1. Lee337

    Track lag / Network audio delay with PS Audio PerfectWave DAC II

    Hi I posted not too long ago about my new Audiolab 6000N and the fact it takes 4 seconds for a track to start playing when I start a track, seek through a track or randomly pick a track. It was fine though when starting a new track after the one currently playing. Turned out it was part of the...
  2. Lee337

    Network audio delay still, with PS Audio PerfectWave DAC II

    Hi I posted not too long ago about my new Audiolab 6000N and the fact it takes 4 seconds for a track to start playing when I start a track, seek through a track or randomly pick a track. It was fine though when starting a new track after the one currently playing. Turned out it was part of the...
  3. Lee337

    Audiolab 6000N delay when playing local files / FLAC

    Hi Having used an SoTM SMS 200 I understand the basics of streaming my music off my PC through to my DAC. With the SoTM track playing is instant upon choosing it. However I have the 6000N connected the same way, via ethernet from my router yet when pressing play, there's a 4-5 second delay...
  4. Waarez

    Sony X900e / XE9005 audio delay with ATV 4k over HDMI

    Since the end of December I have acquired the Sonos Arc, Sub Gen 3 and 2 one SLs. Very happy with the sound quality overall! Sounds just a bit boomier (bass on -3 and sound sub a bit lower) than my previous separate Jamo speakers, Klipsch 100sw sub and Yamaha receiver. But what an incredibly...
  5. Chief NL

    Xbox Series X Dolby Atmos delay issues

    I can't imagine that this hasn't been brought up on here before but I can't find any thread about it so I'll make one: I own a 77" LG C1, a Samsung HW-Q900A and a Xbox Series X. Last night (like many of you I assume) I downloaded the Halo Infinite campaign and started playing, only to be very...
  6. O

    Starliner - Another day, another delay

    Looks like some issues with propulsion system valves. Not having much luck.... Next launch opportunity is tomorrow.
  7. Omits

    BT Headphones with no delay.

    I play the piano and would prefer BT headphones BUT the device I use (I think the BT version is 4.x something) causes a delay so no use for practicing. So I need an adapter and headphones with no delay (i am assuming the delay is not in the piano itself as it is the audio output jack). Advise...
  8. M

    Sound delay in a Sony STR-DN1080

    Hi guys, I'm really hoping someone on here can help. I've just got a new av amp, Sony Str-dn1080. It's replaced another Sony av amp that broke and I couldn't get the parts to fix it. I've got a 7.1 system, the new amp works it beautifully until I plug my decks into it. I have a DJ...
  9. j3roen

    AV out of sync (audio lagging). Post your results please.

    I've had my OLED 55 BX for a few weeks, and am very happy with the picture quality, but I just can't get the AV sync set correctly. I am thinking of returning it if I can't fix the delay. There is about a 42ms delay (the audio is lagging) according to my tests. This delay is seen when using the...
  10. D

    Help on audio delay after pausing HTPC HD AV files on Denon AVR

    I am having an odd 4 second or so delay in the audio output compared to the video output when playing HD audio/video files from my Home Theater PC (HTPC) AFTER PAUSING the playback of the audio/video files. My configuration is: HTPC Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming GT Motherboard, Intel i7 6700K CPU...
  11. andrespr

    Question MusicCast system delay

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and I'd like to ask if anyone had the same problem as me with the MusicCast system. I have recently acquired the following YAMAHA products: 2x Musiccast 20, 1x Musiccast 100 and 1x WXC-50. All of the components are connected to the local WiFi network through a 5G...
  12. E

    Question Any ideas? Sony XG95 and Sony HT-X8500 sound delay issues

    Hello guys, I have a Sony XG95 and a Sony HT-X8500 sound bar. It is connected through HDMI cable with eArc activated. My issue is when I am on apps such as Youtube, Netflix or animelab there is always a delay of 3-5 secs at the beginning of episode I watch. If I watch Sky TV there is no...
  13. R

    Amazon Firestick 5.1 sound delay

    Hi hope you can help I'm about to give up on this one. Sorry I'm not too techy but I've tried a few things as follows. I have the latest Firestick model (non 4k) and there is a very slight sound delay when using aps with 5.1. including Netflix and Amazon Prime video My setup: TV - Panasonic...
  14. JimmyJaxxon

    Question How to fix audio delay on my TCL 50EP660 via optical output to my receiver?

    Hello, I encounter an audio delay when connecting my TCL 50EP660 via optical output to my receiver (simple Hi-Fi receiver without HDMI). The receiver mode is set to stereo. The source is a normal cable tv channel. A playback through the internal speaker of the tv are in sync with the video...
  15. D

    Audio Delay with LG CX?

    I just got a 65" LG CX. I have noticed that there is a slight audio delay when outputting to my Nakamichi 9.2.4 soundbar. It is especially bad when playing video games on my Xbox One X. I can fix this by connecting through my soundbar as a receiver instead of the TV, but then I lose my...
  16. P

    Bluetooth delay

    Can anyone recommend a pair of bluetooth headphones for TV watching that don't have the lip synch problems that my AKG C50s have?
  17. Fduarte

    Question LG SJ3 sound delay

    Hello everyone. Overview: I have the LG SJ3 soundbar about 7 months connected to my TV by optical cable and all was well until about a week ago. The problem: I started to notice some delay on the sound and at first i thought the set-top box was making a tantrum so i unplugged it and plugged it...
  18. Nightlight

    Question ARC startup delay

    LG 42LA740V-ZB connected to a Sony BDV-E2100 Home Theatre System Via ARC certified cable on HDMI1 and two set top boxs via hdmi switch into HDMI2 on the TV. All controlled by a LG Harmony one remote. I have done some testing. When the system (LG TV, Sony HTS, Sky box) is powered on with my...
  19. F

    Question Audio delay

    Hi all, After buying and installing all the equipment, I have finally tried my home cinema for the first time. I have a Denon AVXR 3600 H for A/V receiver. I had the bad surprise to see there are delays between audio and video (audio is significantly after video). I know there are ways to...
  20. D

    Question LG OLED55E6V delay in response after turning on

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else with this model and the latest WebOS has noticed this? When I first turn it on now there is delay of around 10 secs while it shows the channel info and subs icon, during which it won't respond to any inputs from the remote. After they disappear it's fine. It's...
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