1. O

    Wanted Bowers & wilkins (B&W) 805 Diamond (D/D2) speakers (in cherrywood)

    Hello everyone, I would be interested in purchasing a pair of "B&W 805 Diamond" speakers, in cherrywood color. If possible, I would like with the original boxes and all its accessories / documentation. Greetings.
  2. mrbenn

    Mission LX-3 Mk2 or Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 - what's better?

    Just looking for advice for a second (third...) system on which might be a better option. Given both brands are owned by IAG assuming build quality will the same/similar. Mission used to be a more lively delivery - is this still true? Or is the Wharfeale a better rounded option. Source is a...
  3. Untrst

    Help needed! Kenwood 3020 x Wharfedale Diamond 9.1

    Hello! I'm really hoping someone can help me with my first set-up... I bought a second-hand Kenwood 3020 recently and have paired it with some Wharfedale Diamond 9.1s. But as of yet, I am unable to get any sound of the set-up. My questions are: Are these two compatible? Must I ground the...
  4. R

    Wharedale diamond brackets

    I'm considering ether d300 or diamond 9.0.or diamond 9.1 for Atmos heights. Noticed the diamonds have mounting holes. I'd need considerable amount of downward sideways adjustment. What wall brackets would fit those speakers and have wide range of motion?
  5. K

    How to connect Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 to Marantz NR1510

    Hi! I recently bought used Marantz NR1510 receiver and after some reserch bought used Wharfedale diamond 12.2 speakers. im still totally new to all this. I looked for specs and speaker manual says: nominal impedance is 8 ohms (comptible) and miniaml is 4 ohms. Now Marantz manual says: So what...
  6. B

    Streamer amp for Wharfedale Diamond 230

    Hi guys! I’m pretty new to HiFi world, building my first setup. I started with a pair of Wharfedale 230 speakers, because they are described as neutral to a bit on the warmer side, easy to listen to. As me and my wife do a lot of home office, especially during the pandemic, the stereo system...
  7. K

    upgrading amp from sony ta-fe370?

    Hello... Any advice on what can upgrade to a nd whether worth it... It is for turntable and amp in my summer house... I've been offered q acoustics 3020 for sixty quid but is there much difference between these and the diamonds?
  8. A

    Stereo amp to pair with Wharfedale Diamond 230s - Yamaha A-S201?

    Hi guys. Would appreciate some help picking a stereo amp for a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 230s that I just picked up. Budget is around £200. I will be using an external DAC. I already have the ifi Zen DAC which I'm happy with and the source will either be music streamed from my server to a...
  9. J

    Subwoofer to pair with Diamond 11.CS & 220s?

    I'm moving out of a flat and into a house (with nice thick walls!) so can finally add a sub to my setup without the risk of being an antisocial neighbour. I've read on various threads on here that the centre speaker and the sub are the most two important components of a home cinema's audio...
  10. M

    Wharfedale Diamond 230 vs Philips Fidelio X2HR

    Hi I do enjoy music from the vintage Technics CD player SL-PG590 with directly connected headphones Philips Fidelio X2HR. No external amplifier. Actually, I am astonished by the sound quality of that 'setup'. Stacks of CDs are surrounding me now! How can I achieve the same, enjoyable sound in...
  11. Ryan85

    Wharfedale diamond 220 speakers

    Hi, forgive me for being a little dense, new to this. Just bought a set of Wharfedale diamond 220s and plugged and biwired them into a system. I am noticing no noise coming from the tweeter at all when playing a cd,is this normal? Yet again sorry for my stupidity as I am now to all this. Thanks
  12. G

    Wharfedale diamond 220 matched with 12c centre

    Hi everyone. I have some wharfedale diamond 220s as my front left and right. Would like to partner with a good compatible centre. Can't find 220c or 11cs anywhere so was looking at 12c. What are peoples thoughts on the compatibility of these or any other suggestions. Many thanks
  13. C

    Wharfedale diamond 10 repair help

    Is it possible to repair this and if so how do I take it apart. If not can I still get a replacement from wharfedale?
  14. R

    Which speakers to pair with Wharfedale Diamond 10.1?

    I've recently upgraded my AVR to the Sony STR-DN1080 and, in the process, swapped the front speakers of my Jamo A 102 HCS package with a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.1. (Bizarrely, I had been using the Wharfedale only for music as Zone 2, though they are positioned next to the Jamo🙄). What a...
  15. P

    Marantz CR603 with Wharfedale diamonds 9.0 speakers

    Hello My first decent Hifi. I know the speakers are basic but I have no idea what speaker cable to use to get a decent sound. All i was told was not too thick as they might not fit in the speaker if that makes sense? Do i need plugs on the end of the cable or do they screw in the back of the...
  16. BreadrunsAway

    Question Size of rear surround speaker (Wharfedale Diamond 11)

    Hi Everyone, I'm finally going to register here and ask a question because I'm about to "upgrade" my surround rear speakers which are currently Wharfedale Diamond 8.2's. Earlier in lockdown I finally upgraded my cheap surround sound which came with an old blu ray player to something more...
  17. V

    Is this amp good for a Wharfedale Diamond 220?

    Not really sure how amps+passive speakers are matched up well Was hoping people could shed light on if this BT20A could support the 220s well? Link to the Wharfedale Diamond's Sensitivity (dB) 86 Impedance (ohms) 8 Power Rating (Watts) 100 Freq Response (Hz) 56 - 20,000...
  18. kenshingintoki

    Hishock Black Diamond 3D glasses

    hi has anyone got any experience with these? I bought the RF pro ones to pair with my Epson 9300 and they won't pair. I have held down the button for 20 seconds.. no go... my other hishock scarlets pair so fast. the actual glases are okay, the black bits at the end give a bit more immersion...
  19. sisko

    Wharfdale Diamond 9.1 replacements

    I have a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 9.1s connected to my Denon AVR3313, the problem is the sound is way to boomy and the bass too artificial. Both speakers are about 65 cms from the back wall and about 60 cms from side walls and about 1.75 metres apart (see photos). Anybody got any suggestions...
  20. gasolin

    Mission LX MkII or Wharfedale Diamond 12 ?

    Im looking for some new speakers, mostly speaker with a bigger sound, more sensistive and a little more bass There are the new Wharfedale diamond 12.1 and 12.2 Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 review And the mission LX 2 mkII and 3 MKII Mission LX-2 MkII Speaker Review The bigger version from both...
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