denon 4500

  1. K

    Denon 4500 or 1910 for Triangle Antal ez speakers?

    Hi all... i'm new here hope to find advice for a doubt: Actually have a denon 4500h in 7.4.2 mode who drives floorstanding speakers 7.2 and a denon 1910 connected throw multichannel in ports,bypassing its audissey, for 4x ceiling speakers. Jusy today ordered a new front set of triangle antal...
  2. Q

    Denon avr-4500h sub problem while streaming from TV

    Hi all, HELP NEEDED!!! 🤷‍♂️😅I'm a newbie in Hi-fi world, so looking for advise... Recently setup my avr-x4500h receiver (at the moment 2 front-Definitive speakers,B&W centre speaker and active subwoofer - Yamaha NS-SW300-connected through mono and subwoofer 1 with double shielded RCA Pro series...
  3. B

    Question Reproducible issue on other projectors ??

    All, I've been fault finding on a JVC-LX UHB1 projector. The issue has been seeing the Projector suddenly dim then lighten the picture. I have now identified a part of a film where this is reproducible. STAR TREK - BEYOND 1h 1m into the film, Kirk kneels down to examine an old motorbike. As he...
  4. raven219

    Answered Would this work? Netflix HD/DD+

    Hi Aspiration: to have Netflix playing in HD on my Panasonic 50GT50 and DD+ soundtracks through my Denon X4500H. Issue: TV is old as are other devices so they either don't have Netflix on them or cannot deal with/pass through the DD+ soundtracks. So I had a thought. I have routed all my...
  5. Garp

    Denon 4500 no bluray sound

    Hello all, I have recently purchased a Denon x4500h to replace my 2011 Onkyo 609 which wasn't 4k 2.2. I have it connected to my LG C8 with HDMI via both ARC input/output. Netflix from TV app is fine on TV audio source and Dolby Atmos appears on screen when Atmos source is put through it which...
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