1. T

    Question Denon Receiver: improving front audio performance for music

    Hi, looking for some thoughts on improving my front sound. I have a Denon AVRX4400 with a LR pair of Monitor Audio Silver 1s and the centre is a Monitor Audio Radius 250 HD. Rears are MA Radius HD and sub is a REL HT1003. This has worked well for stereo music and surround sound movies. I now...
  2. tigermad

    For Sale Denon AVRX2200W 7.1 AV Receiver

    I am selling my Denon AVRX2200W. It is in great condition. Comes with original box, remote, microphone etc. Collection only at this stage from Milton Keynes.
  3. A

    Denon DRA-800H Receiver "Clipping" - Overloading

    I Paralleled connected On The B speaker output of my Denon DRA-800H Receiver, new Elacs Debut Reference 6.2s with Fluance Signature Series HiFi Bookshelf Speakers. Both I believe are 6 or 8 ohm impedance rated speakers. I Have Elac Debut 6.2s )non-Reference models) on the A Speaker connection...
  4. G

    Audyssey app issues with Denon AVRX3500H and latest version of app

    Has anyone else had issues with the latest version of the Audyssey MultiEQ app uploading to Denon amps, in particular a AVRX3500H? Having bought a proper mic stand over Christmas I thought I'd rerun the Audyssey setup which I probably last ran when I first bought the Denon in June 2019, but...
  5. T

    Question Connect Node 2i to Denon X4200W AVR

    Hello everyone, I bought a Bluesound Node 2i to finally be able to stream music comfortably via Tidal / Amazon HD. The Node 2i is to be connected to a Denon X4200W AVR. I am just unsure whether I should use the DAC from the Node or from the Denon? Which connection option should I choose? I...
  6. saint_ade

    Denon AVR question with PJ and TV.

    I have a Denon AVR X2500H with outputs to an Epson TW5300 PJ and a recently added Samsung Q90R QLED TV. Watching on either is OK but the TV always comes on as well as the PJ. Not a problem as the TV is behind the screen but it is annoying. Turn off the TV and the PJ goes off too. Then it gets...
  7. fetish31

    For Sale DENON AVR X3300W AV RECIVER + Q acoustics speakers

    Hi , for sale my Home cinema kit during to upgrade . Denon AVR X3300W 7.2 Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X WHAT HI FI AWARD 2016 , and Q acoustics 3050 What HI FI AWARD best floorstanders under 1k , Q acoustics 3090C center speaker Q acoustics 3020 rear surround speakers (no stands included) quick...
  8. G

    Denon X3600 with Phillips 65PUS6703 TV Audio Issue

    This has been a bit of an ongoing issue for me but seems to have gotten much worse recently. I have the AVR connected via ARC, and Chromecast with Google TV and PS4 connected via the (HDR) HDMI ports on the TV. Note that HDMI 1 which supports ARC does not support HDR which is a huge frustration...
  9. grims dale

    Wanted 4k receiver with Atmos 5.2.4 capability

    As per title preferably have xt32 but open to Denon marantz Yamaha etc
  10. L

    Atmos from DD+ Stream - Denon

    Hi all I have done a lot of reading on Atmos and I believe that I understand what Atmos is and isn't and and how it is 'delivered', i.e TrueHD (lossless) vs DD+ (lossy) , etc however what I have not found is an answer to the following. If I am streaming from a source, e.g. Netflix, and my Amp's...
  11. R

    Denon AVR-X2200W setup is not working anymore

    Hi everyone, My Denon AVR-X2200W setup is not working anymore. When i click on the button of my remote controle nothing happens. same for option en info button. Ive played around with te restore fabric, network and firmware but nothing works. I can only get through ip adres into the setup. Is...
  12. N

    Can Denon AVR-X2300W run these speakers?

    Hello! I'm new at this forum, and I'm looking to build a "new" (used) hometheather for myself, and right now I'm in process of buying used Denon AVR-x2300W. I've also found a set of Audio Pro -speakers (pictured below. from left to rigth: 2 x tower-speaker, 1 x center and 2 x...
  13. Dobbershot24

    Please Help! I'm lost in the sauce.

    I am just beginning my adventure into the world of audio. I'm thinking my listening will be 60% Music, 40% Movies. The only space I have available for a designated listening room is in my basement which has 6 foot ceilings. the dimensions of the room is 14'x13'x6' with three of the walls being...
  14. N

    New LG OLED, new 7.2 Denon, PS5, still no ATMOS!

    Hello everyone. First post and I look forward to your knowledge and input. I've done a tremendous amount of research on this online and still can't seem to find a clear answer, or at least one that my limited experience will allow me to comprehend. Here is what I currently have: 1) LG OLED...
  15. M

    Upgrading from Denon AVR-2300W

    Hi all, So after a few years I think I’m ready to upgrade from my entry level Denon- AVR-2300W. My budget is £2k or so, but happy to spend less if there is one which is great value. I’ve been looking at the Marantz SR7015 or the NAD T778. The speakers are currently some budget Canton Movie...
  16. C

    Denon DN-300Z Media player

    Don't know if this is the right post section, the Denon DN-300Z is an all-in-one rack mount Pro unit which i will be using with my home stereo system. Does its integrated CD player has great sound quality if connected to a Rotel A12 integrated amp? Is the sound just as good as a Denon, or any...
  17. marcd5123

    Denon AV-4308CI Possibly the finest AV AMP from Denon ! Scene the A11SR /A1SR & 3805

    The Simple answer to that question for me is a big fat yes. Outside of Denon Legandry A11SR, A1SR & 3805 in my humble opinion. Up and until recently I owned a Denon X4100W (2015 Model) and to be fair before it became faulty it was a fantastic peace of equipment no real issues and a fine...
  18. M

    Wanted Denon x2000 or similar

    Got one or one similar, looking for a decent surround amp Happy to pay postage if you aren't local
  19. W

    LG CX OLED app audio not switching automatically to TV audio input on AMP

    Hi all For some reason app audio automatically switching to TV input has stopped working, and I’ve tried all the usual steps to get it back to work from powering down, disconnects/reconnect HDMI and factory reset TV and AMP. DENON X7300 - TV audio switching is on. Sound does come through when...
  20. DpM

    Question Denon 3311 assistance.

    Hopefully someone can help, I fear that the answer might be that it's time for an upgrade. I have an LG B9 and due to the AVR only being HD I have everything plugged into the TV and I use ARC to pass the audio to the 3311. Because of this I only get Dolby Digital Plus or DTS on the audio side...
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