1. Gobo

    Wanted Decent spec gaming desktop ( Cumbria )

    If you have one your thinking of selling please get in touch , budget is around £900 I'm in Carlisle & would prefer to buy local , I've had bad experiences with shipped PC's Thanks.
  2. stumchale

    PC + Macbook Pro + Mac Mini, What Monitor(s)???

    Hi, I have a PC, Mac Mini (M1) and a Macbook Pro (13" 2019). I currently have two curved monitors - one dedicated to the PC and one to the Mac Mini. Both have their own peripherals. I have my work MacBook that I want to get up on a big screen with mouse and keyboard (but want to use those from...
  3. A

    Desktop Intel i5 Socket 1151 CPU upgrade or new platform?

    I have an Intel Core Skylake i5 6500 (3.2GHz) cpu on a Gigabyte H170M HD3 1151 DDR4 S-ATA 600 motherboard (MATX) and 2 x 8GB DDR4 2400MHz Corsair memory. The components were purchased in 2016. The motherboard spec states it supports 4th Gen Intel CPU's. It has four memory slots. I run Windows...
  4. brydo666

    Monitor recommendations for Desktop PC & MacBook Pro

    I'm looking to exchange my current monitor for one that is larger with higher resolution, that also meets the requirements of the devices I plan to use with it. First I've listed below my current setup; Dell P2419H (24" 1080P Monitor) Desktop/Gaming PC connected to monitor via DisplayPort...
  5. ail eliezerlucas1

    Bargain How to Delete a Netflix Profile on Desktop, Mobile, or TV

    how to delete a Netflix profile In a web browser, go to Manage profiles, select the pencil icon for the profile you want to delete, then select Delete Profile. On a smart TV, go to Profiles, select the profile you want to delete, select the pencil icon, then select Delete Profile. In the...
  6. S

    Desktop setup Sonos vs Passive book shelf

    Hi everyone. I don’t really know much about hifi and wanted some advice so thought I would ask here. I have recently moved house. Previously on my desk I had my TV, my computers (a work Dell, a personal MacBook) a Sonos beam, and 2 Sonos Ones as rears behind me. I used the Sonos system for...
  7. C

    Active speakers for desktop

    What is the role of the bluetooth button on the remote of Edifier pc speakers with bluetooth (S series -1000,2000 and r2000bt, r 2750bt)? The bluetooth can be turned on/off with that button like in any phone, tv or is only for the selection of the input? I am curious if the bluetooth is turned...
  8. specmaster

    Can I watch live TV from Humax PVR 5000T, on my Desktop PC over the network.

    I have purchased a refurbished 5000T from Humax, and I'm very pleased with it. I can access the recordings I have made over the network on my desktop PC (Windows10) but unable to access the live TV and EPG etc on it, all of which I can do via apps for both my Android devices and Apple devices...
  9. M

    HP Pavilion Elite Desktop Windows 10 Boot issue

    Hello, I have an old pc, a HP Pavilion Elite 490t model, from 2011 and it's basic specs are as follows: Manufacturer: Pegatron IPMTB-TK HP: Truckee-UL8E Chipset Intel X58 Express Memory Memory slots: 6 DIMMS Maximum memory: 24 GB (6 x 4 GB) (64-bit OS) Front-side-bus (processor dependent) up...
  10. EntryLevel

    Weird Desktop PC Audio setup - should I change it?

    Due to a change in personal circumstances last year, my entire AV setup is currently limited to my desktop PC setup: Sources: Music: Spotify Premium (mainly rock/metal, some electronic/synth); TV/Films: Streaming services; Other: PC Games & Discord. DAC/Headphone Amp: Audiolab M-DAC Mini...
  11. S

    Desktop Computer not working with new LG OLED tv

    Hello to all! I am having an issue where I can't get any video from my desktop computer to a new LG OLED tv... The desktop computer is configured as follows: Gigabyte P55A-UD4P Motherboard (no on-board graphics) Intel Core i7 CPU [email protected] w/ 8GB RAM NVidea GeForce GTX 260 896MB RAM w/ latest...
  12. Saxo Appeal

    Desktop Windows 10 not sleeping properly

    Hi Guys, Can anyone please help me as it’s doing my absolute box in! Last month my Win 10 computer desktop wasn’t sleeping properly, I didn’t change anything, and would hang and not properly close down and sleep. I had to eventually press the on/off button on the desktop to properly shut it...
  13. the groundsman

    Spotify's new desktop app for Windows

    I've been using Spotify for years and have quite a large library of around 22,000 songs. I am a bit of a hoarder. Spotify is great but generating random mixes from big playlists has never worked properly. I've been ridiculed by family members for this but I export my Spotify library into a...
  14. Westindieman

    Joining scaffold boards to make a desktop

    Ive bought 3 lengths of scaffold board to make a desk top after watching several youtube builds using pocket holes which I was going to start working on tomorrow. Now Ive looked at them again none of them have used scaffold boards. Just checking if anyone used to wood working thinks pocket holes...
  15. darrenhaken

    Recommendation for desktop speakers - Kanto or AudioEngine?

    Hi, I'm kitting out a home office and I'm trying to decide on a pair of speakers to use connected to my MacBook Pro to listen to music whilst working. I had narrowed it down to AudioEngine A5+ and Kanto YU 6. Can anyone offer advice on which would be better? I also wasn't sure if either of...
  16. Mark1979

    Using Corsair Vengeance RAM in HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

    I have installed 2 X 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2666 MHz RAM in a HP Pavilion Core i5 GTX 1050 Gaming desktop. But in Windows task manager it only says that RAM is running at 2133MHz, is this a problem ?
  17. P

    Question on Xbox one used on Desktop Screen

    My Grandson has an X box one and we are trying to get it to work on a Acer Aspire C22 all in one Desktop, tried to connect the Xbox one to the HDMI on the Desktop, problem is it wont work, I am thinking we need a HDMI IN on the desktop and that the existing one is HDMI Out on the desktop, has...
  18. C

    Need solution for an extended desktop (multiple monitors) with multiple inputs (computers)

    Hello, I’d like some feedback if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I’m setting up a mobile incident command center for work in a large trailer. At times we may have 2 or more laptops that we would need to extend their respective desktops to anywhere from 1-4 tv screens...
  19. C

    Newbie needs help with virtual desktop, quest 2 and PC

    Hey everyone, So I followed all the correct steps to do PC VR gaming through my quest 2. I can access my games on my quest 2 through the virtual desktop, I did the ABD drivers, sideloaded the VR patch etc.. Downloaded the quest 2 software, sidequest software and steam software on PC. I can open...
  20. D

    Turn The Galaxy S21+ Into An Amazing Desktop PC! Samsung DEX! Work, Gaming, Emulation

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