1. J

    Denon AVR-X2700 Audyssey setup issue

    Hi all Apologies if this is a daft question but I’ve done searches and not seen my particular issue listed. All speakers are working and the amp sounds great but when I run Audysssy setup it played the front left speaker and then just goes back to begin test. Never gets further than front...
  2. I

    Wanted Denon or Pioneer av amp with atmos mid to top range in black

    Hi Anyone selling one of the above please, willing to collect. Pioneer SC-LX503/4 or 70 series even 9 Denon AVR-x6400 and above Depending on price. Only in black please. Let me know what you have. Thank you Thanks Iky
  3. J

    Denon AVR-X3500H 'Amp Assign' settings

    I have recently bought the NAD C399 streaming amp to add to add to a Denon X3500H HT Receiver. I am wanting to use the NAD to power my 2 Fronts (for stereo music) and the Denon for the remaining speakers in a 5:1 system. I believe I have set up the relevant interconnects/speaker cables and...
  4. W

    Buzzing and humming from Meridian M60's with Yamaha & Denon AV Receivers

    I have Meridian M60 and M60c active speakers and some KEF passive speakers at the rear. For the last few years have been hooked up to a Denon AVR-X3100W Only thing is if you breath on the cables now and again either they fall out a you get a short which can create a rather loud pop, crackle...
  5. J

    Denon PMA-350SE upgrade to Marantz PM-7001

    I have been using the Denon pma350se for a couple of years now, and found while it is a pretty good for its price, but it is sometimes a bit slow with rock music. I am thinking of upgrading to a Marantz pm7001. I want a fast amplifier. What do you guys think ?
  6. Downinja

    Wanted Denon AVR-X2100 or similar

    After replacing my now defunct Onkyo 515. Would like something UHD, Airplay, Bluetooth, ATMOS Don't have huge power requirements.
  7. T

    Can a denon home speaker be synced with wired speakers connected to my denon AVR?

    Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing the denon home 350 in addition to my 5.1 surround setup. I want to able to play music in sync, so all my speakers playing the same music at the same time (for a home party for example). Is this possible? Can’t seem to find a definitive answer online.. I’ve...
  8. Jaymott

    Help needed setting up Denon X2200W

    Good Morning All, I am new to the group and ownership of a preowned Denon x2200w. I really need some help please, I am really struggling to set the amp up correctly. I have managed to set up the speakers and they are working (5.1.2 mission cube SE+sub) this is set up to allow for Atmos with 2 x...
  9. KobeoneHD2

    Denon PMA-255uk Stereo Amp as Power Amp?

    Good morning all, I currently have a Denon AVR x2600h amp with a 5.1.2 Atmos set up in my lounge. I am looking to add a pair of ceiling speakers to my bedroom which is directly above my lounge as a Zone 2 set up and I was wondering if it is possible to use a 2 channel stereo amp as a power amp...
  10. famasfilms

    For Sale Denon x3200w

    Selling my Denon x 3200w due to upgrade. Comes with remote, box, calibration mic, stand etc. Great condition, no hardware faults. Location: Southampton Price and currency £350 Delivery cost included Delivery is NOT included - got quote of £45 from Royal Mail website based on weight/dimensions...
  11. fatrich

    For Sale Denon AVR x4500H

    Just bought an Anthem AVM60 so selling my trusted Denon AVR x4500H Its in black , never been driven hard as i used separate power amps only used to power the atmos speakers It has original box and packaging and accessories bought from Richer sounds less than 2 years ago and came with a 6 year...
  12. I

    What do the sound modes on the DENON X4700H actually do?

    I have been using a DENON X4700H for a few months now but am still a little confused on what some of the sound modes actually do to the sound. I understand in general that you should use the same sound mode as the input source in order to decode Dolby or DTS audio such as Atmos or DTS:X but...
  13. M

    Subwoofer for Denon DN-A 100

    Hi Guys, I currently have a Denon DN-A 100 amp with 2 AUNA speakers wired into it, got it as a birthday present ages ago but don't know that much about Hi Fi at all. I've had that set up for a bit now and lately started looking into getting a subwoofer for it. I've had a look at some options...
  14. A

    Pioneer Elite SC-89 vs Denon AVR-X4700H

    I need guidance here... I am looking to replace my Pioneer Elite SC-89 with Denon AVR-X4700H. Would this be worth changing (in terms of sound quality, features etc)? Is the sound quality better in AVR-X4700H or SC-89?
  15. A

    Can I put a turntable on top of my Denon CEOL RCD N-10

    Hi - if I place my turntable on top of my Denon streamer/amplifier will this interfere with the unit's wi-fi signal? I haven't really got anywhere else it can go but I am assuming that as the top of the Denon is a sealed plastic surface it shouldn't interfere with it? I know I can just try it...
  16. TechieSarah

    For Sale Denon PMA 2500-NE Flagship Integrated Amplifier

    Strange as this sounds, for those that followed my thread, you know I have a red and black 2 channel set up (shown) in my office, and the silver isnt working for me, as well as Ive got the upgrade bug and decided to upgrade to a different amp (probably Yamaha A-S1100 in Black) so its time to go...
  17. M

    For Sale Denon AVR-X1100

    Denon AVR-X1100W 7.2ch AV Receiver 175W 4K USB Wi-Fi Bluetooth 5xHDMI. Owned since new, great amp. Collection much preferred from Northwich, Cheshire
  18. N

    Denon DVD-3930 no power

    Hello everyone My denon dvd-3930 has no power, i put it on and after 10 minutes, i heard a high volume noise like the one emanating from the player when you push the main on/off button to power it on . I went to check and the player was off so i opened the player and the fuse is ok with no sign...
  19. M

    Which Denon receiver to buy now

    Hello everyone in need of some help making a decision. I'm upgrading my speakers and amp and decided on the Dali Oberon 5 5.1 with a Denon x3700/4700 receiver Recently bought a SVS PB3000 so will buy the package without the sub(E-9f) which takes off about £330 What I'm having trouble deciding...
  20. M

    For Sale Denon AVR-X2600H 7.2 channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver

    Denon AVR-X2600H 7.2 channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver Purchased by myself in April 2020 Perfect condition (i can't find a mark on it) and comes complete with everything, remote, mic etc Remote never used as i have a Harmony remote. Original packaging so im able to ship at buyers cost. Collection...
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