1. J

    Best Upgrade- iPhone DAC or apple Airpods Max

    Morning, looking to spend some allocated cash and find myself a Father’s Day gift! I use my home cinema solely for AV duties but I’m listening more to music since lockdown. Can’t justify getting a separate home stereo system so was looking to upgrade my headphone experience. I use my iPhone...
  2. S

    Wanted NAD C658 Streaming DAC Pre-Amp

    Wanted - NAD C658 BlueOS Streaming Pre-Amp. Must be Mint/excellent condition from smoke free environment, boxed with all accessories including Dirac Live Mic.
  3. M

    plenue 1 as a DAC???

    i read a review that the plenue1 can be used as a DAC. has anyone done this? how is this done?
  4. Dragongjf

    Denon 3600/3700 AVR - DAC

    Hi Guys. Have auditioned Rega Elicit-R integrated stereo amp and have made the decision to buy to replace an existing very high end AVR that I used for AV and Stereo. I intend to acquire a used Denon 3600/3700 to provide AV and connect the Rega via HT bypass to the Denon. In stereo my main...
  5. karlsushi

    For Sale Chord Qutest DAC

    Decided to move on my Chord Qutest DAC after an upgrade to a Denafrips Pontus. Hopefully I'm not going to regret it. Purchased from Peter Tyson in January 2020 and I can provide the proof of purchase so you should be able to claim the transferable 3 year warranty that I understand these DACs...
  6. C

    Cheap cd player or cd transport + Dac or Denon 1600NE or similar

    I would appreciate some advice over the choice of a replacement cd player, I am thinking of a Cambridge Audio CXC or a Nad C538 ( as a cd transport) plus an Audiolab M Dac or something along the lines of the Denon dcd 1600 NE or Musical Fidelity M2sCd. I have a Naim SN2 amp but because of...
  7. B

    hardware volume control of standalone dac through source device

    Suppose a standalone DAC that supports hardware volume control is used without a pre-amplifier. Generally, such a unit features a simple hand control for volume adjustment, much the same as a pre-amplifier. With digital network streamers becoming more popular and advanced, and often controlled...
  8. dollag

    For Sale Holo Audio Spring 2 R2R DAC Wildism Extreme Edition (level 4)

    Selling my holo dac as I have decided to upgrade to the May. Is approximately 14 months old and is still covered under warranty with Wildism Audio. Comes with original box and remote control. Upgrade lists includes: Wild Edition Extreme modding spec: 1.100va Pure Silver Transformer...
  9. U

    Budget Bluetooth\Wireless DAC (Zen Blue or similar)

    Hi, I'm looking to add bluetooth or wireless capability to my setup. I want something that's convenient for easily connecting my phone/my friends phones and offers improved quality over the £15 Amazon bluetooth reciever I currently have. I've been looking at the iFi Zen Blue, but have noticed...
  10. S

    DAC with built-in BT Transmitter/Receiver?

    I have a TV with optical out, and a Hi-Fi with RCA in. I'd like to be able to connect them (wired) with a DAC (so I can play the TV through my Hi-Fi), but one that has a Bluetooth transmitter (so I can use BT headphones with the TV) and receiver (so I can play music from my phone though my...
  11. LexDiamond

    Does using aux in override the sound processing of an amp (the amp is built into the speaker)?

    Sorry for the dumb question but I have googled it can’t seem to figure it out. My situation is that I have been looking for a solution to some decent audio recently without having separate amps and speakers for £500. I recently auditioned the Audio Pro Addon C10 and was very pleased with it...
  12. nickson13

    Dali Spector (6 om, 83Db) and potentially Rega Brio R ? What about DAC ?

    Hi this is my first post here. Hope it's all right. First thing - looking for new amp: I have Dali Spector 1. I am planning on buying used Rega Brio R. Dali is said to be 6 ohm speaker with sensivity of 83 Db. Rega is either 4 or 8 ohm. Would that difference in ohms be an issue ? Is playing...
  13. camcroft

    iFi Zen Dac V2 ( Upgraded Model )

    Today I received the Zen Dac after buying other products from iFi and being very impressed with them I decided to give their Zen Dac a try. I have been using the Schiit Magni 2 head amp for a while now my first impression of the Zen unit is that it a very good sounding unit and definitely a step...
  14. imightbewrong

    Getting back into HiFi - old vs new DACs

    I am looking to get my system back to being good for high quality music - previously I had a Chord DAC64 and Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista integrated amp, and still have a a pair of B&W 805s stand-mount speakers. I really enjoyed the sound of this system. I swapped the DAC and amp for an Arcam...
  15. dh5

    For Sale Arcam rPAC USB DAC/Headphone Amp

    For sale is the the Arcam rPAC USB DAC/headphone amp in great working condition with the USB cable. Looking for £40.
  16. J

    What is the best DAC for PS5?

    Salutes, what is the best DAC to connect to PS5, and then plug into it headphones? The DAC enhances sound quality, can be plugged onto PS5 USB I have read about BlasterX G6, but dont know if its the best?
  17. Sayeduzzaman Rayan

    Good MQA capable DAC under $300 (preferable at/under $200)?

    Hi, I've been looking for a dual-purpose DAC/amp/preamp for my systems. One of them being an IEM, a Campfire Audio IO; and a stereo system: A sony str-dh190 connected to a pair of Fyne Audio F302's Right now, I'm just using the 3.5mm port of my phone and laptop, occasionally using Bluetooth (on...
  18. L

    Audiolab 6000N - anyone know how to select the DAC filter?

    Hi everyone, first post here. I just noticed (after a year...) that the Audiolab 6000N streamer (which runs into the DAC of my 6000A amplifier) also has an analogue out - so it must have a DAC itself. Hooked that up to an AUX entry in the 6000A and indeed, works. The sound is different though...
  19. S

    Allo Boss2 Dac - anyone tried one yet?

    Quite tempted by the next generation Boss2 RPI Dac from Allo. I've seen a couple of video reviews on Youtube that have been positive. Tempted to take a punt. I have a Boss Dac 1.2 and it's ok - nothing amazing but decent enough. This should be a step up?
  20. M

    Bargain Expired Pi Hut 10% Discount on RPi DAC (and other) HATs

    This weekend The Pi Hut are doing a 10% discount on all Raspberry Pi HATs including DAC HATs .
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