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DAB Radio supports Digital Audio Broadcasting technology
  1. R

    Pioneer VSX-D2011, How to add a DAB Radio

    I have a Pioneer VSX-D2011 Audio/Video Multi Channel Receiver which has an integral FM/AM receiver but it is a pre DAB radio device. I have a separate TEAC DAB Radio which I want to play through this receiver. Question is to which input should I hook it up to or is it just not compatible without...
  2. C

    Add DAB radio to FM Tuner

    Hi, Is there anyway of adding DAB radio to a vintage Tuner? A Creek T40 Stereo FM Tuner. It has a co axial antenna input.
  3. Pure Ltd

    Pure - Keep on discovering News, Offers and Radio Recommendations

    Hi, dear AVForums Community! We are Pure - a UK brand, building radios for the modern day to connect you with your favourite broadcasts and podcasts. Welcome to this thread! We are super excited to create a space for you within this forum to discover news, offers and recommendations for all...
  4. W

    DAB radio sudden poor reception on one station only.

    Absolute radio keeps erratically cutting out on my hi-fi system after years of uninterrupted reception. All the other DAB stations including the Absolute 70s, 80s, 90s, 20s & Classic rock stations are fine, just Absolute's main station. If it's a fault my hi-fi has developed, how come other...
  5. B

    Newbie to DAB radio here

    Hi Guys.. Newbie here with a question and hopefuly a simple fix. Recently purchased a DAB receiver stand alone unit and out door aerial. The reception is rubbish in my garage so I stuck the aerial up outside and ran a coax to the F connector. Its an omnidirectional aerial that is supposed to...
  6. bogart99

    Portable DAB radio

    Need yet another portable, phone size item, DAB radio for the boss. She has had many over the years most do not last long at all. She had many years ago a Roberts Sports one which lasted quite well for her. Then they stopped making it and she then tried lots of cheapo made in China units none of...
  7. P

    Marantz Cr603 - Dab radio problem.

    Hi The dab radio rarely works on my CR603. It says no service most of the time. When it works it's perfect. I think its a problem in the unit not the lack of coverage .Any ideas anyone?. Thank you very much.
  8. u6s68

    DAB Radio Recommendations? Or best audio for Radio?

    Hi all I wondered if anyone could recommend a great sounding DAB radio or alternative? I have a Pure One Mini which I've owned for over 10 years. At the time it was expensive but the battery life was fab and it's never skipped a beat. It still works like new but the sound is poor. Outputting...
  9. O

    Is it me but does car DAB radio suck

    Purchased a new car four years ago with a DAB radio fitted as standard and was looking forward to listening to good quality radio but, ever since the signal constantly drops out and annoyingly when at a set of traffic lights or waiting at a junction to filter onto a main road. Does this happen...
  10. P

    Freeview radio signal quality versus DAB radio signal quality

    I have noticed that my FREEVIEW TV allows for the access to radio stations, all BBC and a few others, I was wondering how the quality of the signal received from the Freeview system compared to that from a DAB radio with the signal coming from the radio's own DAB aerial. Is the quality the same...
  11. george 45

    DAB radio Aerial connection

    I have a dab radio with an indoor aerial connection when connected is not a brilliant search nor adequate reception. Is it possible to connect the radio Aerial socket to a co-ax TV aerial cable and use this to obtain a stronger signal Any ideas anyone ?
  12. bogart99

    Question DAB radio with bluetooth

    My wife likes to have a portable, ie pocketable radio that has DAB, she likes R4 Extra. Unfortunately she breaks the wired headphones with some regularity. So I thought bluetooth with a pair of ear pods. Having difficuly finding a suitable unit. Currently has a Pure Move R3 radio so would like...
  13. D

    Coronavirus Food wholesalers offer online orders to sell stock to PUBLIC.

    " Food wholesalers are making online home deliveries in response to Covid-19 measures. As bars, restaurants and hotels shut due to government restrictions, the wholesalers that usually provide them with food and drink, have seen a huge drop in business. But with stock to shift, they are...
  14. D

    Coronavirus loneliness : Free over-70s DAB radio initiative

    " BBC local radio is teaming up with manufacturers, retailers and a loneliness charity to offer free DAB radios to the most vulnerable people aged over 70. It comes as millions of people are forced to stay in their homes and isolate from their friends and families because of the Coronavirus...
  15. 2LO Calling

    Question DAB disappeared

    My Denon DRA-F107 receiver was removed from the power source for several days while the room was re-arranged and now DAB is totally dead. Attempts to re-initialise the microprocessor are to no avail and therefore a scan cannot be carried out. FM reception continues normally. Can anyone help please?
  16. Stantonboy

    DAB radio with built-in Google assistant

    I have been looking for a DAB+ radio with built-in Google assistant. I don't know if this is available or not. I am looking for DAB+ to listen to local football commentary that I'm unable to listen via the internet radio, but also want Google assistant. Or is it best to get a good DAB+ which I...
  17. M

    Wireless earphones with a DAB radio?

    I want to find a portable DAB radio that will work with wireless earphones, so that when I'm gardening or walking the dog, I don't have wires to deal with. I've heard that the wireless bluetooth earphones only work with phones, not radios. But wouldn't a DAB radio with bluetooth work with...
  18. D

    TV aerial for DAB radio?

    Can I use my existing tv aerial for tv and DAB or do I need a new outdoor DAB antenna? Thanks.
  19. FUELZ HD

    A system with airplay 2 and dab radio?

    so I’ve been looking to replace my old pure hifi unit with something new and exiting,but I’ve been looking around and can’t find anything that meets requirements! It needs to have airplay 2, internet radio, Dab radio and a CD player, preferably Bluetooth as well. I’ve seen the Marantz M-CR611...
  20. billbrooks

    DAB radio wanted

    Help please. Looking for a Dab+ stereo mains radio with buttons for pre-set, preferably with USB input, under £100
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