1. R

    Pioneer VSX-D2011, How to add a DAB Radio

    I have a Pioneer VSX-D2011 Audio/Video Multi Channel Receiver which has an integral FM/AM receiver but it is a pre DAB radio device. I have a separate TEAC DAB Radio which I want to play through this receiver. Question is to which input should I hook it up to or is it just not compatible without...
  2. essgee

    Patching holes in dot and dab wall

    So this has become a bit of a costly exercise... I finally bought some bookshelves on stands at the end of last year and also thought I might as get the matching centre speaker (q acoustics) because that is what I had always wanted. I wrongly assumed that my wall would be stud (the house is 5...
  3. foxxington

    For Sale Denon D-M38DAB DAB Micro HI-FI CD Receiver

    Thanks for checking out my Denon D-M38DAB DAB Micro HI-FI CD Receiver I recently moved up to a home cinema system and no longer have a use for my wonderful little Denon Amp, I think it's time for it to move on to a new home. I've driven everything from small Missions to B&W 602s and they...
  4. Don Dadda

    DAB+ Radio Upgrade

    HI all I have a Jaguar XF my2012 11 plate and from what I can tell the DAB radio is just the DAB 1 version. There is one station i listen to 99% of the time which has now move over to DAB+ And now cannot be found but all other preset stations are still ok. I could stream the station from my...
  5. Jobetim

    Denon RCD M41 DAB very strange sound issue HELP!!

    Hi there, I have a very strange issue! I use the optical output from my Sony OLED TV, to the Optical In 1 input on my DenonRCD M41 DAB, to get better sound with the Denon speakers. I‘ve also connected a REL sub-woofer to the speaker outputs of the Denon. And it was great! Everything worked...
  6. C

    Add DAB radio to FM Tuner

    Hi, Is there anyway of adding DAB radio to a vintage Tuner? A Creek T40 Stereo FM Tuner. It has a co axial antenna input.
  7. D

    Denon tu1800 DAB tuner

    Hello all. Does anyone out there use this tuner? If so, can you let me know if it will receive DAB+ Thanks
  8. Pure Ltd

    Pure - Keep on discovering News, Offers and Radio Recommendations

    Hi, dear AVForums Community! We are Pure - a UK brand, building radios for the modern day to connect you with your favourite broadcasts and podcasts. Welcome to this thread! We are super excited to create a space for you within this forum to discover news, offers and recommendations for all...
  9. B

    Replacing onkyo TX-NR575e any ideas? looking a a denon avr-x1600h DAB

    hi guys ive suffered the HDMI board failure with my onkyo TX_NR575e receiver and im looking to replace it as soon as possible. ive been looking at the denon avr-x1600h DAB. i only run at 5.1.2 atmos at max, i use an xbox one X for 4K blurays, and my PC i use Dolby atmos settings at all times...
  10. D

    Cambridge Audio Azur 640T tuner bug?

    I came across this thread (via Google) from 2006(!) which describes what my elderly 640T DAB/FM tuner has recently started doing: "There was a thread before, about CA 640T LCD display issue and I wrote on it too. The CA support is aware of a software bug. This phenomenon is fairly annoying...
  11. W

    DAB radio sudden poor reception on one station only.

    Absolute radio keeps erratically cutting out on my hi-fi system after years of uninterrupted reception. All the other DAB stations including the Absolute 70s, 80s, 90s, 20s & Classic rock stations are fine, just Absolute's main station. If it's a fault my hi-fi has developed, how come other...
  12. B

    Newbie to DAB radio here

    Hi Guys.. Newbie here with a question and hopefuly a simple fix. Recently purchased a DAB receiver stand alone unit and out door aerial. The reception is rubbish in my garage so I stuck the aerial up outside and ran a coax to the F connector. Its an omnidirectional aerial that is supposed to...
  13. bogart99

    Portable DAB radio

    Need yet another portable, phone size item, DAB radio for the boss. She has had many over the years most do not last long at all. She had many years ago a Roberts Sports one which lasted quite well for her. Then they stopped making it and she then tried lots of cheapo made in China units none of...
  14. H

    Fix broken DAB antenna - Outlander

    Is it possible to replace the on-windscreen antenna ? The one on my Outlander is broken and I don't know if I can easily replace the whole cable all the way too MMCS While DAB works, it is very patchy compared to one on the Leaf
  15. B

    In walls - dot & dab party wall

    Been in our new gaff for two years but not really had the opportunity to do anything home cinema related but hopefully that'll change soon. SWMBO loves a big picture, is so so about sound but hates seeing AV kit anywhere and in particular speakers... our current Kef R series were previously...
  16. A

    Pure DAB DRX 702ES connector type

    Hello, Hoping someone can confirm, I just got given this tuner, and have an external radio aerial , Can someone please confirm is it an F Type connector I need to put on the aerial cable in order to connect it to the tuner ? Thank you
  17. J

    Denon RCDN 11 DAB+ - problems with HEOS APP

    Hello, I have some problems with my HEOS APP and DENON CEOL RCDN 11 DAB+. When I play a CD with APP, music stops immediately and app shows error 18. Without App it works good. It is a problem with connection or something else?
  18. L

    TEAC CR-H255 - DAB aerial connector type

    Hi, Hope someone can help...can someone advise what the name of the connector is for the DAB aerial on the back of the Teac CR-H255 receiver please? I'm after a better aerial than the one that came with the receiver originally, & haven't been able to find anything suitable, primarily as the...
  19. F

    Pioneer x-hm50 DAB processing issue

    I have an old Pioneer x-hm50 in my shed that's giving me grief on DAB; the signal quality fluctuates from levels where it's fine (80-90) to where it drops (<50) every few seconds. I've been blaming it on radar from the airport that's a mile away, though there has to be more to it (it's also...
  20. O

    DAB signal drop out

    Wondering if anyone in the Central Scotland (Glasgow) area is having issues with DAB signal cutting out. This is not an aerial issue on tuner as the kitchen and bedroom DAB radios are doing the same. Been ok for years and just been an issue in last months. A check on the web sites shows no...
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