1. MaryWhitehouse

    Turbo charging mobile audio

    Afternoon all, not been here for a while so hello again. This time my thoughts turn, mainly, to mobile audio. I find myself with more time sat waiting for the other half to return from one thing or another and frankly the car stereo is awful. I’d like to give this listening time a huge kick and...
  2. M

    Bluetooth and DAP sound adjustment

    Hi I am thinking of upgrading my Sony NW-A45. I have Sony XM4 wireless buds, which are my first wireless earbuds. I've noticed that changing any of the sound settings only works on wired headphones and not over Bluetooth. Fair enough, this is clearly stated in the manual when I re-read it...
  3. R


    Help This started out by my desire to rip all 1000 of my CDs(FLAC) to a decent DAP for use in the car/out walking. I have no cd tray on my PC and I am by no means technically proficient - the plethora of technical info that surrounds product advertising may as well be in chinese. Was all set to...
  4. S

    I need some advice doing my first purchase ever audio related

    Hi all! This post has been on a few forums already and it was always stated that my questions where off-topic. I hope this is (finally) the right place for my questions. This christmas I ordered myself a Fiio m6 DAP. I'm completely now to "Better than smartphone audio" things, and I'm looking...
  5. killie77

    Question DAP with USB C to outboard Dac

    Hi I’m looking for DAP which has usb c out to something like a Cyrus portable Dac. Was looking at a Sony Walkman but not sure which model has this. Thanks Ian
  6. R

    Question Connecting a DAP to 2.1 speakers

    Hello all :) I store my music on an Astell & Kern AK Jr DAP which has a USB port and a headphone out. It can act as a USB DAC or just as storage media (edit: it also has a line out function). I normally listen directly through B&W P7 headphones or plug into a Denon avr x2300w via USB to listen...
  7. D

    Help recommend a DAP please

    As the title says, I'm after a DAP mainly for whilst out walking / hiking. prefer bluetooth for use with a pair of Melomania's I already have and most likely future headsets will be bluetooth as I much like not having a cable dangling around. There's so much choice in the budget to mid range...
  8. georgetsang

    Question Android based DAP with optical out - Do they exist?

    Hi there delving into Hi-res DAP for the first time since owning an iPod. Wondering whether there is an android based player that has optical out? android based so that it is capable of using Tidal and other streaming services and an optical out for pure digital output for recording. If that...
  9. X

    Question Best Player – Best Cans (both budget)

    Hello, some forum doesn´t unlock me, to be able to post. So i hope it´s o.k. to post this here. Because of this https://www.superbes...o-output.4315/page-3 thread i decided to buy the Sony Xperia X Compact (~60€) earlier this year. The sound out of it was quite good, warm, musical, but somehow...
  10. Garioch

    Shanling announces M6 - first Android Player

    Introducing Shanling M6, our first Android based player. Key specification: - Full open Android OS, allowing installation of any third party app - Customized Android, avoiding any problems and sound degradation caused by Android's SRC - Newly developed Shanling Music app as stock music player...
  11. FloydianChemist

    Best Digital Audio Source for a Home Hi-Fi System?

    Hi there, I have a hi-fi seperates system in my home - A CD player and a turntable, both of which go into an amplifier, which then powers a pair of passive Mission speakers. However, I would eventually like to have all of my music stored digitally, but I still want to be able to play it out of...
  12. L

    Digital Audio Player for car

    Can anyone help me? I would like to replace my old iPod in my car, because I want to listen to hi-res music. Could anybody suggest to me a Digital Audio Player that meets the following: - Max Sampling Rate: 32-bit / 384kHz - File Types: DSD, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, DSF - Handle external HDD to 2 TB -...
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