denon x3600h

  1. ddlooping

    LG C1 + Denon X3600H + eARC : confirmation needed

    Hi all :) I'm about to get and wall-mount an LG 65C1 (hence the need for the least cables possible). It will be used with a Denon X3600H AVR. Am I right in thinking that connecting the TV's eARC to the AVR's eARC HDMI is enough both to get sound (excluding DTS) from the TV apps to the...
  2. multibreed

    Denon x3600H & Mission 704a Connections

    Dear all, I very much hope you could share your views/advice on the following install I am looking to do. I currently have the above AVR and Speakers, to which the 704a are tri-wired but also have a self-amplified bass unit(see below pic). Having spoken to Mission directly, they have supplied...
  3. Thoradin

    Denon X3600h - Issues with 11.1 and Surround Back speakers

    Hi all, hoping someone here can help!! I've recently unboxed and setup my new X3600h and run through the setup. I've got it setup as 11.1 : 2 Fronts + Center using Pre-amp connections and going to poweramp. 2 Surrounds 2 Surround Backs 4 Height speaks 1 Sub Running though the setup...
  4. S

    Question Crackle with Denon X3600H and Yamaha A5200 amp

    Hullo I’m running a Yamaha A5200 amp with a Denon X3600H and I’m getting a crackle now and again when watching at slightly higher volumes. Day to day when the kids are watching TB it doesn’t seem to happen, but when I put it up a bit to watch a film then it seems when the sounds good from quiet...
  5. S

    Question Denon X3600H and Yamaha MX-A5200

    Right I have gone and splashed the cash and ordered a Denon X3600H and a Yamaha MX-A5200 amp, with the intention of using the Denon as the processor feeding into the Yamaha. I have only had mid-range AVRs up to this point and I wouldn’t say I was totally happy with all the intricacies of setting...
  6. J

    Denon X3600H - TV Audio to HEOS Wireless?

    Planning a wired home theatre system with a Denon X3600H (or comparable Marantz SR6014). Does anyone know if it is possible to send the TV audio to a wireless HEOS speaker in a nearby kitchen rather than the LCR/surrounds when "big audio" is not required? Thanks in advance.
  7. mukulgoel1989

    Question Home cinema upgrade.

    Hi, I do not understand the sound systems much and seeking opinion here. I currently have a Yamaha YHT 2910 5.1 home theater system. I have had it for 4 years and thinking about upgrading it piece by piece. First YHT 2910 specs can be found at YHT-2910 - Overview - Yamaha - Other European...
  8. R

    Denon X3600H issue?

    I have an AppleTV 4K with Atmos enabled and Xbox One X with Atmos enabled. I have PSB Cinema 100 speakers, 2 PSB towers and two upfiring speakers in an 7.1.2 configuration. Now the issue I'm having is that when my Xbox is in Dolby Digital 'mode' if I'm watching a YouTube video and there is a...
  9. B

    Denon X3600H to HEOS wireless?

    Hi good day, Now I'm not a sound expert at all. I have my TV sound coming through my Denon X3600H to wired speakers around the TV no problem. Outside nearby I have wireless 2 x Denon Heos 7 which I usually use HEOS app (on iphone/ipod) to play spotfiy music on etc no problem. What I'm trying...
  10. Y

    Denon x3600h problems inc heos and zone 2

    Hi guys So i just setup all my new kit Denon 3600h running 5.1 and tv main zone Running 2 speakers and tv zone 2 I find it very buggy, Main zone has to be on for zone 2 to output video. Sometimes no video zone 2 unless you kinda trick it by selecting options on main zone. Swithing inputs...
  11. R1KEB

    What ‘headroom’ (for temp management) does an AVR really need?

    Hi all, I’m just about to upgrade my Onkyo NR606 to a Denon X3600H and whilst the dimensions are pretty much the same I’m contemplating sticking the Denon on the top of my AV stand so it has more clearance for air circulation. Previously my Onkyo has sat on the third shelf which only allow it...
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