1. temitope94

    LG CX - Any way to delete the browser app permanently?

    Hi, does anyone know of a way to permanently delete the browser app on CX OLED's? I want to do this for parental control reasons. (Why does a TV need a browser anyway?)
  2. A

    Roberts Stream 93i radio. How to delete or modify selected stations on the radio?.

    Hi everyone, I just registered from Spain in this forum and my question is the following: I've had this radio for a few years and I'm happy with it, but I can't find a way to delete stations from my selected list, or to be able to replace them with different ones. Somebody could help me...
  3. J

    KD-43XE7073 : YouTube - UK

    KD-43XE7073 : YouTube Hi all Firstly, I really appreciate your help. I’m finding YouTube is becoming a destructive force with my young son. This TV is a non-Android smart tv. YouTube is a pre installed app. There’s even a lovely colourful YouTube button on the remote. I need to remove or...
  4. Zippy77777

    Two empty folders on A drive that will not delete

    Hi guys and girls I have two completely empty folders on my PCs A:\ drive and I have spent hours/days/months and gave up trying to delete them. I know they are not doing any harm there but does anyone here cleverer than me (which won't be hard) know any way that these folders can be BOOTED...
  5. LexDiamond

    How to delete photos on iPhone but keep on iCloud?

    I have been looking into this and am thoroughly confused. The situation is that I have a 200gb family plan and I have shared that with my wife. Her phone now is saying it is low on storage (128gb phone). As far as I can see iCloud seems to be a synchronisation service that stores the photos and...
  6. Bazkib

    Question Cannot remove 'header files' in Humax recordings?

    Hi, I cannot remove 'header files' in Humax recordings: ie...taped program, opened the file, watched the program, then deleted it, but cannot delete the header file? I know have a stack of files that I cannot get rid of. :) INFO: I am using a new 'Universal Remote Control' as Humax control...
  7. Goooner

    Delete only Account Windows 10

    Just bought a new pc and want to sell my old one. It's running Win 10, I tried to make a recovery USB stick but it says it can't as there are files missing. It was an original Vista install that got upgraded over the years, eventually up to 10. I've still got a sticker on the side of the...
  8. M

    Cloning C: Drive to new Hybrid SSD/HDD- Delete existing Partition?

    I’m just wondering if it’s safe to delete the partition on my new hybrid drive? I have a relatively old PC running windows 10. The main 1TB C:Drive is pretty full, so I decided to install a secondary, larger internal hard drive. I decided on buying a Seagate Firecuda 2TB Hybrid SSD hard drive...
  9. Zippy77777

    Folders won't delete in windows 10

    I have two folders on one of my drives and I have literally spent weeks trying to delete them. Windows just keeps on telling me that they don't exist. I have tried everything!! Please help. I know I could just forget about them which I have done for months but its bugging me again. Please help!
  10. SkiSand

    Delete photos Amazon Drive but personal hard drive

    Hello. Been using Amazon Drive to backup 1000's of phots with success. However, I'm reorganizing my local backup hard drive, which messes up the whole Amazon 'sync'. I simply wanted to delete the Photo folder on Amazon Drive, for a clean restart/backup. However - Amazon Drive's File...
  11. Veni Vidi Vici

    Help please with deleting photos from Android phone

    My other half has an android photo (motorola) and needs help with something, I've been an iPhone user for years so haven't a clue about android. She syncs the photos on her phone to Google Photos but she has run out of space on her phone and needs to free some up. Is there a way of deleting the...
  12. Shooter1

    Question Delete / Resize Windows 7 Partition

    Hi All, I've just done a complete reinstall if Win 7 on a HDD, which I then cloned onto a 120GB SSD. As can be seen from the below there is 25GB which hasnt got a volume label. I'd like to either resize or delete (should I be deleting it?), however in Disk Management im not getting any of...
  13. RidleyDeckard

    Update deleted my profile!

    So I turned on the Xbox last night and it was like I bought a new machine, it wanted the region and time zone I was in and then said there was an update waiting. Once it was done, it then needed me to log in with my account details and the other two profiles on my Xbox have vanished. What's so...
  14. CraigofScotland

    Question Why cant I delete apps on my iphone 7+

    im missing something. Maybe something obvious but I cant seem to find a solution. Im trying to delete some old games n crap from my iphone 7+, lasted version of drivers I guess, nothing waiting to update. I hover over the icons like I can move them about, but no X appears from deleting...
  15. M

    Will icloud removal delete find my iPhone?

    Just bought a used iPhone 6 off a legit reseller. It clearly stated it was still icloud locked. now I have it home and charged up I see it has find my iPhone set too. The previous owner still has all his call log, messages and photos on it. I can see his home and mobile numbers as well as...
  16. T

    Is it safe?

    I've just picked up a 2nd hand new nintendo 3ds for my daughter. It's been sent with the nnid details and games still installed. Normally I'd just do a factory reset to clear stuff like this but its the one with Happy Home Designer pre installed and I'm worried about losing that if I do. Any...
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