1. D

    QNAP TR-004 DAS RAID5 Nvidia Sheild Pro 2018 Plex bag of poop

    Hi people! I have the above set up. Before I ventured into the world of DAS, I had an external WD elements 2TB usb 3 HDD that used to work fine until I decided to upgrade to the above. The QNAP has a hardware raid controller so opted for the setup of RAID 5 which the Nvidia Sheild picks up no...
  2. mr gothic

    Answered Does The Egreat A5 Show All The Drives From Das Storage?

    im looking at getting the egreat a5,i have 2x4 bay icy box das unit with 8 drives populated with bluray rips,my questions is would the egreat show all 8 drives and index all films as though it was one drive or do i have to view one drive at a time? thank you for any help
  3. elsmandino

    Is it possible to build your own DAS (as opposed to a NAS)?

    This might be a bit of a "why bother?" question, but I thought I would just put it out there. There are quite a few multiple-drive DAS enclosures and I was just wondering whether you could build one yourself (for cheaper). Say, you have a server that contained 4 4TB hard drives and you wanted...
  4. Atmos

    Bargain Vive Black Friday deal Free DAS + FO4 + DoomVFR

    Vive has a Black Friday deal. Free Deluxe Audio Strap, Fallout 4 and DoomVFR. HTC Vive Headset + FREE Deluxe Audio Headstrap + Fallout 4 VF + DOOM VFR
  5. raigraphixs

    Das Boot (2019) Sky Atlantic February 6th

    Full cast for Das Boot ,an eight-part event series, a Bavaria Fernseh produktion, Sky Deutschland and Sonar Entertainment co-production. Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones), Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men), James D’Arcy (Marvel’s Agent Carter) and Thierry Frémont (Juste un regard). The four join...
  6. mr gothic

    Question Advice On Reliable DAS Enclosures

    Hi im after a bit of advice regarding buy a 4/5 bay das enclosure to store my music files which will be conected to my server pc by usb 3,the das just needs to be jbod not interested in raid features as i have harddrive backups offsite,my budget is £200,i have looked at icy dock enclosures...
  7. RedDevil85

    Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Amazon.co.uk - Eureka Video - HMV UK - Zavvi Release date: 16/01/2017 Status: In Stock
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