1. A

    Best sim only deal for broadband backup

    Where I live i have rubbish phone reception (for EE) which means I rely on a signal booster via my WiFi. Therefore if I lose broadband I can't tether as a backup. My o2 reception is fine so I'd like to get a backup sim that I can use via a usb dongle (which hopefully will work in my Asus xt8)...
  2. 2012

    Should I take the fixed deal octopus offered ?

    I've been offered a fixed deal by octopus details below I don't know if its a good deal or not, could anyone advise if I should take it or stick with flex ⚡ Electricity Daily standing charge 26.82p /day Unit rate 35.14p /kWh Early exit fee £0 Gas Daily standing charge 26.10p /day Unit rate...
  3. C

    Whats your current deal? plus price increase hapening

    evening all, bit miffed with with virgin media now (and royal mail lol) Have the 50mb deal for £25.00 pm but 1 thing with virgin been so happy with the speeds and such so have never needed to leave So got the virgin price increse letter a few weeks ago (even though it is dated jan 22)...
  4. R

    Good deal?

    Hi, I am new here. I currently have a Denon x4200w receiver with Martin Logan ESLs. My neighbor is downsizing and selling his complete 20-year-old McIntosh setup and offered it to me. I've only had experience and drooled over McIntosh products at Bestbuy and I know they are high-end and sound...
  5. iqoniq

    Groundhog day - the government's new plan to deal with adult material online...

    Apparently the government are going to have another crack at tackling online porn (funny how they usually talk about this when they're in crisis). Now I freely applaud people trying to stop kids accessing porn, but the problem is when the plan has already been mooted and dropped. Their ground...
  6. Inked

    Current deal ending (up to 150Mb/s), mainly being offered slower speeds by other providers?!

    As title, current Sky broadband “up to 150” deal is ending and looking around, most fibre providers are mainly offering slower speeds. Is this just down to the amount of customers era they already have in the area? Was actually hoping to get faster speeds. Currently, the only providers offering...
  7. Nukleuz

    Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard

    Big news and not much change from $70 billion As many games as possible will come to Gamepass once deal is finalised - expected to be June...
  8. Dave M

    Best sim only deal?

    I am currently paying £34 a month to Vodafone for unlimited calls, texts and data, 5G included and also Spotify. Now, I don't need Spotify as have Apple One. Ideally I'm looking for a -£20 deal. Although I'm working from home now I'd still like to keep a good data allowance. Any advice re deals...
  9. R

    After a deal on LG 65” C1 or CX

    Hi all I’m looking for a good deal on any of the below LG 65c1 Lg 65cx Lg 65b1 Lg 65bx I’ve got a 55cx at the min and the picture is fantastic! Just want to jump to 65” I think if the price is right. Missed the Black Friday deals it seams but I didn’t know what I wanted then! Anyone had...
  10. Y

    Pre-Black Friday Deal on Samsung - take the plunge? Or wait on Sony...?

    Hi All, We plan to replace our old(ish) Sony 46-inch LCD with a wall-mounted 65-inch TV in our new place. We don't have a TV antenna or satellite dish and we don't game at all. The primary input source will be a Windows PC playing content off of our NAS or streaming on the PC from the usual...
  11. acgingersnaps

    Might be a good deal

    Apologies if I've missed something, but thos looks like a really good deal.
  12. R

    Advice on 65inch TV - Black Friday Deal

    Hi All, This is my first thread on this forum and I am hoping I will get some advice or recommendations. I am based in Ireland and looking to get a 65 inch TV, my budget is 1300-1400 EURO. I normally watch Netflix, Prime and rarely games. Main requirement is good picture quality and Tv should...
  13. 2

    Is the Q Acoustics 3000 5.1 package a good deal? Is this a good spend of £500? I’d prefer to buy new instead of second hand just for peace of mind. They will be paired with a Yamaha Rx V575
  14. M

    How do you deal with an online stalker?

    I know this is a tech site and not so much a legal advice forum, but I wondered if anybody had experienced anything quite like this... Basically, I've had this Australian idiot pestering me online non stop over the last 4 or so years. This ain't a guy I know in my personal life. I only know him...
  15. D

    Bargain New deal on Hisense 120L5F Laser TV + ALR Screen

    I just got one of these a few months ago, and this Slickdeals deal is less than I paid, and that was a great deal! This is an awesome TV and screen...
  16. I

    Ministers bow to pressure to drop key climate commitments for UK trade deal with Australia Well this is truly shocking if this alleged story turns out to be true.
  17. A

    Is this a good deal on a used Sony 760es?

    My friend has been offered a sony 760es laser projector for 5k, 1500 hrs and 3.5 years old so out of warranty. I've told him I wouldn't bother as it's a lot of money to drop on a projector without warranty. What do others think? Thanks in advance.
  18. D

    is this a good deal on a Damon 2700h

    👋, I’ve been wanting to update my amp for a few months but as I’m sure everyone is aware it seems a rubbish time to buy one finding one and prices when you do. I’ve come across a deal that I have until Tuesday to decide on which is basically an open boxed Denon 2700h for £575 instead of £675...
  19. Wilkesy

    looking for a budget gaming laptop ( RTX 3050 vs GTX 1660)

    Hello, I am looking for a gaming laptop. I saw a deal for the newer Dell G15 with the newer RTX 3050 if this is a good starter gaming laptop: G15 Gaming Laptop | Dell UK Others I have seen contain the GPU GTX 1660 if this is a better Graphics Card. Also just out of the box, I have seen this...
  20. C

    HZ980 65 for £1250.. good deal?

    Hey so I can get the Hz980 from John Lewis for 1250 due to a price match I spotted over the weekend. Do we think its a good idea at this price. Seems like a good tv apart from the possible judder issues. I tend to watch 4k movies and I am coming from Sony xf905. I thought the idea was to...
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