1. N

    Demon SACD 1600ne problem.

    I have a strange problem. I bought the Denon new in April this year. I have just started to use it daily. Playing track 3 of Martina McBride‘s The way I am, towards the end of the disc it starts to skip several times. It is the only track where this happens. I played the track on an old Sony...
  2. N

    Denon CD 2500 NE or 1600NE?

    £500 difference. What else?
  3. T

    Demon souls white tendancy

    Hi can any one help I need to kill phantom for white tendancy I mucked up with NPC
  4. G

    Demon Souls price drop

    Hello all First off Merry xmas to you all. 2nd can someone give me an educated guess as to when we will see a price drop on demon souls please. None of my family or friends are mad enough to pay £60 for a remake. I'm not mad enough too lol. Thanks Gary
  5. Olly Day

    Question Denon surround sound lost set up microphone

    I wonder if anybody could possibly help me, I am refurbishing my HOME CINEMA in Norfolk and have a Denon AVR -1507 Surroundsound receiver. I have fitted two extra speakers in the hope of getting 7.1 surround sound instead of my usual 5.1. despite having turned my projection box upside down, I...
  6. 3804

    Night of the Demon .Special edition

    This seems an interesting 2 discs edition, for one of my fav horror films of all time its showing shortly on Talking pictures channel
  7. N

    Denon Receiver

    Just purchased a Denon receiver AVR-S530BT. I have five speakers and a powered sub hooked up and everything sounds great. I would like to hook up two speakers on my patio but don’t know or if I can. Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA.
  8. R

    Demon app

    Hi all I got the denon dnp-720ae network player. I went to download the control app for from Google play store but I can longer find it do anyone knowif it's still available or a new version of the app that will work with the denon dnp-720ae. Regards ian
  9. solidopc

    Denon AVRX 540BT or Yamaha RXV483?

    Which of these two av receiver would you choose if given the choice? I have wharfdale 9.1s at the moment as well as some old Eltax 350 studio pro. But I will leave them off as I will be getting either the wharfdale powercube sub or a yamaha one. I want the denon one because I like denon. it...
  10. Gtramsey2000

    Denon AVR X3300 paired with Tannoy Revolution xt6f

    Hey all So I just bought a pair of the Tannoy Revolution speakers second hand - 8 months old and pristine condition (£600, I read the reviews and everyone raved about them so I thought a bargain at that price). Anyway, I hooked them up to my Denon x3300 receiver as part of my 7.0 surround sound...
  11. M

    Question Demon AVR 1912 dialogue sound too low

    I've had low dialogue on my amp ever since I've bought it. I've just put up with it after messing with all the settings. I have some time now to sort it so thought I'd ask for a bit of help. I have tannoy 5.1 speakers. My rooms approx 5m2 the centre speaker is under the tv and the l/r frons...
  12. M


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