1. Syphon

    Question Ok to use my home cinema setup for the PC sat at a desk

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my home cinema (amp and speakers) as listed in my signature. Therefore I was wondering if I could just move that into the office with the PC and use them there. I currently have stereo Audioengine A5+ desktop speakers which are designed for close use. Would there...
  2. Mr109

    Yamaha NX N500 as Desk Speakers

    I'm thinking of getting some Yamaha nx n500 speakers to act as a home office music source and PC speakers for games etc. Has anyone used them like this? Is it a crap idea? What would you do instead? All advice gratefully received. Al
  3. R

    Help with Speakers on a Desk

    I have a NAD D3020 (Mk1) which I picked up recently for my PC to use on my desk. I also grabbed some B&W DM601 S2's for £80 to use short term. Detail is great and I like the tone of them but they sound pretty small scale. What could be recommended to upgrade to, ideally to sit on a desk, but...
  4. mrbenn

    Question Which speakers for use with an SMSL SA300 D class amp

    I'm looking for advice on new bookshelf speakers to be paired with an SMSL SA300 amp (yet to be purchased) for my study. Here's a link to the amp, it's a little class D amp with a built in USB DAC, sub out and Bluetooth 5.0. Source will be the desktop pc (via usb) and Bluetooth from my phone...
  5. K

    Question NAD D 3020 V2 alternative feet options?

    I'm considering getting one of these for the desk in my home office. Most likely will place it vertically as NAD intended (so it seems), also due to space constraints I'm somewhat concerned that the thing might topple over and the little rubber feet that NAD supplies in the box...looking at the...
  6. D

    Kef T301c - how to remove desk stand

    Hi all, I'm moving my Kef wall speakers from the desk and mounting them to the wall. They are all done except the centre. Why? Because I can't figure out how to remove the desk stand. It's wedged right in there. Kef support said it should just pull out. I'm no Geoff Capes but I'm not slouch...
  7. ShaneD94

    Monitor Arms on Fiberboard Desk

    I was wondering whether anyone on here has had experience mounting a monitor arm on to desk with a fiberboard top. My other half has gone an purchased this desk from Argos: Buy HOME Large Trestle Table Desk at - Your Online Shop for Desks and workstations, Office furniture, Home and...
  8. Mulldog

    Mackie MR624 or other desk monitors

    Hello all, I am looking for some decent active monitors for my desk. I’ve heard good things about te JBL LSR305 and Mackie MR624. Are these good choices or are there better ones for the money? Thanks!
  9. M

    Good IP Camera discreet for Office Desk

    Hi, Cutting a long story short, things are going walk abouts in my office, and rooting through stuff. Can anyone recommend a good, discreet but cheap IP camera that can sit on my desk discreetly? Has to be Wi-Fi. Would the computer have to be on for it to be powered etc? Thanks a lot.
  10. N

    Question Desk amp needed - old analogue or new digital?

    Hi all, I need a small amp (space is really at a premium) to drive a pair of B&W 601 s3s by my desk. The input will be Spotify from a mac - so could be digital or analog. The options I'm considering are either a Denon PMA-50, or going old school with a Musical Fidelity XA-2. Budget is...
  11. =adrian=

    Painting a desk

    We have a small desk that was bought long time ago for the old house. My wife came up with the idea to give it to my 5yo son who will be starting school soon. But because it does not "match the rest of the furniture in the room" she wants to paint it white. It is a desk bought from Ikea few...
  12. =adrian=

    PC gaming desk

    I'm for a lookout for one. Looking at one or two from Ikea but before I buy one, what do you use?
  13. =adrian=

    Corner desk recommendations

    I will soon need a corner desk for the home office room. Ideally I want it to be quite big / long. 2 - 2.2 m on the long side and 1.7 - 1.8m on the shorter side. Any ideas where should I look?
  14. J

    Question Budget desk speakers (~£100). Are the Tannoy Mercury V1s worth a shot?

    Hi, pretty new here so apologies if I do anything wrong, I'll try and right it if so. My birthday is in a few days and I'd really like to upgrade from my Logitechs to something better. I plan to pair whichever speakers with an SMSL SA50. What I'm looking for is a pair of relatively small...
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