So I have been searching to find a preamp 3500 dollars or less. I just bought the Sony A9G OLED to go into my kitchen/family room home theater. I do not really consider this to be my "real home theater rooom" because I actually have another theater room with more modern gear and I am...
  19. C

    What is the difference between Samsung HW-Q70T and HW-Q800T? £100 price difference

    Hi all, There is currently £100 price difference between these two soundbars. Samsung website suggest no difference at all, Rtings suggests it’s just the subwoofer size / frequency, but other than that I can’t find any other difference. Does anyone know a reason the 800T would be worth the...
  20. P

    Difference between Sony XG9005 and XF9005

    I am looking for a new TV and I can get both TV's for the same price(really good price), but I just don't know which of these is the better one. I literally searched through the whole internet but there is not so much information about the XG9005 and how it really differs from the XF9005. On the...
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