1. S

    Wanted Dali Epicon/Rubicon speakers

    As per the title I'm looking for speakers for my current set up and I'm in a market for Dali Epicon speakers, either 2 or 6 will consider 8 if the price is right. Further, if no Epicon speakers are for sale will consider Rubicon series floor standing speakers. Thanks in advance and stay safe guys!
  2. Topmetom 2

    Wanted Dali VOkal- opticon and above

    Got fed up with waiting lets see if i can expand on what i have? Opticon, Rubicon- Epicon etc....cash waiting
  3. T

    Wanted Q Acoustics/Dali Zensor 5.0

    Hi, I am looking for a set up for a new house purchase. I currently have a Mission M cube set up which I have been happy with. After endless reviews and searches I have decided on either the Q Acoustics 3050i 5.0 or the Dali Zensor 5 5.0 set up. These would have to be in a white finish. I will...
  4. C

    Dali Katch stereo pairing

    Having been a very satisfied owner of a Dali Katch bluetooth speaker for the last 2 years, I have invested in a second speaker, thinking it would be nice to have stereo sound in my kitchen (or wherever!). The new speaker has arrived, but I have struggled with pairing the 2 units, and wondered if...
  5. D

    Wanted Amplifier for Dali Spektor 2

    I'm looking for an amplifier to drive my Dali Spektor 2 speakers. I don't need bluetooth or a receiver, just a decent amp. Any offers? Thanks
  6. amita

    Question Dali Alteco C-1 Placement in 5.1.2 setup

    Any advice gratefully received... I've just purchased some Dali Alteco C-1 soeakers to use in a 5.1.2 setup, strictly for Atmos purposes. They are complimenting KEF KHT-3005SE 5.1 speakers and a Denon AVR X2500H amp. Question is, where to place the Dali Altecos? Dali's website suggests placing...
  7. D

    Dali Zenzor 3 problem

    Hi, everyone! New guy here. I hope I created the new topic on its specific area, if not, I apologize! For more than 4 years, I have been listen to music mostly with the Dali Zensor 3 speakers. I must have forced them or, I can't tell what happened, but one of the low frequency speakers claps (if...
  8. YYDeckard

    RXV673 + Dali Zensor 5.1 System query - Sell separately or as a whole ?

    Just asking really whether I should sell my system as a whole or split it all down and sell it all separately - Any thoughts ?
  9. kevin1811

    Second hand options vs Dali Spektor 2 & Q Acoustics 3020i

    I'm currently making my mind up between the Dali's and the Q Acoustics. I'm also not against looking into second hand that might ultimately get me something slightly better. Budget is around £200, any recommendations of what to keep my eye out for on the used market? Kevin
  10. S

    Wanted Quad S1 Or Kef R100 Or Dali opticon1- For my Pioneer SCLX-87

    Hello Guys, Looking any of the above speakers . Thank you.
  11. Vaag

    Dali Mentor Upgrade

    Hello! I have a surround-setup consisting of: Dali Mentor Vokal center Dali Mentor 6 fronts Dali Mentor LCR rears I've been enjoying that for a few years now, but I've begun to look around for an upgrade or simply something new and different. I think the Mentors need a little more room to...
  12. P

    Dali Rubicon 5

    Hi ( sorry for my english) I am writing to you from Italy because unfortunately the Dali are not widespread so I can't get many opinions. Almost 3 years ago I purchased Dali Rubicon 5 ( very nice for me) and an Italian artisan amplifier Lector Zax70 (70 + 70w 8ohm or 130 + 130 4 ohm) I heard...
  13. G

    Dynaudio or Dali with Rega Brio??

    morning all Currently running with a pair of Audioengine A5 powered speakers and have been wanting to upgrade for quite some time. Have (just about) decided on a Rega Brio amp but given current health situation, impossible to know when anyone will be able to audition speakers, etc. sensible...
  14. John2080

    RCD-N10 and Dali Oberon 5

    Hello, I'm lucky owner of Dali Oberon 5 and looking for some amplifier for it. I very like the functionalities, design and size of RCD-N10 but don't know if it will be able to handle Dali properly? Dalis are 6 Ω/ohms and the RCD-N10 only says "Rated output: 65 W + 65 W (4 Ω/ohms, 1 kHz, THD + N...
  15. fozziebear39

    Wanted Dali Zensor Pico White (Pair)

    Hi, Anyone got a pair of these to sell please? Looking to add to make a 5.1 so all matching, OCD :D must be like new if possible. Cheers.
  16. M

    Dali phantom s install 5:1:4 with JL subwoofer

    First of all I want to say thanks to Allan from ideal AV and Paul for the demo he gave me!! I'm finally getting around to fitting out my new living room/home theater so what's going into it initially Denon AVR - X4200w Dali s280 L&R Dali s180 Center Dali zensor vokal as rears (to be upgraded...
  17. franka

    Question Amplifier for Dali Menuet?

    Good morning, my name is Fran and I am from the north of Spain. I have some Dali menuet boxes, with a jvc a10x amplifier and an ifizen dac dac. Right now I am testing a cambridge audio cxa61 and I will tell you about the experience Dali Menuet boxes Dac, ifi zen dac ampli jvc a10x (from year...
  18. J

    Dali Zensor 3 Upgrade Advice

    Hi there, Brand new to the forums and after a bit of advice from more knowledgeable folk, please! I currently have a set of Dali Zensor 3's powered by a mini system (Denon Dm42 DAB) at 30 watts per channel (6 ohm). Whilst I have been fairly impressed with this little system and the quality...
  19. garrincha

    just upgraded speakers to Dali Oberon 5's - considering amp upgrade

    Hi guys - long time lurker, first time poster here my current set up is - Marantz PM6006UK Marantz SA8005 Nakamichi LX-5 Dali Oberon 5's so, as per the title, I am considering upgrading the amp, which will hopefully pair with the speaker upgrade nicely I've had lot's of Cambridge Audio gear...
  20. M

    Question First time buyer (XTZ/Dali/MA etc)

    Hi all, As the title suggests, I'm looking at buying my first 5.1 set up. I would like to keep the budget within £2000 and my initial options were: Denon AVR-X3600H with Dali Oberon 5 AV Speaker System for just under £1800 Denon AVR-X3600H with Monitor Audio Bronze 6 AV for just under £1500...
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