denon 4700

  1. T

    Denon X4700H paired with B&W 703 - Do I need a power amp?

    Good afternoon all. I've recently begun the journey into high end audio and I require some advice. Over the past few years, I've been slowly upgrading my AV equipment piece by piece and I am currently using the following setup: Denon X4700H receiver Bowers and Wilkins 703 S2 fronts Bowers and...
  2. Christonian

    Upgrading 7.1 to 7.1.4 Atmos/Auro-3D Setup

    Good Morning Everyone from Canada Goal is 7.1.4 or 5.1.4 current setup is 7.1, open to making AURO3D 9,10,11.1 setup Building from scratch looking for the best layout for my space feel free to download the file and mess around with it room has been gutted to the studs today I had someone...
  3. Kopec

    Denon 4700 Sound Options

    Hey all, I'm truly confused with what I can or can't do. Maybe this is a denon limitation? I have a denon 4700 and a lg cx along with a 5.1.4 system with 2 front heights and 2 rear heights. With my earc set on my TV, I can only get atmos on my xbox series x and on my TV, which sounds great...
  4. Zog

    Connecting an old camcorder to my Denon AVR

    I'm trying to connect an old camcorder to my relatively new Denon AVR. The camcorder has yellow RCA out for the video and a single RCA out for the mono sound. I have connected them up to the second of 7 inputs on the receiver and assigned the sound input to analogue. Audio works. The problem...
  5. D

    Denon 4700 v Denon 7200WA

    I am considering changing to the 4700 because of Earc, [email protected] and a few other extra featues ,does anyone know if the sound would be superior on the 4700 and whether i would notice the extra bandwidth in Earc . The 7200 is more powerful but I am not sure if the circuitry in inferior?
  6. IanHoll

    Denon 4700 Single 2.1 Input

    Sorry for being a noob but I'm looking to buy a Denon 4700. The reason I'm choosing the 4700 over the 3700 is for the added wattage and Auro 3D support. My question is given that the 4700 only has a single HDMI 2.1 input does this mean I can only have either BluRay playback @ 4K 120hz or an...
  7. A

    RB-991 repair or replace?

    Hi everyone, happy new year. I’m not an audiophile expert so if this is a confusing question please bear with me. I have a pair of Morduant Short 816 an old Onkyo Tx-SR875 AVR and a Rotel RB-991 power amp. The onkyo is in place as the old pre-amp died with the Rotel connected as a power amp...
  8. Built To Chill

    HT Speaker upgrade: Kef vs B&W vs something else?

    I have agreement for a 5.1 HT speaker upgrade :). Agreed budget is ~£2,000, which I plan to spend on the front stage: i.e. L, R and centre channel. Current 5.1 setup includes Wharfedale 220s along the front (~£100/pair), two of which I will use as surrounds in the new setup. In the short-mid...
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