1. BigStu1972

    Sky Mobile Deals - Too good to be true?

    I'm a sky tv customer and i've just received an email from Sky regarding their Sky Mobile deals. As my wife's Samsung S7 is coming to the end of its life it seemed like a good time to click on the link to see what a Samsung S10 would cost. As I clicked through it I could see that an S10 was...
  2. golden phoenix


    Hi All, thought id start a thread for deals and bundles ready for when the price and pre orders - (which i'm assuming isn't far off) are revealed, so post them in here when we have proper price reveal, and bundle offers.
  3. H

    Sky Retention Deals?

    We are currently paying SKY £123 per month, which Im told will rise to £138 in November when our discount comes off. for this we get; Super fast broadband (unlimited) Cinema Sky Q HD Mutiroom (have one additional mini box) Box Sets Evening Calls It sounds bloody expensive to me....especially...
  4. John

    Are BT still offering retention deals

    Got an acceptable one 18months ago , are they still calling up customers that cancel to tempt them to stay ?
  5. steve k

    sky deals

    Has anyone had a good new sky deal. My contract as just run out and i am now looking for a good deal. Paying £85 now for Sky Entertainment £29 Ultimate On Demand £12 sky Kids £5 Sky Cinema19 Sky HD £6 SkyQ Multiscreen £14 3D free See it First free
  6. D

    Any deals? 55 inch budget TV under £600

    Hi, looking at an IPS panel or good wide angle viewing TV with good 4K upscaling. The wife wants another ambilight and I have seen some deals at Curry’s for a 55PUS 8204/12 for £500 or the Philips the one series for £500. The one has less spec (7 series) but has direct backlight. What’s your...
  7. M

    Best UK Deals Sites?

    What are the best UK deals sites? I know of a few, is there any other good ones not mentioned below? Hot Uk Deals Latest Deals UK Deals And Giveaways Blast My Deals < not sure if these guys post deals anymore? Extreme Couponing UK Offer Of The Day Do you guys know of any others?
  8. C

    Deals on tvs for Euros..

    When Hisense sponsered the last euros and world cup were there special deals for months leading up to them? Just wondering if it may be worth waiting to see what deals they may offer this summer..
  9. W

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro deals?

    Ready for an upgrade on my P20 Pro, now I know the P30 Pro sounds the obvious choice but I think i will appreciate the upgrade in screen on the Mate 20 Pro. A little extra zoom on the P30 Pro won't really benefit me that much. I was going to hang fire and see what the new Xperia has to offer...
  10. C

    LG OLED65B9PLA Bets current deals?

    I've decided on the B9 65" to go with my AV setup so just after best prices now. Anyone know of best current deals?
  11. D

    XBox Variants and Prices

    I am new to XBox one and a bit confused about the prices I see. I know the X is more powerful and expensive than the S. I almost got a digital only version not realizing it did not have the Blue ray player. Currys have various XBox one X bundles from £279 but also just the XBox one X without...
  12. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Black Friday Deals and Offers from Amazon

    Looking for a deal this Black Friday? Visit our online guide to a range of offers currently available - from Home AV to smartphones and cameras to kitchenware - so you don't miss out. Read the news.
  13. Calvados

    Question Philips 65PUS6504 or Samsung UE65RU7020? Good deals on both today...

    which would people recommend for general viewing? thanks
  14. KhalJimbo

    Are there any good Black Friday deals?

    Has anyone seen any good Black Friday deals for PC parts? I'm looking at upgrading and the only thing I can see that was a pretty good deal was some Corsair Vengence RGB Memory 2x8gb for £77 which I picked up. I'm after a Ryzen 5 3600 too but I just can't see any decent deals on anything so...
  15. techquest

    Question Sim Only Contract Deals

    Any views on who would be best service provider for Sim Only contract deals? Have been using Tesco for a while but looking to change.
  16. 5

    Current TV Deals

    Recently been asked by a family member to recommend a 55" set in the ~£700 price range. I havent been in the market for an LCD/LED TV for a while so thought I'd check the forum, but was surprised there was no deals thread akin to that on the OLED forum. So I thought i'd start one :)
  17. Flecky81

    Bargain Superfi deals didn’t they close? Well this shop is open!
  18. low-def.

    Question Black Friday 43” Deals

    Hi all, I’m after 2 43” sets in the Black Friday sales for my daughters rooms. Ideally only want to spend approx £400 on each set. So far I’ve noticed: Samsung RU7400 Samsung RU7470 LG UM7600 Philips PUS6754 Spec wise I think they are all the same or thereabouts. The 7470 seems to be a...
  19. ahmedanas

    recommendation: sub $150 True wireless earphones (call focused - black friday deals)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a recommendations on new wireless earphones. Hope you guys can help! Need: True wireless earphone Price Range: Sub $150 (on black friday) Requirement: Top requirement: Great call experience (highest priority) Secondary requirement: Good sound quality for movies...
  20. htliam

    Any Black Friday 7.2.4 Receiver Deals?

    I just saw Richer Sound Ireland said that their Black Friday pricing is now live as Curry's put out theirs early. I also noticed the Denon 4500 I'm after was €1130 a couple of weeks ago, then it went up to €1300 and now it's "€100 off" at €1200! :/ It's slightly cheaper in the UK - both Peter...
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