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  1. M

    Wanted Dali Oberon 5

    I am after a pair of Oberon 5s. I used to have a pair and liked them so much i decided to upgrade to the Opticon 6 mk2. While the Opticons are a really good speaker, really good something is missing that i remember from the Oberons and as i never got chance to side by side them, id line too...
  2. darrenhaken

    Speaker upgrade advice - from Tannoy Mercury

    I have finally added a subwoofer to my system by purchasing a BK and I'm seriously impressed with the difference it's made to my system: Tannoy Mercury v4 5.0 Sony STR-DN1080 LG C7 BK P12-300SB-PR Room size is 21m2 It's made me start thinking about upgrades for my Tannoy speakers, starting...
  3. Budgie007

    Another really basic question :)

    Hi all, So I'll start by detailing my current setup: Dali Oberon 1 <- Arcam A29 <- Arcam irDAC2 <- Laptop (via USB) playing from Amazon Music HD. The issue I have, is that I have to get up (first world problems) from my listening position every time I want to change tracks as my laptop is...
  4. Arnaud

    Svs prime pinnacle VS Oberon 9

    Hi everyone, I m hesitating between the new Oberon 9 and the svs prime pinnacle. I found one article comparing the svs prime tower along Oberon 5, and the reviewer said the Oberon sounded better and clearer in the mids, and generally were more engaging. However the bass and sound stage were...
  5. R

    DALI Oberon decision

    Having a hard time deciding between a pair of Oberon 5, and a pair of Oberon 3 with a E-9F sub. What do you think?
  6. MrRoarke

    Speaker suggestions for Marantz PM6007

    Looking for some speaker suggestions for my Marantz PM6007. My purpose is only for 2 channel, or 2.1 stereo music listening, depending on whether or not I'm getting enough bass from the speakers. Budget maximum is roughly $1500 for the pair. I was looking into the Polk S60's, and S55's as...
  7. elessar

    Old or new? MA Gold Reference LCR or Dali Oberon Vokal

    I am looking for a center, already have the Dali Oberon 5s. The MonitorAudio is offered for nearly the same price as a new Dali center. This guy is also selling two MonitorAudio silver 4i for ca 320$, are those worth it and a good choice to complete the system? I am also eyeballing a Infinity...
  8. S

    Question Dali Oberon 5 advice

    My room is 3.6m x 5.5 m and I would be sat 3.5m away on the narrow measurement, I have no speakers at the moment as the CD player is connected to the sound bar by optical cable Would the room accommodate floor standers ? In particular these Dali Oberon 5 as they can come as a bundle with the...
  9. U

    Question Dali oberon (5)7 for gaming + amp choice

    Hello, i am new to the home theater systems and am looking for some help with 5.1 setup. It seems that Dali Oberon speakers are pretty good based on what i have read and right now i am able to get pretty good deal on both Dali Oberon 5 and 7. From what i have read they are optimised for music...
  10. H

    Amp for Dali Oberon 1

    Hi all, Following some advice I got here earlier, I bought a pair of Oberon 1 on sale as my first speakers. I'm now looking for an amp to go with them. This will be for desk use, and I'm based in Belgium but can of course buy from neighbouring countries. I initially thought of getting a Yamaha...
  11. the groundsman

    Question Dali Oberon 1

    Hi. I have a smallish study where I do most of my listening ( 4x5m) with a Marantz PM6006 amp and a pair of Dali Oberon 1s. Mainly I am streaming Spotify via a Chromecast Audio via optical into the Marantz. All is fine most of the time for Classical music ( Chamber and vocal) and for most other...
  12. the groundsman

    small speakers for a corner

    I've been thinking about this for months. Main listening takes place in a different room but I have a Pioneer mini system in the living room for occasional music and TV (not really a Movie buff just regular TV). I tried my best speakers with it and it was clear that I would benefit a lot by...
  13. Stumpy72

    Question Dali Oberon on wall or M&K M70 on wall

    Hi I'm looking for some speaker advice while I plan my home cinema upgrade for my living room. I'm currently running with Ruark speakers, Prologues (L&R) Dialogue (C) and Epilogue's as Rears and REL Stadium 3 sub. The rears have been mounted very high a few cms from the ceiling (2.4m) right at...
  14. mrgreggles

    Purchase new Denon avr-x3600h or keep Sony str dn1080 to pair with Dali Oberon 7's

    Hi, I'm a bit of a novice with AV and after some more detailed advice if anyone can help? ;0) To start off I'll list my current set up so its easier to understand where I'm coming from........ Sony STR -DN1080 with Dali Zensor 5's - Front Dali Zensor 1's - Rear Dali Zensor Vokal - Center...
  15. vampire_43

    Dali Oberon 5 Review

    Will keep this brief.... Just unboxed & connected. Listening to CD's Metallica "Hardwired to Self Destruct. Renaissance"Progression Vol1" Bach "Preludes & Fugues Vol1" Hoping to get round to movies but may take a while as my music has never sounded so good. Awseome speakers!!!!
  16. R

    Amp for DALI Oberon 5

    Hello everyone! Im looking to create my first stereo setup and i have come to choose those dalis as my speakers. Originally my intentions were to buy some small bookshelfs but i was advised to get something bigger for my space. Plus i can buy those atm for 550€ which looks like a bargain to me...
  17. D

    Bargain Dali Oberon 5 & Zensor 5

    https://exceptional-av.co.uk/dali-oberon-5-floorstanding-speakers-black-ash-open.html?utm_source=whf&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=whathifi https://exceptional-av.co.uk/dali-zensor-5-4658.html
  18. Real Ramona

    Speaker downsizing advice needed - goodbye to big Tannoys?

    I have owned for many years a pair of Tannoy Mayfair T225. These are late 70's units, floorstanding each with a single 10" dual concentric speaker with a passive radiator below. Big warm sound, great with jazz and classical, which I like - not a lot of cop on rock music, which I also like but...
  19. A

    Question Marantz NR1609 or Sony DN1080 receiver?

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum (av novice) and planning a home cinema / music upgrade featuring Dali Oberon 5 speakers (5.1 initially), Sky-Q and Sony UBPX700 4K Blu-Ray. My question that I’d really appreciate advice is whether to pair the the Dali speakers with Marantz NR1609(50W) or Sony...
  20. AndydavidYeates

    Question Opinion on DALI's Oberon 5

    I'm looking to change my floorstanding speakers, I currently have a set of XTZ 95.44 which were great in my last place but just don't work in the very small room in which they now occupy. My needs have changed somewhat since I bought those speakers and I'm now after something much smaller and...
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