1. I

    Good site to find the best Black Friday deals?

    Hi Does anybody know of a good site or forum to find the best Black Friday deals for AV, tech, gadgets etc? Thanks
  2. I

    Black Firday deals

    It seems that Richer Sounds started already their Black Friday deals. Do you think that offers they do provide now are good or it would be better to wait just a bit longer ?
  3. AV Online

    AV Online - Part Exchange Deals: Guaranteed trade in values on selected projectors

    We're pleased to now be able to offer part exchange on selected items. Just look for the little blue box on our product pages for availability. From time to time we'll be running part exchange events to make upgrading easier and cheaper. Our first of these covers a selection of premium...
  4. Spizzoil79

    Bargain Budget Panasonic and Yamaha deals

    Hi all. Costco currently selling Panasonic's HTB498 for £96. Half decent bar and sub for less than £100 can't be bad - I might bite myself. Currys are also punting Yamaha's YAS-107 for £179, including 6 months Spotify Premium. Website shows this one's not available online so might be limited to...
  5. JabbaNut

    Daily Deals (9-19-2019) The Epic Games Store has been giving away a free game or two every week since it launched earlier this year.

    The Epic Games Store has been giving away a free game or two every week since it launched earlier this year. But this week’s deal may be the most impressive to date: you can snag 6 Batman PC games. For free. The only catch is that you’ll need to sign up for an Epic Games account and install...
  6. jimmyray

    Bargain Free £30 to spend on Food at Gino DAcampo, Piccolino, Bank, Bar&Grill Restaurants nationwide

    Download the Club Individual app on iphone or Android. Register as a new member and use promo code 'andyd' Hey presto, you receive £30 in points on the app within 24 hours. This can be used on food in the following restaurants: Gino D'Acampo Restaurant Bank Restaurant Piccolino Restaurant Bar &...
  7. D

    Question Should one buy from these eBay sellers who offer deals that seem too good to be true?

    Hi! I have wanted to buy Sony Z5 premium for a long time. Recently I found that the price has dropped and it is awaliable for just 200 bucks on eBay NEW. But the catch is that it is from China. Here is the link...
  8. Alps

    Question BT Sports deals

    guys, are there any good BT Sports deals for Sky Q customers? It's almost that time of the year, and need to get BT Sport before the first game.
  9. S

    Bargain Expired All Prime Day Deals 2018 - plus Q on HD27e

    All Prime Day deals listed by price below for interest. Thinking of Optoma HD27e (£380) as appears good bang for buck. Are the HD143X (£350) or one of the Benqs or Epsons better in the £300 - £450 price range? Epson EB-S41 SVGA 3300 Lumens Projector - White price£199.99 RRP: £309.99 (35% off)...
  10. D

    Bargain Amazon Prime Projector Deals - TW7300 & UHD300X

    Not in the market myself but: Epson EH-TW7300 @ £1449.99 Optoma UHD300X @ £799.00
  11. lukeysl

    Xbox One X bundle deals

    Anyone know some decent deals? Amazon had one with 2 x 4K movies and 2 games for £420 for about a month! Then it sold out for a week and now sale bundle is £529!!! Think they made a big mistake. Anyone know a good deal - even for Console only? Worth waitng on Prime day?
  12. malcolmduffin

    Bargain LG G6 Quad Dac Deals on Wonga Mobile 50% off

    Wonga Mobile are having sale at moment of LG G6 H870DS and LG G6 H870DSU for just £337 and £353 respectively. Also bargains on LG V30 as well. All have Quad-Dac feature. Just thought I'd pass on if of interest. Seem to be some other good bargains on there but they stand out
  13. M

    Easter deals?

    I'm looking to buy a 4K 49"/50” 2017 TV for around £500. Preferably one with a decent game mode for PS4 Pro and good black levels for night time viewing. Are there likely to be any good discounts over the Easter weekend? Or are any deals likely to be lacking in substance. Can anyone recommend...
  14. A

    Question Easter TV deals?

    Can anyone tell me if Easter tends to be a time for tv bargains?
  15. dollag

    Bargain Decent deals at Musicraft for arcam receivers

    Looking on their special offers tab, seem to be some great bargains. Thought i'd share. Seems to be well know in the atc speaker world
  16. 2012

    Question Any 4K TV Deals on worth buying ? 58"-65"

    Hi Guys still looking for a TV but its all looks the same to me, no real deals. Any 4K TV Deals on worth buying ? 58"-65" Due to price im considering a Panasonic TX-58DX802B £899 Hisense H65N5300 65" £599
  17. C

    Best January Sales Deals?

    So i'm after a new TV any size between 55-65", I've seen so many but can't decide which? Looked at the Samsung MU7000, Sony XE8500's/XE9300's or even an OLED! I use it for the following: What are your sources going to be? eg - Do you have fibre internet capable of UHD streams? Will you be...
  18. tvdavid

    Don't seem to be many good deals round right now?

    Looking for a decent 49 - 55 inch TV but deals seem really poor right now. Would things pick up before christmas? Did see a lg 55uj750v selling for £660 at the weekend on amazon but I did not buy it maybe I should of? Or any recommendations for other good TVs? no more than £650 Oh TV I am...
  19. K

    Question Any good data only deals for my tablet

    Hi guys i am looking for a good data deal on ipad from vodaphone or o2 only thats the reception i can get ..i was looking at say 2gb to 3gb on average Thanks
  20. TheDarkKnight01

    iPhone Black Friday Deals

    Thought this would be a good place to post any links to sites that are offering good iPhone deals for Black Friday. I am looking for either a new iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X and I know a couple of other people are, so tomorrow may be a good a time as any if there are any reductions.
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