1. P

    Preamp for DAC

    Hello. I just purchased a Music Fidelity V90 DAC. This DAC does not have a volume control and when connected to my MacBook Pro (Catalina OS) all volume controls are disabled. Now I am seeking an appropriately priced, decent quality, preamp to solve the problem (if indeed this is the best...
  2. G

    Tube choice for Jolida Glass FX III DAC

    I was fortunate enough to pick up the Jolida Glass FX DAC at a reasonable second hand price which came moded(caps and silver wire) and included a matched pair of Raytheon 5755's. I listen to a vast range of music from punk to ska to Pink Floyd and was wondering if anybody has also tried a...
  3. G

    Raspberry Pi 4 with Allo Boss v1.2 DAC Hat

    have previously asked a couple of questions about Pi as a steamer and had some excellent & helpful replies. The one question I have been unable to answer is whether the Allo Boss v1.2 Master DAC runs/works on a pi 4. I have checked the usual sources but no joy. The product features listed on the...
  4. T

    Dac Volume

    Can anyone tell me Does Lowering dac volume. Lower xlr output voltage?
  5. O

    Pre-Amp / DAC - Opinions needed please...

    Really in need of some alternative views if possible please guys.. System: Vandersteen Model 2 speakers MF Studio T power amp - upgraded a few years ago. MDAC+ Tidal over USB, and a CD player over digi coax feed this. I'm generally pleased with the way this sounds - if anything it's lacking a...
  6. T1berious

    DAC newbie question

    Hi there, I've been given the green light by SWMBO to get a DAC, my system currently is this: Audiolab 8300A Bluesound Node 2i Arcam CD73 B&W 603's There's also a HTPC in this mix and blu ray player. So a variety of sources but music is the priority. My budget is pretty rigid <£800. Apart...
  7. A

    Budget amp suggestions with DAC or no DAC

    Hi, I've recently received a couple of Dali Evidence 470 SE speakers. I'm quite new when it comes to hifi and figured I'd ask around here for suggestions for a suitable amplifier for the speakers. After some research, it seems that due to the fact that the speakers have en impedance of 4 ohm, I...
  8. Zigourney

    Question Short SFP+ DAC cables

    Anyone know where I can buy short sfp+ dac cables from? looking for Something around 20-30cm long max. I’ve got a couple of ubiquity and 10gtek dacs in the drawer at 1m lengths but still too long to cable tidy through brush plates without having to worry about bend radius.
  9. acgingersnaps

    DAC Suggestions

    Hello All. Some more of your assistance required. I should be picking up a Rega Elex R on Wednesday and I need a DAC to connect it to my PC by USB. I currently use a Chord Mojo, but it isn't designed for this so a) is noisy when plugged in and fully charged b) needs to be manually turned on and...
  10. TheCrazy

    Can you recommend me a preamp DAC for ELAC NAVIS ARB-51

    Ordered the Navis! Looking for a DAC that has volume control in the region of 500 - 300 bob. Any suggestions what DAC would pair well with the Navis? Thanks!
  11. M

    Having hard time to decide which dac or streamer to pick?

    Lately I was researching DACs and streamers, and now I'm confused on what would be a better option to improve sound quality of my set up (Yamaha A-S3000, Dali Rubicon 8). My first thought would be to get matching CD-S3000 but it costs £2400 (manufacturer refurbished or £3699 new), then I though...
  12. scartlead

    Dac advice

    Another typical what should i buy post...sorry! Looking for a dac, well a duel use one, so to be used as a pre amp plus an onboard dac. I've a couple of tag 60p stereo power amps, so dont need balanced outputs. Speakers are dynaudio audience 42's. main source is a sonos connect with local...
  13. D

    Question Decent S/PDIF DAC with remote control

    I want to connect my active speaker to my LG OLED TV. This TV only has S/PDIF and mini jack headphone outputs. My sources are external via HDMI as well as internal like AirPlay. I don't want a big receiver with all the bells and whistles and this usually giant footprint. All I need is a decent...
  14. JRyder

    Question Philips Fidelio X2HR with FiiO D03K DAC (TV use)

    Hi all, I'm about to buy the Fidelio X2HR headphones, primarily for watching films on my Panasonic GZ950 TV. My intention is to plug them straight into the headphone output of the TV. I'm not very clued up on audio, but would the sound quality be improved if I added a DAC to the equation? I was...
  15. J

    Best HIFI DAC for around £200 for a second system?

    I am probably having to move into a new flat soon we carry work on the house in order to sell it. I will still have access to my main system and records in the house but won't take them with me. In the new flat I am just bringing my PC and headphones. I might bring some speakers depending on the...
  16. B

    Question Can video component cable be used as RCA from DAC to integrated amp?

    This may be a rookie question I have a component video cable knocking around, can i use the red and blue as an RCA interconnect between a DAC and integrated amplifier? Nothing crazy, was going to add a Schiit Modo 3 between my computer out using USB and Qobuz to my Arcam AVR via RCA Thanks
  17. S

    Cambridge CXN or Bluetooth Arcam DAC

    HI All Just purchased a second hand Cambridge CXA and hooked it up to some RevelM16 on official stands. Initially i was playing my Spotify collection via lightening cable to USB hooked up to a DragonFly DAC. Sound wise it was good but a but inconvenient as the phone has to remain plugged in...
  18. S

    CXA60 - Should I go Cambridge Streamer or bluetooth vs iPhone

    HI All Just purchased a second hand Cambridge CXA and hooked it up to some RevelM16 on official stands. Initially i was playing my Spotify collection via lightening to USB hooked up to a DragonFly DAC. Sound wise it was good but a but inconvenient as the phone has to remain plugged in. I've...
  19. N

    Denon AVR X3200 -- should I use it with my Arcam AirDAC or is the built-in DAC good enough?

    Hello. I have just inherited a Denon AVR x3200 amplifier. It seems great. For now, I will use it solely for stereo audio playback, with a pair of B&W CM9s. My question is: when I play from my iPhone or MacBook using the amp's built-in AirPlay, is the audio benefitting from a good, built-in...
  20. J

    Best DAC Amp for around £50-100?

    I've recently bought a pair of Phillips Fidelio X2HRs for use with my computer. They're pretty easy to drive already (30 ohms) but I'd like to get a bit more out of them, and the built-in sound card in my motherboard (ASRock B450 Pro) isn't doing them justice - even with everything at full...
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