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  1. Bolosun

    For Sale Dali Alteco - C1 Dolby Atmos/Height Speakers

    A pair of Dali Alteco-C1 speakers that I have had for a couple of years, but are now no longer required. They are in very good condition with no dents, scratches or other marks I can see. Would prefer local pickup so I can demonstrate them. Happy to post at buyers expense/risk. Any questions...
  2. M

    Double up on Speakers

    Anyone able to answer or advise the following appreciated I have Denon DM 41 with Dali Spektor 2 speakers ,can I connect another devise(Denon AVR S660H) to these speakers using additional cables. looking to keep the dm41 features (DAB RADIO, CD) But able to use additional speakers to the AVR...
  3. Swainy

    For Sale Dali Zensor 5.1 in Walnut - 2no. Zensor 7 - 2no. Zensor 1 - Zensor Vokal - Dali E12F Sub

    Dali Zensor 5.1 speakers and sub…. In Walnut / Piano Black. Dali Zensor 7 pair Dali Zensor 1 pair Dali Zensor Vokal Dali E12F sub Have served me very well, only selling due to house refurb and new colour scheme (under orders 🙄) In excellent condition and working perfectly, I have all original...
  4. S

    Dali Oberon On-Walls (Passive) First Impressions

    I purchased a set of Dali Oberon on-wall speakers (passive) as a secondary system and am providing some feedback, as I have found little written about them. The Oberon on-wall uses a 29 mm soft dome tweeter and an ad 5-1/4" woofer made with the proprietary mix of paper and wood fibres. While...
  5. kutsanagi

    Deal Agreed Dali Opticon MK2 5.0 Package 6, Vokal, LCR

    Complete Dali Opticon MK2 5.0 speaker package consists of: 6, Vokal and 2 LCR (surrounds duties). All boxed in great condition, one of the LCRs has been replaced due to a failed crossover unit (completely new and sealed). Postage if required is £100 there are 5 individual boxes!! Individual...
  6. G

    For Sale Dali Oberon On-Wall C wireless active speakers + soundhub compact

    Hi all Selling these as they’re a bit too big for the small room I need them for. An absolutely superb pair of active speakers that come with the excellent sound hub compact, that has HDMI arc, digital/analogue inputs etc. Also comes with packaging, grilles, manuals, power leads etc. The...
  7. J

    No power on Dali E-9 F

    Hi. I have a Dali E-9 F that I bought almost 10 years ago now. I recently moved to my new house almost a year ago but during the the moving process I had hired a storage unit to store some of my stuff temporarily as I was renmovating my house over the last 10 months or so. I had stored my...
  8. sjackson

    Stick or twist 5.1.. Sell the Arendals or keep them

    Current setup: AVR: Denon x8500ha Room size: 9x12ft (it's small) Speakers: Arendal 1723 Monitors (stereo pair) Sub: Arendal Sub2 (1723) Usage: 50/50 movies/music Room treatment: 5 panels and more coming Sources: AppleTV, Zidoo Z9x Pro, WiiM Pro, Turntable Budget: £1500 - £2500 So that's my...
  9. J

    For Sale Dali Ikon 6 MK2 Floorstand Speakers

    For Sale Pair of Dali Ikon 6 MK2. Great condition. No issues, marks etc. Happy to test upon collection.
  10. Vishing

    PMC Twenty5 23i vs Dali Rubicon 6 vs B&W 703 S3 ?

    Hi , am in the process of upgrading my speakers and am torn between the above 3 . My system will be used as a 5.1 surround sound system . My amplifier is the Arcam AVR 20 and the subwoofer is the REL S812 . My listening mainly comprises of 60% Movies and 40% music . So has anyone auditioned the...
  11. H

    Question Dali Spektor 2 upgrade for Jamo E660?

    Trying to find budget replacement for my 15 years old Jamo E660. Would Dali Spektor 2 for 300€/pair be significant upgrade or I should better stick with my old Jamos in this price range? The room is small, about 15 m2. Amplifier is Yamaha RX-V459.
  12. A

    Dali Rubicon LCR mixing with other Dalis

    Good morning everyone .Can someone please advice me on speaker placement for home theatre . I got Dali Rubicons LCR as my main speakers at the front .The question I have what back surround speakers should I get as I have a limited space from the back of the wall to listening position around...
  13. pesech

    Dali Zensor 5 troubleshooting

    Hey you all, I have two old but good set of Dali Zensor 5. I have just moved and been setting up my stereo. Sadly something have happened to one of the speakers- the middle speaker is not playing any more, the 2 other does. I have tried different cables and ports in my receiver and also gently...
  14. fusionhost

    Question KEF 2005.3 5.3 Replacements?

    Hi everyone I have a Denon x3800h that is currently using: KEF 2005.3 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers, with a KEF Kube 2 sub 2x Front DALI Alteco C1 Speakers I'm currently remodelling my lounge and I'm wondering if I should upgrade the rest of my surround sound system. What speakers/speaker...
  15. B

    Monitor Audio Bronze 200 or Dali Oberon 5's

    Hi I currently have the following setup... Fronts - Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 Centre - Monitor Audio Bronze C150 Rears - Monitor Audio Bronze 1 Subwoofer - REL HT1003 Amplifier - Denon X1700H It sounds pretty good but while upgrading the power cable for the amplifier and better speaker cables...
  16. d4vidoff

    Integrated amplifier advice - Dali speakers

    Hello everyone, I need some help from you choosing a good Stereo Integrated Amplifier to match my current speakers and also a future upgrade of them. So, my room it's a 4×5 m and i have a pair of Dali Zensor 3. Since i'm already sold to Dali sound, next upgrade will be Opticon 2 mkII or Rubicon...
  17. Psymon69

    Question Dali Opticon 2 MK2 upgrade ?

    Hiya.. I am streaming on Cambridge Audio EVO150 with Qobuz into my Dali Opticon 2 Mk2’s…..Mounted on M601 Dali stands…. I am considering a speaker upgrade, although very satisfied with the Opticon 2’s, I suspect there’s improvement available around the £2000-£2500 bracket…. My room is a small...
  18. Alter3go

    Anyone have any experience with the JBL Authentics 300?

    I recently got a Dali Katch G2, and it sounds great. But I am disappointed in the lack of USB charging and any sort of waterproofing. Plus, something significantly bigger in size like this will have more potential to produce a better sound. So I am thinking of exchanging it. Anyone have any...
  19. BigStevieTt

    Dali Oberon on-wall for surround L-R?

    I've searched for an answer, but not found one - apologies if I missed it. I'm considering upgrading from Q Acoustic surround speakers (3020 fronts, 3090 centre, 3010 rears) to Dali Oberon 5 and Vokal across the front. Has anybody used the Oberon on-wall options for the back channels? It's not...
  20. N

    Used MA Bronze 2's V Dali Spektor 2's

    I've got a fairly old 5.1 Mordaunt Short Alumni setup, with an equally old Yamaha RX-V765 receiver. I'm still pretty happy with the overall sound in my small front room. But I'm wanting more from listening to music, in either a 2.0 or 2.1 setup. All I'm after doing is upgrading the front 2...
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