denon dm41 dab

  1. E

    Need Help Replacing Mini Hifi: Sony MHC-GX255/Panasonic SC-PMX802/Denon DM41?

    Big hello to AV Forums! I currently have an old, bulky Sony MHC-GX255 and I'm looking to replace it with something more modern (streaming/bluetooth capabilities) and streamlined (I don't need a double tape deck or 3-CD carousel). Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a lot of options in...
  2. D

    Mini Hifi: Denon DM41 or Panasonic SC-PMX802 ?

    Hi, I’m in the market for a mini hifi system and from my research it seems the Denon DM41 is still the number one choice in this category despite not having had an update for quite some time. I’m also considering the Panasonic SC-PMX802 launched last year but there seem to be very few reviews...
  3. F

    Streamer for Denon Dm41 dab

    Hi, first post here. I am clueless about streaming music. I have the above system and now realise that I probably should have bought the Ceol. However, the DM41 sounds good so I would like to know what your advice would be for adding a streaming device. The analogue input is being used for my...
  4. alpdel

    Will this turntable and mini hifi system combo work?

    Returning to playing my vinyl after many years. Turntable etc will be in a spare bedroom/home office. Would a Denon dm41 dab and an audio technica lp120xusb be a good match? Would like to be able to rip the small collection of vinyl I have but as I have more CDs I would like a decent system for...
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