1. W

    Sharp 55" 4K UHD offer this week

    Do folk think this is worth a punt? Difficult to reliable reviews on the TV. I mostly stream Netflix and Amazon Prime via an Amazon 4K Stick. Any advice greatfully received. (Current TV is a Samsung 40" UE40EH5000) Sharp 55” 4K UHD Smart TV - at Lidl UK Regards Woody
  2. stanster59

    Panny 940b deal

    Thoughts on this please
  3. Pascalquale

    Question LG 55UM7400PLB for £395? or Hisense H55B7500 for £475 Good deal or wait?

    Hi, I am looking for a 4K television to use for gaming (ps4/ps5) and watching Netflix. I can wait a few more months, is it a good idea to wait until october/november? Or should I get one of this deals (LG 55UM7400PLB for £395? or Hisense H55B7500 for £475 )?
  4. S

    £200 to upgrade to a 2TB Q Box from a 1TB Q box, bad deal?

    Is this a standard charge and is there any variation over time like on Black Friday or New Year sales. I have just signed up to a new 18month contract but they wouldn’t budge on the price. I’m happy to wait for the best time.
  5. N

    Question Cable Clutter: What's the best way to deal with it?

    Like a lot of people my computer desk is a real mess and I want to tidy it up. Its a glass and metal desk so drilling is out of the question. My setup is as follows A 19 inch samsung monitor and a 2015 mac mini Its all plugged it to an Ikea Koppla 3 plug/2 USB powerstrip What I'm considering...
  6. reevesy

    need a new sim only deal

    hi all. i've previously had all my utilities incl phone/mobile with the utility i had all the services the discount made the mobile deal ok i'm just paying for the mobile service it's suddenly looking a bit £11 a month for unlimited calls n text's but only...
  7. 2012

    Question Suggestions on a sim only deal or phone contract

    Any Suggestions on deal ? I dont think mobile pans offer any value anymore so looking at a sim only deal im looking at o2 or Vodafone as they offer the best coverage EE and all sub providers offers poor coverage in my area
  8. F

    Do you think there will be a trade in deal ?

    I have a PS4 Pro and will keep it up until I get a PS5 so I can keep playing the games I have got and PSVR. But I was wondering if we think there will be any trade-in deals going to happe. I wasn't a launch purchaser so I cannot recall if this was a thing or not back then or if it was possible...
  9. N

    Question Samsung 75" q90r deal breaker?

    Hello All, After some advice please. After much deliberation & procrastination over many many months i had settled on purchasing the 75" Q902 or at least i thought I had. Like a rookie i over looked the lack of DV implementation by Samsung. I was not too bothered by it however, today i watched...
  10. Sasso Palmieri

    Question New laptop recommendation - reviews all indicate deal breaking flaws

    Ahoy-hoy, Am having trouble pinning down something that fills the spec below. Everything I shortlist (inc higher priced reductions) has deal breaking flaws, eg: display is poor/low contrast/low NITS, runs too hot, has unbearable fan noise, bottle-necked SSD, impossible to upgrade, etc. I get...
  11. eddie1lancs

    Question 65GZ950 - Best Deal

    After a lot of deliberating I’m ready to pull the trigger on one of these, I’m just looking for the best deal. At the moment Richer Sounds are £1699 (with a £100 off code) & they also offer 10 months 0%. Has anyone seen anything better than this out there recently?
  12. gil80

    How to deal with no support for DTS:X on a TV?

    The new LG CX has dropped support for DTS:X, but my soundbar supports DTS:X. If the TV doesn’t support DTS:X and the sound menu is set to passthrough, does that mean that the soundbar will be able to process DTS:X correctly?
  13. B

    Pana SC-HTB900 a deal at 199?

    Hi there So i bought a c9 and a q90 last week (living room and bedroom) Seen today RS have a deal on SC-HTB900 for 199 and have agreed to honour the price if buy now. Dont have a cinema room and at the same time dont want to spend 400/500 on a soundbar. For the price is this a bargain...
  14. J

    Good deal?

    Hi everyone! first time posting here. My mates offering me his old laptop Lenovo Y50 Lenovo Y50 15.6-Inch Full HD 1080p Notebook (Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, DVD-RW, WLAN, Bluetooth, Camera, Nvidia GTX 960M 2G, Windows 8.1) - Black: Computers & Accessories...
  15. B

    Bargain Expired Did I get a good deal? LG OLED77W8PLA

    Ignore the 55” in the Amazon title. A typo by the seller. It was (thankfully) the 77 inch 2018 Wallpaper TV from LG. 2 generations old now but hoping this was still good value. It came with a 5 year Domestic and General warranty. Absolutely in love with the TV itself.
  16. GreyMutton

    Bargain Expired Q85r deal

    Saw this on HUKD and thought it might be useful for folks currently on the lookout for a higher end LED-LCD set... Really good price. Samsung QE55Q85R (2019) QLED HDR 1500 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55" with TVPlus/Freesat HD & Free 5 Year Guarantee - £969 With Code @ Hughes - hotukdeals
  17. E

    Question Deal Dilemma - Sony 65" X950G for $1399 or 65" X950H for $1499

    Looking for some opinions/advice since there are not a lot of reviews on the X950H yet. After MUCH research I was about to pull the trigger on the 65" X950G from a local (very reputable dealer) for the current sale price of $1398. The TV was in my cart and when I went to check out, it was no...
  18. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: StarzPlay SVOD renews Warner Bros. deal

    Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD) service StarzPlay has announced a renewal of its agreement with Hollywood Studio Warner Bros. Read the news.
  19. J

    Arendal sub1. Good deal?

    I’ve seen a used but very good condition arendal sub1 for £515 in gloss white. Is this a good deal? Anything to look out for?
  20. N

    Good Deal / Price On Philips 50PUS7304/12 (Includes Free Philips Sound Bar)

    If anyone is looking to buy a 50 inch Philips TV Amazon have got a great deal on now which includes a free Philips 2.1 Sound Bar...
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