1. cR4cKF0x 5TevE

    For Sale Marvel Avengers (Smart Delivery)

    As per title, I've got a new, sealed copy of Marvel Avengers up for sale. Xbox Series X and Xbox One compatible. £20 inc delivery. Sensible offers considered.
  2. U

    Denon AVC-3700H. NO DELIVERY YET?

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone throw some light on this subject please? I ordered the above receiver in early August from a reputable Dealer. They insisted I pay in full and it will arrive in September. It has still not arrived and the dealer is not keeping me fully informed. Is there a manufacturing...
  3. myss

    Any supermarket delivery drivers on here?

    There's been a fair bit of news on the lack of HGV drivers and how that might effect on supermarket stock amongst others products/services. I have a relative who works for Tesco and says that they're now moaning about a lack of delivery drivers now. My relative says this is nothing to do with...
  4. Tomel51

    New TV Delivery and Setup + ATSC 3 Questions

    Looking for a new 55" 4K TV to replace current 55" LCD TV. In process of researching and have a few questions. 1. Is there any comprehensive list of TVs that comply with the ATSC 3.0 NextGen standard? 2. TV delivery and setup Costco has white glove delivery which includes delivery, unboxing...
  5. zantarous

    Being asked for my Passport for a on-line delivery?

    Just looking for a bit of advice, I ordered a Cat Tree last week from a company located in the UK but has warehouses in the EU. Today they have contacted me to say that DHL has put a hold on the delivery as someone with the same name as me (a pretty common name for my ethnicity) as a “denied...
  6. GalacticaActual

    Zavvi delivery issues

    Have a problem with zavvi I ordered 3 discs at once from them. Total recall steel book was the first to be dispatched then a week later a couple if other discs. I have recived the other discs but not the first one that was dispatched. It now almost 2 weeks late. Do you think it's gone...
  7. n0tna

    My Amazon UK (high value) return got stolen, what can I do?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and wanted to ask for some advice. I’m in a bit of a deadlock with Amazon UK. For the context, I reside in London and am an Amazon Prime customer for years now and buy a lot (probably too much) from them. Never had a single issue. Last month, November 2020, I...
  8. gavinl1967

    Royal mail post delivery (or lack of)

    I moved in to a new housing estate 3 years ago. When we first moved in the post was rather hit and miss, mainly because of new postcodes etc. We had no issue with that, all settled down and has been good since. Fast forward to now, and someone posted last night on the estates 'friendly'...
  9. frenchnes

    Question Large TVs delivery : which companies ?

    Hello, i can see in TV ads that if collection is obviously preferred, delivery is most of the time mentioned. When i check on royalmail, hermes, or parcel 2 go and all those websites, they don't do that type of size. Which companies do you use and how do you get quotes ? Thank you ps : this is...
  10. dusf

    Question Hisense 65U8B: Delivered to Republic of Ireland for less than £890/€993?

    I am searching for the best deal on a Hisense 65U8B. John Lewis have them for £799 and although they offer intentional shipping, they do not for this particular item to the Republic of Ireland. I have checked Smart Germany and Mediamarkt Austria but they do not deliver here. Amazon UK and DE are...
  11. Eddy555

    Online Ordering for Delivery - Essential Items Only?

    Has anyone else stopped buying anything physical online for delivery that they'd deem non-essential (e.g. movies, music, electronic equipment)? Personally there's stuff I think that would be pretty cool to get to entertain myself at home while we are in lockdown, but then I think it's probably...
  12. Stuart Wright

    If supermarkets have no delivery slots for weeks, how are people supposed to self isolate?

    Doesn't seem possible to self isolate if people can't get deliveries for so long. Ridiculous situation.
  13. DHarrison1221

    Network Distribution's Online Store

    Hi All, As you may be aware, Network On Air / Network Distribution has an online store which offers very good prices on the whole along with free UK shipping. I'm yet to order with them and wanted to see if anyone else has done so before and if there were any problems I highly doubt that there...
  14. Garry123

    Early Delivery

    I used to purchase my new bluray's from Tesco as they always delivered on a Saturday. Is there anywhere else that post blurays early? Annoys me they all come out on a Monday.
  15. reiteration

    potential order / delivery issue

    hi guys, I ordered some items from a portugese website on the 29th may and it still hasn't arrived... the shop seems reliable and has good reviews etc... but they've used a courier called Skynet who have terrible reviews - Skynet is rated "Bad" with 0.8 / 10 on Trustpilot for example... what...
  16. M

    AV Receiver with USB C Input (Display port ALT + Power Delivery)

    As titles says, any receiver that implements it or any info if it will be implemented in the future. If anyone is asking why it is to send video/audio from mobile devices (phone/laptop) and well as charge the device at same time (USB C PD Reverse Charging) If you don't understand the standards...
  17. english_bob

    Whats going on at Amazon? (Prime)

    A Prime Customer here. Noticed very recently in the last couple of weeks that normal next-day Prime delivery orders stopped being accepted after about 5pm the same day, even when usually some items can go up to silly late times of 11pm Just checking today at around 5:30pm, absolutely...
  18. D

    Best way to package subwoofer for delivery

    Hi, I need to return a sub woofer back to where i bought it from but dont have the orginal box unfrotauntley. Any recommendations on best how to pack this and where best to get the packaging materials online? other than a cardboard box and alot of bubble wrap with alot of fragile tape on the...
  19. The Dark Horse

    Supermarket home delivery tips or recommendations

    Something I keep meaning to setup but never do, food delivered to my home. The amount of money I end up spending on stuff I didn't go to the supermarket for is ridiculous. All the major supermarkets delivery to my address, what one gets your vote? Any tips to get the best offers or free deliveries?
  20. Garrett

    4K Disc Delivery Updates

    Post here if you wish to notify when a disc from a retailer been sent, and questions on up dates.
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