1. Sign of the times

    Any landlords in da house ?

    Good morning all ! Looking for some advice please . Im about to receive £191k and was considering buying a house to rent out , my first thought was to buy one new build (£180k.. yes i’m up north ) then thought about buying 2 possibly 3 with a buy to let mortgage Any advice greatly received...
  2. Jo March

    Philly DA

    Read this start of this review of this series from The Guardian and then watch the series. Your time will be well spent. Such is the tenor of our times that the first thing I did before embarking on the docuseries Philly DA: Breaking the Law (BBC Four) was research its subject, Larry Krasner...
  3. phatbear

    Daftest question ever? Blu ray/amp/tv

    Apologies in advance if this doesnt belong here or is the silliest question ever. Recently bought a new 4k tv and 4k blu-ray player. I have an onkyo amp for my surround sound, which is a few years old and my old set up was running my old blu-ray to the amp via hdmi and then hdmi from the amp to...
  4. raigraphixs

    Leonardo Da Vinci movie (TBC)

    Leonardo DiCaprio to play Leonardo da Vinci, a role he was born to play, lol no sh*t
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