1. ItsNotAllSnakeOil

    Roksan K3 and Roksan Attessa

    Hi all Going to be home demoing both of the above, will be paired with some Oberon 5’s and a Node 2i. Just wondered what peoples opinions are on either or both of these? Will of course make my own judgement but be good to hear thoughts. Tried a Cyrus ONE HD yesterday and returned it today...
  2. A

    Cyrus CD8 clicks

    I'm running an Arcam Alpha 9 amp with an Arcam P85 power amp. B&W speakers. My Arcam Alpha 8 CD worked fine but I sold it and bought a Cyrus CD8 (not the SE) plus PSX-R PSU. All worked well for a year or so but now after 20 minutes listening a periodic but unpredictable tick comes through the...
  3. B

    For Sale Cyrus One HD

    Cyrus One HD - less than 3 years old, excellent condition, like new except very slight mark on top panel (see photos)
  4. Sandy13

    For Sale Cyrus ONE HD Amplifier

    Cyrus ONE HD Amp. This is in perfect condition, no issues whatsoever.
  5. R

    Cyrus X Power driving PMC Twenty 22s from a AVR DAC/pre-amp – sounds unexpectedly good

    Cyrus X Power driving PMC Twenty 22s from a AVR – sounds unexpectedly good Like many people, I’m combining a movie with a stereo setup. Happy with the speakers, a REL sub and the AVR (mid-range at the time, a Yamaha 1065). I was planning to go for broke for stereo sound and get a Hegal H190...
  6. D

    Cyrus OneCast AV Input do I need an AV amp too?

    Hi This is a bit of a stupid question I'm sure, however, I've bought a Cyrus OneCast as a "one box solution", however, can I input my sky directly to it (via optical) or my TV (via Optical or HDMI) or do I need to connect an AV amp to it? It would be a shame to have to have 2 x amps to drive 2...
  7. R

    8 speaker terminals on the back of a Cyrus X Power??

    Long time no post (although I do get to read occasionally). Just acquired a 2nd hand one of these to link between my AVR and PMCs as the previous power amp died. I don’t get it though, there are 4 speaker terminals on each side. So (assuming single wiring of speakers), which do I use? The top...
  8. B

    Cyrus AV Master 8

    Hi I am looking for cs495313-cvz chip for my Cyrus AV Master 8 or can anyone repair this amp for me please I am in Ireland
  9. R

    Cyrus One HD vs Cyrus ‘Classic’

    I’m looking to setup a new system in my office and have been deciding between a Cyrus One HD and a used Cyrus ’Classic’ integrated amp, likely a Cyrus 8vs2. Has anyone on the forums experience of comparing the sound quality between the Cyrus 8 classic amps and the newer Cyrus One HD. The One HD...
  10. E

    Cyrus AM/FM Tuner - advice sought

    I'm new to the forum. I bought the tuner in 1990 (for £300) and need to sell it now. It comes with the manual and remote and works fine apart from the display, which is blank. I'm thinking of selling it on eBay and I'm guessing that in good condition perhaps I would have got £100 for it. But...
  11. Iamgavin2

    CYRUS CD PLAYER CDi upgrade clicking

    I had my Cyrus cd6se upgraded by Sevenoaks outlet back in 2018 but it’s never really worked right. The specific problem is that with certain cds, mostly those that have embossed printing or design, there’s a loud clicking noise Audible from the actual player (ie not coming through speakers) It’s...
  12. Ed Selley

    Cyrus i7 XR Integrated Amp Review & Comments

    Cyrus has embarked on releasing a whole new line of products of which the i7 XR integrated amp is in the first wave. Is it any good? Read the review. Write your own review for Cyrus i7-XR
  13. R

    Cyrus CD no output?

    Cyrus CD player dad3, working fine, turned off, turned back on the day after. Now no output, everything else works fine, it's reading the disc, track selection is fine. Any ideas ?
  14. M

    Help Synology NAS and streaming Cyrus setup

    Thanks to the advice received I have upgraded my system and am really happy with the results (Cyrus amp 8 vs2 ,8 power, CDI and Dali Opticon 6 speakers). I have just purchased a Synology NAS DS216 PLAY on the basis I wish to stream from the NAS over ethernet to my HIFI rather than using my PC...
  15. C

    Question Cyrus and Roon confusion

    New to this forum Hi. I have a Cyrus Stream X2 connected to a Cyrus amplifier (don't recall exact model but it has a dac). Am now using Roon. Initially started using this due to endless frustrations with the woeful Cyrus Cadence App. The Cryus X isn't Roon aware so I have a Google Chromecast...
  16. N

    Solving Cyrus bass - sub or shift?

    I have been quite happily listening to my 40 year old 3020 (re-capped and re-op-amped about 5 years ago) with Cambridge DAC, Tidal and AE Aegis Evo 3s. Fantastic clarity, but with nice, extended bass response. All good. However there was something missing - musicians sounded like they were all...
  17. Ja55

    Question Any Cyrus experts / advice sought?

    I bought my 6vs amp and 6s cd player pretty much by accident by bidding on flea bay without actually looking into / knowing about them other than Cyrus makes good kit. I've been pleasantly surprised. I've had the kit about a year and thought about improving it so asked Cyrus support what my...
  18. S

    Cyrus 8 Integrated Amplifier Software

    My Cyrus 8 integrated amplifier has stopped working and I am trying to isolate the problem. I have tried a turntable (via a phone stage), a music streamer and direct connection to my phone (through its headphone socket) through all of the sources on the amplifier. None produce any sound at all...
  19. M

    Question Upgrade Cyrus 6se cd player

    System is Cyrus 8se amp , Cyrus 8power, Cyrus 6se cd and Dali Opticon 6 speakers. Just added the power amp and speakers and am really happy with the improvement. I am now wondering if upgrading to Cyrus cdi is a worthwhile upgrade and will improve the system further . Not sure if I will hear a...
  20. C

    Question Cyrus Xa Streamer and two 10TB Seagate NTFS External USB Drives

    Just got this streamer. Superb sound. Appalling iphone App. and no remote. USB slot only supports FAT32 drives under 500GB. Is there a way of accessing my music files on my big Seagate USB Drives ? Do I have to get a NAS ? Could I use a NAS Adaptor ? I can listen via the music library on...
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