1. I

    Please help what dac do I need ?

    Looking at buying my first hifi setup I want the q acoustics 3020 and was going to pair them with the Marantz PM6006 as it has the digital inputs. Now I’m thinking get the onkyo a9010 or Marantz pm5005 instead and just buy a external dac as it’s cheaper. My question is ... if the amp doesn’t...
  2. Ersan

    Question Klipsch R-15PM with external DAC help?

    Hi there, i am planning on selling my current Wharfedale Diamond 10.7 5.1 system and just going for a bookshelf 2.1 system to make some space in my room! I am highly considering getting the Klipsch R-15PM powered speakers, but im also wanting to get the Oppo Sonica DAC. but im having quite a...
  3. K

    Cyrus 8 dac and cdi

    anybody using the above if so what speakers are you using with them and what sort of sound are you getting
  4. Spartacus92

    Answered KEF LS50 wireless question

    Hello guys I am a total noobie I apologize beforehand if I sound like a dumb-ass. Okay so I wanted to get a great pair of speakers that I can use for years and years without having to get a pre amp, receiver, etc. so I looked into the ls50w and picked up one. They are great I am using the usb...
  5. al2813

    Question Amp with DAC recommendation

    I am currently running an Arcam A28 with a Bluesound Node 2 and Focal Chorus 836V speakers. My sources so far where Tidal HIFI (Node2 with impressive results especially with MQA!) and occasional Vinyls. I alm very pleased from this setup and the sound quality. The issue I have now is that I am...
  6. Madmaccc

    Question Modding DAC to 96k

    Hi guys, Not sure if someone can help me here, but because there is a lot of people with knowledge I thought it's worth trying my luck... I use an M-Dac as my main D/A but I also have an old multibit Audio Alchemy Dac In the Box which I don't dislike. The only problem I have with it is the...
  7. ellis23

    Question External DAC integration

    Hi all. I have a question for audio gurus :) I would like to improve sound quality of my system by using external DAC . At the moment im using Marantz NR1504 receiver and Sony ubp-x800 4k Blueray player as source . My speakers are Dali zensor 3 fronts , dali zenor 1 surrounds, dali vokal...
  8. cwog

    Headphone socket or OPtical via DAC to HiFI systsem

    Currently running the sound from phono sockets on the TV to an auxliary input on the Pre Amp - works fine. Now upgrading the TV, (bigger, better etc) but it does not have phono output for sound, only the 3mm headphone sockets or the optical sound output socket. The question - is the sound...
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