1. KEENEtechwares

    Bargain KEENE Black Friday Deals - Now Live!

    Black Friday Deals from! The online store designed for AV Forums Members..... CLICK HERE to Shop All Black Friday Deals Now
  2. DanH23

    Replacing VM Router - Black Friday Deals?

    Have decided to take advantage of Black Friday to try and fix the poor wifi issue most VM customers seem to experience by putting my VM hub into modem mode and purchasing a new router. Is there a particular router I should be looking for in terms of spec/features? Is anyone aware of any good...
  3. Humax Electronics

    Bargain Humax Direct - promos, discounts and deals

    Humax are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smart home solutions, digital TV set-top boxes, connected devices and network solutions. Our award winning UK range features Freeview and Freeview Play devices, as well as the first Freeview Play Recorder powered by Android TV. Our range...
  4. D

    Bargain Panasonic UB9000 4K flagship player deals
  5. Matt Wood

    Black Friday deals?

    Has anyone taken up the offers? I think it’s only for new customers because whenever I log in it disappear. Compare Broadband Packages November 2021 | Virgin Media
  6. V

    Simplisafe Black Friday Deals?

    Anyone know if simplisafe usually do black friday deals? i know in the US they have 50% off which is massive compared to prices here :( They currently have an offer on the uk site of £100 off plus free indoor camera (ends tonight). Not sure if to take this offer now or wait until black friday...
  7. Fade In

    Deals on C1/CX - how often do they come around?

    Looking to buy a new tv for a bedroom for the first time in years. Currently the 48" C1 or CX are top of my list but at the moment there don't seem to be any good deals. I know recently there were a couple of retailers selling the 48 and 55 C1s for £200-£300 off the list price. One was selling...
  8. Saldawop

    Sky mobile data deals

    Anybody on Sky Mobile contract know how often they do deals on data plans. My first month with them. On a 20gb tariff but struggling. Strange as when I was with 3 I checked my usage,and over the last 6 months my highest usage was 18.5gb. This month I have a couple of gb left, but have not used...
  9. brandy123

    Sport deals ?

    Hi guys I currently pay around £46 a month for sky tv but no sports sub, so my question is is their a good price going around to get all sky sports channels for a good price, I see it’s around £25 a month on their website but don’t really want to pay that much, I already have Bt sports app with...
  10. AmericanAudio

    Bargain American Audio Stock Deals.

    ALL SOLD - SEE THE END OF THE THREAD FOR REGULAR UPDATES AND DEALS Summer Clearance Stock Deals. SVS Prime Elevation -SAVE £68 - BUY NOW FOR £350.00 - SOLD Black Oak - Ex Demo - Complete and As-New, Checked by me. SVS SB2000 Pro - SAVE £100 - BUY NOW FOR £799.00 - SOLD Black Oak - Ex Demo -...
  11. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired Amazon Warehouse deals available until 22/06/21 Amazon warehouse is having deals up to 30% off for prime members until 22nd June 11:59pm. Discounts will be automatically deducted at checkout, but cannot be combined with other deals that may be on-going for the same product. Sign up for 30 days of...
  12. canada16uk

    Any deals for a 40-43" LED for under £400.00?

    My 40" K Series samsung has just packed up, probably doesnt help I vape and there was a sticky mess behind my TV. My screen has started to flicker on 1 side and I called john lewis and richer sounds and they have no record of me buying it, so I think I need to buy new. The TV is for my...
  13. U

    Package deals

    This could be in several places, but putting it here. Where do you guys get your package deals from? I will need amp, projector, speakers. I’ve got a list of what I want, are there any go to retailers who’ll offer a discount?
  14. C

    Bt sport deals

    Hi folks what's the best way to get a deal on BT Sport on sky Q box ? I phoned sky they said £25 a month & BT said £20 and i have BT broadband, I found this quite expensive? Any ways to get a deal? (dont really want to use just via the app,)
  15. adnydrum

    Sony refurbished deals

    Plenty of good offers on the official Sony website today; ( Sony Centre - Your Local Sony Shop ) I just ordered a KD55XH9505 for £749 :)
  16. MrMav11

    MS Office deals?

    Our MS office sub (was a 4 year one), has ran out. Tried MS online and just saying to purchase 365 family. Amazon UK have it cheaper than MS online, but again only for 1 year as the old Uni 4 year they don’t do now. However I’ve been on Groupon and online, there’s one called Downloadbuyer, and...
  17. Maxson

    £300 max Open back wired around the ears headphones - Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals?

    I'm looking to replace my AKG Y50s with something better. Any deals? I'm going to connect them wired to the front panel of my PC which apparently has a decent headphone amp built in and can work with 250ohm sets (Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO according to reddit) or possibly higher IDK. I don't like...
  18. F

    Black Friday Deals at Soundstripe - Highly recomended

    I just found this out today. Soundstripe are offering 40% off all their sunscriptions today for Black Friday! I use their music for my projects all the time and its one of the more reasonably priced music licensing sites 👍 No code required x The Best Royalty Free Music, SFX and Stock Video |...
  19. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Black Friday Deals: Amazon - Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Headphones - save £130 (37%)

    Bowers & Wilkins Headphones Save £130 (37%) on Bowers & Wilkins PX7 wireless over ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation featuring 43mm drivers, auto music stop when cup lifted or headphones removed, 30 hour battery life. Available in Space Grey or Silver - were £350, now £220.
  20. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Black Friday Lightning Deals: Amazon - Full HD Projectors

    Amazon Lightning Deals: Full HD Projectors 1/ VANKYO Performance V630 Native 1080P Full HD Projector: - Save £55.50 (28%) was £200 now £144.50 2/ WiMiUS K3 7200 Lumen Projector - Save £44 (20%) Was £220 now £176
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