1. bobdylan

    For Sale View Quest DAB / DAB+ / FM radio with dock for iPod and iPhone

    Comes boxed with power supply, in excellent condition.
  2. D

    Can I connect an amp with dab to another amp via zone 2, just to use it as a dab source?

    I have a Yamaha a-s500, and also a yamaha RX-S600D, which includes a dab radio tuner. I much prefer the sound of as500, but i want to use dab radio. Can I use the zone 2 outs on the rxs600d to connect it via rca to the as500, and use the rxs600d as a dab radio source only? Appreciate any...
  3. J

    What setting should I set the crossover level to on my subwoofer when using a Denon AVR-X2800H DAB

    I have a Denon AVR X2800 DAB, paired up with Harmon Kardon HKTS-5 satellite speakers. This a 5.1 setup. I'm due to buy a new subwoofer: SVS SB-1000 Pro to add to this, but I'm not sure what crossover level I should set my subwoofer at to get optimum performance for my setup. I know that if you...
  4. N

    New dab stereo, using exiisting fm aerial

    Hi. I've ordered a pioneer deh s720dab stereo for my renault master van. I'm aware that an adapter can be used to use the existing roof top fm aerial for both fm and digital signals. Can anyone recommend what adapter to buy? I'm hoping to utilise the existing steering wheel controls too. Any...
  5. A

    Marantz M-CR603 DAB "No Service" Problem - Fix?

    Hi. I recently spent a bit of time looking at the DAB 'No Service' issue with my Marantz M-CR603 and have now fixed the problem in my unit. I'm posting this in the hope that this fix works for others if they wish to try. This involves dismantling the unit, replacing soldered components on...
  6. J


    Is there a reason when I go into areas with poor coverage in my car I loose most stations other than BBC, then if it's super bad coverage I lose BBC too ! Why do other stations broadcasting have a worse signal strength ?
  7. F

    denon m41 dab question

    Hello is it possible to connect my denon m41 dab hifi , to my denon avr 3600h thank you
  8. L

    Poor DAB reception

    Hi folks can you help please? I live in North County Dublin some 40 miles/75 k from the nearest DAB transmitters located in Northern Ireland. DAB was switched OFF here about 2 years ago, yes SWITCHED OFF. I have a good quality DENON RCD M38DAB receiver and am wondering if there is any way I...
  9. P

    Intempo RDI limited DAB channels after a scan

    I have just bought a second hand "Intempo" RDI iPod dock and DAB Radio. I cant find a user manual on line but need some help with finding the national DAB services The main problem I have is that when I ask it to scan DAB for channels it only finds the 19 commercial channels on Multiplex 11A -...
  10. sykotik

    DAB not working ( FM does )

    Not sure if this is the right place, but someone may know, I have a 2013 vw polo with what looks like a standard radio. For what ever reason the DAB part has stopped picking up the signal been like this for a good while. Anyone know why this would stopped working? Iv tried retuning the radio...
  11. Kapkirk

    Need a decent FM DAB tuner. Probably going second hand.

    I'm looking for a decent sounding tuner with DAB/FM, I've seen lots of Denon's that do FM (TU 260 mk 2) but not many do DAB as well. (tu 1800 I think) I want something with good sound quality and good signal sensitivity, I was following a sale on ebay of a Technics ST-GT1000 and the price shot...
  12. A

    Denon AVR-X2700 DAB - no video

    Brand new AVR connected to existing Virgin Media box using standard HDMI cables. Input to Cable/Sat, Output to ARC/eARC on Denon and to ARC/eARC on SONY TV monitor. Can hear Audio but there is no picture. Output tried using Monitor (i.e. non ARC/eARC)on Denon to normal HDMI connections on SONY...
  13. CroftWeatherman

    Yamaha RX-A4A DAB

    I have set up DAB on my A4A, works fine. I am very surprised that I am unable to view the DAB info on my TV screen like you do with NetRadio. It would be so useful to have a list of DAB stations (presets) along with details about the current DAB station on my TV. To have nothing shown on the TV...
  14. V

    Pure Twilight DAB random switch-on

    Hi, this may not be the exactly correct forum but other Pure Twilight threads are here so here's hoping. We have a Pure Twilight DAB bedside alarm/radio/light. Recently, it has started to turn the light on at random times. Tapping on top no longer turns the light off. Has to be turned off at the...
  15. R

    Marantz NR1200 DAB reception

    Hi everyone. I just bought a Marantz NR1200 to replace a Naim Muso because I wanted to go back to using speaker separates. So far so good, but one issue - I cannot get any DAB radio stations. The Naim, presumably with an internal antenna, had no problems at all in the same position. One thing...
  16. R

    Pioneer VSX-D2011, How to add a DAB Radio

    I have a Pioneer VSX-D2011 Audio/Video Multi Channel Receiver which has an integral FM/AM receiver but it is a pre DAB radio device. I have a separate TEAC DAB Radio which I want to play through this receiver. Question is to which input should I hook it up to or is it just not compatible without...
  17. essgee

    Patching holes in dot and dab wall

    So this has become a bit of a costly exercise... I finally bought some bookshelves on stands at the end of last year and also thought I might as get the matching centre speaker (q acoustics) because that is what I had always wanted. I wrongly assumed that my wall would be stud (the house is 5...
  18. Don Dadda

    DAB+ Radio Upgrade

    HI all I have a Jaguar XF my2012 11 plate and from what I can tell the DAB radio is just the DAB 1 version. There is one station i listen to 99% of the time which has now move over to DAB+ And now cannot be found but all other preset stations are still ok. I could stream the station from my...
  19. Jobetim

    Denon RCD M41 DAB very strange sound issue HELP!!

    Hi there, I have a very strange issue! I use the optical output from my Sony OLED TV, to the Optical In 1 input on my DenonRCD M41 DAB, to get better sound with the Denon speakers. I‘ve also connected a REL sub-woofer to the speaker outputs of the Denon. And it was great! Everything worked...
  20. C

    Add DAB radio to FM Tuner

    Hi, Is there anyway of adding DAB radio to a vintage Tuner? A Creek T40 Stereo FM Tuner. It has a co axial antenna input.
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