denon 4400

  1. X

    Upgrading 5.1 system

    I'm currently running on AVR-X4200W with 5.1 Dali Zensor 7 series. I've had these for many years now and I want a more premium system with more punch, detailed sound amd bigger sound picture. I'm looking into Dali Opticon 6 series which cost about 4 500 USD in Norway. I've also started looking...
  2. stripeyjoe

    The 'black screen on input switch' SkyQ thread

    Looks like lots of people have been discussing this under the firmware thread so have created a new thread for the subject. This started happening to me last week, whenever the AVR input is switched away from Sky Q then Sky box needs a power-cycle to output again when switching back to that...
  3. Planter

    My new setup - awaiting install

    So just to show you all where I am at so far. Just collected all of the bits and thought I would show a picture - this obviously isn’t how it is going to stay and nor is this the room it’ll be in. So here is a picture for staters.... I’ll add as I go. But may be slow going, but it’s a...
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