1. S

    arcam sa10, sa20 and cyrus one.

    Happened across all three in the middle of an audio shop (not a demo room). cyrus one - found it very plasticky and cheap feeling. Both the knobs and the case. It was paired with some kef q's. Sounded ok but only played at low volume as the vagueness in the knobs put me off before i'd gotten...
  2. S

    For Sale Full Cyrus Hifi system

    I'm currently selling my quartz silver full Cyrus setup. This includes: CDi CD player Stream XP2 streamer and preamp 2 XPowers 3 psx-r power supplies Cyrus IR14 remote Cyrus Tri-Arbour wooden stand with additional shelf. All units have original boxes/packaging. This is a fantastic system...
  3. dazed&confused

    For Sale 2, 3 or 4 channels of Cyrus SmartPower

    Two Cyrus SmartPower amplifiers, in black. They can be switched from stereo mode into mono block mode, giving you a very flexible 2, 3 or 4 channels in total. I have used them very successfully both as stereo mono blocks, and as power for the front 3 channels in my 5.1 set up; most recently I...
  4. cobz28

    Question Can someone please help me with my Cyrus system set up?

    My dad has recently given me his old Cyrus Hifi system, the units I have been given are: Cyrus 3i, MR3, dAD 3, FM7.5, XPA, PSX-R but am unsure how to run them together. I'll be running a pair of stand mounters off of them for now (Until I can start to add some more) and have also been given an...
  5. T

    CYRUS CDXT SE...with intermittent faulty play??

    On lookout for decent CD player...and have option on a CYRUS CDXT SE ....supposedly fine 'some' of the time ....but then won't play. Anyone experience of this....what kind of repair 'might' it be? (How long is a piece of string??) I'm handy with screwdrivers, and a soldering iron, and like the...
  6. RvanR

    How to add Qobuz to my Cyrus system

    I have a Cyrus Streamer->Cyrus Pre (with DAC)->Cyrus Monoblocs->Dynaudio Audience 60 speakers. Happy with that sound. Now I want to play Qobuz hi-res through it. My budget is sub £300. This means upgrading the streamer to a Cyrus Streamer Xa is out. So I was looking for something that can...
  7. Ed Selley

    Cyrus ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier Review & Comments

    The latest member of the ONE range of amplifiers takes Cyrus’ baby in a slightly different direction and to a new price point. Is this the ONE you want? Read the review. Write your own review for Cyrus ONE Cast
  8. W

    HT Bypass Amp - Cyrus One HD or Rega Elicit R

    Evening all, As the title suggests I'm looking for an amp for HT bypass and music listening. The two are different breeds I know but whilst the ONE HD is cheaper it means it's more attainable now. The Rega would be a push and would hinder a sub upgrade... So the question is: Is the Rega worth...
  9. I

    Question Cyrus three no audio

    I've just got my new Cyrus three stealth and I can't get it to play audio from any source, I've tried 2 pairs of speakers connected directly and neither work. The headphone jack plays audio but not the speakers. Anyone had this issue?
  10. S

    Cyrus amp one

    Hi I am asking a question on behalf of my husband who is ill. He has a Cyrus one amp. He has found recently that there is an issue with the volume when playing vinyl. He has to turn it up fully, and even then it is feint and distorted. It has a compatible cartridge. It work fine until recently...
  11. DA56

    What is my best upgrade step for my system to get most from B&W 805D3 speakers

    Current system: ROON focussed using QNAP NAS and Meridian 210 streamers. Main HIFi is Cyrus 8XPD QX DAC / integrated amplifier with PSX-R power supply, Bi-Amped with Cyrus X Power power amp, driving B&W 805D3 speakers. I like the sound but wonder whether alternative set ups would be better. I...
  12. B

    Recommend speakers for Cyrus 6 amp

    Hi I currently have a Cyrus 6 amp paired with Tannoy DC6 speakers. I've had this set up for about 8 years and have never been entirely satisfied with it. Although it has a nice mid and top range - it lacks bass for my ears. I think initially I'd like to keep the amp and try other speakers...
  13. O

    Speakers sub £300 for Cyrus 8vs2 (coupled with PSX-R)

    Hello again good people of avforums. I hope you and your kin are well and safe at present. You previously helped me to match a Marantz PM66 KI-Sig with a pair of Tannoy Revolution R3s, circa 2004 (makes me feel v old writing that). The sound was superb and I have always been really grateful for...
  14. B

    Cyrus 1 (old version) & Q Acoustic 3050's

    Hi All My old Marantz SR4300 AV receiver recently stopped working (think a relay has gone as it won't power up now after a short period of switching on then powering off after about 2 mins). I'm wanting to buy something off e-bay or the forums as a replacement and am going with a stereo amp...
  15. R

    Mission Cyrus One Amp

    Repairing a Cyrus One. The link bar that sits across the front facia to the power switch is broken, including it's two retaining clips. Does anyone know where I can get replacements? I'm currently rebuilding a system around this amp.
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Cyrus Audio offers ONE Series home trials

    Cyrus Audio has launched a 14 day free home trial of its Cyrus ONE, ONE HD and ONE Cast amplifier along with the ONE linear speakers. Read the news. Write your own review for Cyrus ONE HD
  17. Jester1066

    Question Cyrus One Integrated Amp (New Model) High Level Subwoofer Connection

    Hi all... Looked everywhere for the answer, but can't find it... I'm looking to buy this Amp to run my floorstanding MA Bronze 5's in HT bypass mode (for stereo) Also wanting to duel connect a BK P12-300SB-PR sub to the high level speaker B terminals on the Cyrus - Via a neutrik cable. (with...
  18. Simon The Great

    Question Cyrus cd6 replacement on the cheap ?

    Sacrilege I know to go cheap but I have inherited my fathers sound system consisting of meridian M1 speakers, Cyrus pre x amp, Cyrus cd6. He did have meridian kit throughout but the amp and player died The cd6 works very intermittently: far to temperamental to be serviceable so I need to...
  19. D

    Cyrus power amplifier test results

    There are only three Cyrus power amplifiers currently offered for sale: Mono X Signature, Stereo 200, and X Power. Just curious: Does anyone know anything at all about the internals of any of those Cyrus power amplifiers (deeper and well beyond the marketing fluff that anyone can read in...
  20. L

    Cyrus Cadence - any other users of this nightmare?

    My experience of hifi manufacturers apps to run their equipment has never been good and usually they are forms of mental torture - Denon/Marantz are you listening. However Cyrus have taken their Cadence app to a new level of non-functionality since the last release. This release proudly...
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