1. Waynester

    For Sale DFS Edge Coffee Table

    Mint Condition Selling as it’s not getting used as it should! Cost me £399 just over 3 years ago From a smoke free pet free home (My OCD Man Cave) 🤣 info on it is here etc https://m.dfs.co.uk/edge/edge00gde COLLECTION ONLY!
  2. Donnacha

    Question Wharfedale DFS vs Eltax HT for Bipole Surrounds?

    Hi was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the Wharfedale DFS (specifically 18) vs. the Eltax HT2 as bipoles for rear wall surrounds? I want to try out some bipoles and I can get either pretty cheap, but didn't know if one was better than the other (I'm guessing the Wharfedales have a...
  3. Bakey

    DFS Leather Sofa Issue

    Had a new leather corner sofa from DFS since only Wednesday. Already the corner seat is sagging and the leather is loose, they're sending a service manager to look on the 19th. No doubt he'll just chuck some extra padding in. Will be surprised if this sofa lasts anywhere near as long as our last...
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