1. HeavenlyWarrior

    Stadia finally coming to Android TV devices

    About damn time I say, though I'm sure they had their reasons for it taking this long. I'm actually being tempted to sell the Stadia kit and the Google TV kit rebuy an Nvidia Shield as I'm a casual GeForce Now user too, and it has the ethernet port.
  2. Soldalma

    Tidal blocks me on all my devices

    On my PC, on my Android cell phone, and on my Android tablet Tidal blocks me. It says I have been blocked because it saw me typing at superhuman speed or perhaps because there is a robot on my network. They have a link to contact support. If you click on it a white area pops up. You are supposed...
  3. J

    Can you output audio to two bluetooth devices simultaneously on the CX?

    Hi. Is this possible please? Thanks.
  4. Sy13

    BT Router - too many devices connected. What one to buy?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. First of all, let me say that I am very unfamiliar with this kind of tech. However, having suffered with internet drop-outs, I finally spoke to BT (they supplied my router.) They said I have too many devices connected to my router (TVs, phones, tablets...
  5. drpeppercan

    Model: UN50EH5300FXZC no longer shows HDMI plugged devices

    Hi all! I used to use a Fire TV Stick until a few days ago, when the tv no longer recognized it. I thought the problem was the streaming stick itself, so I bought a Roku device. But it is presenting the same issue: When going to the Source page the streaming device won't show in the HDMI3...
  6. Jim Reynolds

    Mesh networks - more powerful or more devices?

    Hi all. First post - thanks for having me! I am trying to decide the best approach for upgrade of my home WIFI to a Mesh network. I live in a large(ish) terraced house, over three floors with a garden that ranges maybe 30M behind the house. I currently run a Linksys DIR-890L (running DD-WRT...
  7. N

    Recommend setup for Samsung HW-Q900a Soundbar, Philips OLED806, Pioneer VSX-LX305 and multiple streaming devices

    Hello all, So I'm going to get ahead of myself here and ask for help. I will be buying following items. HOW should I connect them? Philips 55 OLED 806 TV - it will have two HDMI 2.1 ports. One of these two being eARC. Samsung HW-Q900a Soundbar - It will have unspecified number of HDMI 2.1 ports...
  8. D

    Networked devices not showing on Windows 10 File Explorer

    Would be grateful for help with this issue... I've just completed the clean install of a dual boot (W10 Pro 64bit + Ubuntu 64bit) desktop PC (two physical HDD's - W10 installed on one, Ubuntu on the other) and wish to restore some personal user folders & files to the W10 HDD that I backed up on...
  9. hicks55

    The future of VR input devices?

    Hi everyone. Recently I started to get involved in VR, and now I use controllers from Valve that allow you to move your hands in the game a little more realistic than other controllers (from other manufacturers of VR helmets or gamepads). Don't you think that controllers in the usual sense are...
  10. R

    HZ980B stuttering on internal apps and external devices

    Hello all, I appreciate there are various threads discussing pull-up/down/ratios and all sorts, but I'd like to ask a somewhat simpler question. I like to have the Intelligent Frame Creation set to max as I enjoy the smoothness (life is smooth, not a series of flickering stills). I realise...
  11. mclingo

    Samsung TV HDMI change - "scanning for devices"

    Hiya, I've lived with this issue for years but for some reason its really effing my off now to the point i probably wont by a samsung TV again. Every time i switch HDMI inputs it comes up "scanning for devices" for a good 10-30 secs for no reason at all, I can stop it with the back button but...
  12. Johnmcl7

    Best way to create a wireless bridge for wired devices

    I have a desktop PC, NAS and ESXi host in one room and the router is in another, since I want to have a high speed wired connection between the desktop PC and the NAS. I set up a Netgear EX7000 range extender to connect to the Netgear D7000 router but while it works perfectly for a while it...
  13. A

    Looking for devices that repell burglars

    Hi, I’m looking for ideas for extending my alarm system with devices that I can remotely activate to make burglars stop what they’re doing while the police is on its way. I’ve installed loud sirens. A smoke generator proved too expensive. A tear gas generator is illegal in my country so that...
  14. K

    Sky+ HD and power down devices

    I have an powered HDMI splitter and a video to ehternet device that I only want to come on when my SKY+ HD box comes on. Easy I though, I use power down devices to turn on USB cooling fans for my amps when they power on. I got another one, tested it worked OK, and plugged it in with Sky+ HD as...
  15. Yanosh

    Help needed about Silvercrest/Tuya and Tradfri devices

    Hi to all. 🙂 I'm from Italy and I'm new to this forum. My smart home setup is really basic for now... just 2 light bulbs, the gateway and 2 remotes by Ikea. Few days ago I went to Lidl and bought their gateway and some light bulbs to replace the Ikea ones. I didn't bough the remote, so I'd like...
  16. Autopilot

    New router (or something else) to handle all my smart home devices - thoughts?

    I think I've now got the stage where I really need a better strategy for handling all the smart home/iot devices that I have accumulated over the last 2 years. Most are standard wifi, and yes if starting from scratch I might have gone Zigabee or something, but its not practicable or affordable...
  17. alicja

    Hiding devices

    Hi everyone, I want to decorate my living room and have a Flat screen TV on the chimney breast above a fire surround. My living room is not much different to the photo example below, except it has no alcove cupboards: Here's a number of dilemmas or problems that I need your help to find...
  18. EatingSnakes

    25 devices - WiFi or Zigbee?

    Hi guys. The 25 smart devices can have their own router if I go the WiFi route, just not sure how much interference to expect with my main network. Thoughts please, WiFi or Zigbee? I'll probably end up using home assistant as a hub ES
  19. O

    BBC radio ending play on internet devices 22Mar21

    I noted another discussion on the forum regards Denon user commenting on the BBC ending internet radio. I am hearing same hourly message on my LG tv and assume this will affect loads of users. The off cuff response from BBC is to contact your system supplier. Wondering if that will be fixed by...
  20. MyronAub

    Lumagen Pro no audio with 4K devices

    My 4K Denon amp developed a fault so I have temporarily swapped back in my non-4K Sony STR-DA5800ES amp. All my sources feed into a Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242+ which as usual feeds the audio to the amp and the video to the 4K projector. My non-4K Sky HD box still works fine with the Lumagen...
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