1. Countryman1972

    For Sale Rega DAC

    Rega DAC (non R version) in excellent condition in original box and packaging with power lead. Collection from near Bury St Edmunds or happy to arrange delivery. Photos very soon, or by pm. £230.
  2. martinhenry

    Wanted Rega Dac

    ....either original or R version . Anyone would like to sell one, please ?
  3. camelot1971

    For Sale HIDIZS S9 PRO Balanced & Single-Ended Mini HiFi DAC & AMP

    Purchased in March 2021, full working order and excellent condition. Boxed with all accessories. I used this to drive some Sennheiser 800 S headphones and it worked really well. Comes with a USB C to USB C adapter and a 2.5mm male to 4.4mm female balanced connector (£22 on Amazon) £75 delivered...
  4. russraff

    Why I chose my headphones: Elegia, Clear MG, LCD-X and Aeon Noire.

    I've broken down my journey into bite sized bits. If anyone wants more clarity, I'll be more than happy to expand: Decision made: I've had so many speakers that haven't done the trick - KEF Wireless 2's Monitor Audio Platinum and loads more. I guess over COVID I thought: maybe this is all...
  5. K

    For Sale Schiit Magni 3 + and Modi 3 DAC and AMP

    Schiit stuff for sale Brand new Magni 3 Plus - Head Amp - With UK Power Adaptor Brand new Modi 3 with USB Plug and cable Intropose Connector As pictures - Had this since 1st December 2020 - unboxed tried, tested and now boxed back up in original packaging. These have been in their boxes ever...
  6. I

    For Sale Lehmann audio linear D headphone amp / dac / pre

    For sale my Lehmann linear D amp / dac Unit is in very good condition complete with original packing , mains cable and instruction manual. outer paper sleeve wrap is a little tatty Please note this is the D version of the linear with ESS / DAC section . Stunning sounding unit completely...
  7. Spen69

    For Sale Black Tag McLaren AV32R processor with PL11 and 192khz DAC upgrade

    For sale is my AV32R in black. This unit has been on very light duties on my second system for a while now, it sounds fantastic and works perfectly. It was serviced a few years ago by Kevin Green and is a fairly basic model, but it does have the essential 192khz DAC upgrade and the ProLogic2...
  8. butcherpete

    Where to go next on the DAC front?

    I currently run a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Dac/Pre, and am quite happy with it, it does what I want it to do. Have been looking into upgrading it, possibly to a PS Direct Stream Dac. Any thoughts? especially from owners. PS are bringing a newer version to the market soon, so going down the...
  9. E

    DAC doesn't seem to like my old CD player - any clues?

    I bought a Topping E30 DAC for my Squeezebox Touch streamer, Hama DIT2105SBTX tuner, and Cambridge Azure 340C. Running into my sturdy and much loved Rotel RA-02 amp. The sound is improved in all cases - a real noticeable improvement confirmed by several people, compared with the on-board DACs...
  10. S

    DAC enabling to hear the sound from the stereo system?

    Hi, 1) I have stereo amp + front sp. That is for my turntable. I want to hear the TV also through my stereo system. DAC with OPTIOCAL IN will allowing that? 2) If do, how is the Schiit Modi 1? https://www.schiit.com/products/modi-1 Thanks!
  11. Italian Job

    mobile phone to dac

    Hello👋 So..... I've always assumed that when connecting any digital devices to an external dac (through usb or any other digital input) it would bypass the internal dac in the device and shoot the data straight to the external dac. Then realised I'm almost definitely wrong, for instance if I...
  12. C

    Best budget integrated streamer / DAC.

    I'm after a simple streamer and DAC to access my hires local network library and provide stereo phono output that I can hook up to analog line in on a desktop speaker set. Currently this is a lowly powered logitech speaker dock but i'm looking at the Q Acoustics M20 for speakers. I would've got...
  13. frankchen1221

    Should I change my amp and dac? (advice)

    My current setup: Acoustic Energy AE100 MK II + Micromega MyAMP + Topping D10s Recently, I have considered some bigger integrated amplifiers for better sounds and experience, here are my picks below: 1. DENON PMA-600NE (or 800NE) 2. Marantz PM6007 3. Audiolab 6000A (no Bluetooth version) DAC...
  14. M

    For Sale Topping E30 DAC

    Selling my E30, boxed with cables and the remote (no psu) in like new condition with s/n: 2009731046 which has the AK chip not the the CS found in current model. Looking for £110 Collection and demo from High Wycombe or i can post at buyer's cost within the UK Thanks
  15. Misguided

    Analog out to USB in - For IFI Hip DAC

    Hi I previously posted about some headphones and have since decided to buy some Hifiman Sundaras. I am looking at a DAC / Headphone Amp and the best appears to be the IFI Hip Dac. My issue is I want to use the headphones and DAC for movies which means I either need to plug it into my TV an LG...
  16. wiz

    Can you have good sound without a dac?

    There just seem so many out there. If funds permit might just buy the most popular out there without doing the necessary in legwork (Denafrips). Are they going to add that much to a system?
  17. J

    For Sale Shanling UP Portable Lossless Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC

    Shanling UP Portable Lossless Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC Fantastic portable DAC Amp which retailed at £149 in UK on Hifi Headphones so great bargain at £50 Being sold in very good used condition with all cables (connects to pretty much anything) and manual etc. See (stock) photos below. In...
  18. audiophilicist

    Positioning amp and dac on desk

    Hi, I have recently updated my sound system for my desktop HIFI speakers current configuration: Speakers: B&W 601 S2 Amp: Naim Nait 5 DAC: M-DAC+ I don't have the largest room, give or take 3mX3m so i need to be careful about placement. For 90% of usage i will be sitting in my desk chair so...
  19. janissiksna


    Hello , I need help i have Cambridge Dac Magic 100 DAC, I want little upgrade.Is iFi Audio Zen Air DAC better than DacMagic 100?
  20. D

    Adding DAC to old Sony AT-TA561

    Hi all, I recently after my father died inherited a 1996 Sony TA-AV561 amplifier with speakers. I know it isn’t much in high end, but it has a huge nostalgic value to me as my father bought it in 1996 during my childhood etc. Now I think in stereo it sounds quite nice, been tinkering around...
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