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  1. elsmandino

    Remote desktop worth it to save space?

    Hi there. I am just toying with a potential idea and would be grateful for some advice on whether it might work. Due to space issues, we do not have a space to set up a proper desktop PC in my home. We all tend to use laptops, which seem OK for most of the time. Is it worth setting up a...
  2. Marv

    Good Retailers to build a desktop pc

    Any recommended retailers to build me a pc for video editing for Hobby use not professional editing. PC needs to be powerful enough to render video's in HD pretty fast. Found these guys so far, https://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/page/editing-pcs/
  3. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Astell&Kern unveils ACRO CA1000T desktop audio system & comments

    The DAP/amp combo lays claim to the world’s first portable device equipped with a dual-tube triple amp system and the latest ESS dual DAC. Read the news.
  4. magycks

    Premium Desktop Speakers - Recommendations?

    Hi All, I'm looking to get some desktop PC speakers. I've been thinking about my criteria for these and what it boils down to is: Must be compact to fit on my desk under 2 arm-mounted 27" monitors Must be aesthetically pleasing. I like premium products made with quality materials and am happy...
  5. AndyyR93

    Entry level desktop

    Hi all, I've been asked last minute to help with buying an entry level gaming PC for a young family member. He doesn't play anything too demanding (roblox, Minecraft etc.) but want to somewhat future proof it in case he takes up anything else, but wouldn't expect him to be playing cod or...
  6. MI55ION

    For Sale Samsung HW K450 Soundbar (£50)

    XTZ Tune 4 Active Desktop Speakers £185 (For collection or delivery at cost) SOLD Purchased direct from XTZ summer 2020, so a little over 2 years old. Looks beautiful on the desk in a lovely matte white finish. Amazing sound for speakers with such small footprint, reviews can be found via their...
  7. K

    Page that stops me returning to desktop?

    Hi, I am 77 yrs of age and have over 45 yrs experience in computers. However, this comp experience has hindered me with my new tablet. I initially tried to set it up sans Google, big mistake! I now have it running as per Google setup! I will state at this point that my only use for this tablet...
  8. M

    My desktop PC doesn't turn on first press of the power switch - what's wrong?

    Over the last few weeks my desktop PC has developed the habit of not turning on when the power switch is pressed for the first time. It can take up to half a dozen goes but entually it does respond. I have tried short clicks of the power button and double clicks. I have also tried holding it...
  9. next010

    SteamOS desktop and Linux apps

    A very basic explanation of the SteamOS desktop mode, the desktop environment used by SteamOS is called KDE, this functions quite similar to windows and provides a wealth of settings to tweak and configure if you so desire, however with Linux there is no one GUI like in windows so you will comes...
  10. antighsiothail

    NAS drives v Desktop drives

    Hi all Looking for a bit of advice please. I have an old(ish) Netgear nas. Looking to fit larger drives, it holds 2 only. I use the nas only periodically to serve music, flac and mp3's, around the house to various devices. Usage is maybe a couple of hours a time, I can set the nas to standby (I...
  11. B

    Need Help with pricing this desktop

    Hi. So I buy storage units that go up for auction (yes like storage wars). And I recently aquired this desktop but I don't know enough about it to price it. Any help would be great. And its an Aorus case. Thanks!
  12. D

    Placing the Firefox icon on the taskbar or desktop in Ubuntu - how?

    Running Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS. Had problems with Firefox stalling/freezing so I uninstalled it then re-installed today. All Firefox folders and files are now in the download folder so to start Firefox at present, I need to delve into the download folder and search and then run the Firefox file...
  13. D

    Virtual Desktop Not Displaying PC Screen Correctly

    Virtual Desktop on my Meta Quest 2 is displaying my PC screen wrong. My folders are split in two halves either side of my screen, and my wallpaper is crammed in between. I cannot open any folders. Any idea how I can get my desktop displayed on my Oculus correctly? Thanks
  14. Giantmushroom

    Connecting Desktop PC in Office Upstairs to Living Room TV Downstairs

    Hello, I want to use my gaming PC upstairs to play PC games in my living room downstairs. To do this, I plan on running three cables through the wall to my PC upstairs: Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1, CAT 6 Ethernet, and Fiber Optic USB Type-C (for the controller). The cables will need to be at least 75...
  15. nylonsyorks

    Dac for Desktop PC

    Am hoping for some advice regarding my current system and upgrading. Any advice, recommendations would be appreciated. My current system is Audiolab 6000a, Wharfedale Diamond 12.4 loudspeakers. My pc stores all of my music which I converted from my cd collection over a period of time. All my...
  16. 1

    Desktop DAC amp equalizer set up

    I am new to the world of DACs etc, and listen to music via my Cowon Plenue 2 Mkll DAP. I want to branch out into a desktop DAC but so far I have been left disappointed with a chord dac and a ifi dac. The main issue is not being able to change the sound via an equaliser, which the Cowon is...
  17. gava

    Desktop DAC/Amp Advice needed

    Hi all, Looking to upgrade my current desktop DAC/Amp from the Fiio K5 Pro, which has served me well for 3 years or so, but was never really meant to be a permanent solution - just a decent choice to get me to a reasonable end-game. The primary use-case is as a desktop DAC/Amp fed via USB from...
  18. Wilkeh

    Klipsch R-51m & CXA80 vs KEF LSX - PC Desktop

    Hey folks, So I currently have a CXA80 -> Klipsch R-51M -> XLS200 and I love the sound however I'm running low on space. I have my amplifer on my desk as well and was thinking of having some active speakers instead and therefore can get rid of the amp. RS have the KEF's currently for £799 and...
  19. elsmandino

    Switching desktop to laptop advice

    Hi there. I would be really grateful for some advice upon switching from a desktop system to a laptop - primarily for space saving (plus running costs would certainly be a bonus at the moment). My current desktop has 12GB in it and a cheapy graphics card in and has a Haswell CPU. My problem...
  20. G

    What desktop pc to buy?

    Hi looking to buy a desktop pc, want it for general use, no gaming. I do use a few graphic design softwares plus photo video /editing. At present I have a Intel xeon e5420 2.5ghz sith 16gb of ram a Hp XW 8600 workstation which I bought second hand. Not sure what to buy and from where? I...
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