1. G

    Amp between CXN V2 and B&W 606 S2

    I’ve just added the above and am now looking for an amp. Audiolab 6000A and CXA61 or 81 are, if I remember the names correctly, the ones that seemed to stand out as good matches. Using an old Cambridge 640A at the moment, which is useable, but I know I could be getting much more out of the...
  2. MartinH32

    Changing CXN v2 to Marantz ND8006

    I currently have a CXNv2 (using Roon) plugged into my AV amp which is a Yamaha RX-A3700. I find the sound quite spacious and full bodied but can't help feeling it's not as refined as I'd like. There is a coarseness to it. I'm pretty sure it's the A3700 being an AV amp. I'm in the market for a...
  3. ItsNotAllSnakeOil

    CXN v2 as a Pre-amp

    Hi Just wondering if anybody is currently using the CXN v2 as a pre-amp and what your experiences are of it. I have one going into my Roksan K3 but purely as a streamer currently. It would be good to control volume etc from the app and a single remote. My Roksan K3 has a pre-amp bypass so i am...
  4. ItsNotAllSnakeOil

    Node 2i vs CXN v2

    Hi All Currently using a Node 2i into my Roksan K3 and been happy with it for a while. However, had a few connectivity issues recently with the Node 2i and losing patience a bit with it dropping off the network. Multicast challenges from what I can gather but they may not be resolved yet...
  5. J

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Streamer Blew my SPEAKER.

    I just purchased the Cambridge CXN V2 Network Streamer, while using the preamp outputs direct to my amplifier(s) the volume spikes to the moon. I also just purchased the KLH Model 5 speakers... Well, I am down to one. We are waiting on parts or sending the KLH back for a new one. Audio Advisor...
  6. C

    Chromecast / Airplay Question - iOS - CXN V2 Streamer

    Hi guys, Infrequent poster, frequent reader. I am setting my parents up with a new streamer, they've always had pretty good spec equipment but want to stream properly rather than just AirPlay via a very unreliable NA8005. Short story is they have bought Cambridge CXA81, CXC and CXN V2 streamer...
  7. C

    Cambridge cxn v2

    I wonder if anyone could help me i recently brought a cxn v2 streamer and I have an issue with it, now on the main display im not getting any bit rate information and im pretty sure I should be? Any one could enlighten me i would be grateful
  8. J

    Using a remote with Cambridge Audio CXN and CXA60

    I have a CXN v2 and a CXA60 amp. The same remote works both. However, the power button on the remote sometimes works with both, or one or other, or none. It's a small thing but can be frustrating. Has anyone experienced this and know of a solution?
  9. C

    Connecting CXN V1 to PC over wifi.

    I'm pretty technical but a neophyte regarding streamers. All my music is stored on various PC's around the house. I also have a Cambridge CXN V1 attached to my Musical Fidelity amp. I often listen to streaming radio, play from a USB stick, or play from my iphone via airplay. But for the life...
  10. M

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2 - A good buy or not?

    Hi, looking for some advice please. I want to add a streamer to my existing set up and have my eye on the new Bluesound Node 2021 and the Cambridge Audio CXN V2. The Node is very new and seems to have great functionality. The CXN V2 is older but likely to have better sound quality. However it’s...
  11. H

    Cambridge CXN to Rotel RA 1572

    Hi folks i may be being a complete simpleton here but could someone please advise on the best way for me to connect my new CXN to my Rotel amp. I’m currently using the digital connection- which I believe I’ve read is advised - but the volume is low and the sound is frankly poor. Should I be...
  12. D

    Playlist using Cambridge CXN and Twonky server.

    Hi, Can anyone advise me how I can create playlists for my setup. I have a Cambridge CXN v2 and stream music from a WD EX2Ultra NAS. The EX2 uses Twonky server. The setup works fine but I'd love to create playlists of favourite tracks but can't find a way to do this.
  13. roastdinner

    Best setup for Tidal on Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    Hi everybody. I've been doing some research on Tidal's Master Quality (MQA) music playback, and the Cambridge Audio CXN V2. I've got a speaker system (Cambridge Audio CXA60) I just use for Record player, and this is my first foray into digital. So I apologise for anything really stupid in...
  14. P

    Cambridge CXN V2 problem streaming Amazon Music to Builtin Chromecast

    I thought that I should be able to stream Amazon Music HD to the builtin Chromecast on my CXN V2. Is this correct? I can’t get it to work. Chromecast is setup on my CXN, but when I click on the Cast button when playing a song in Amazon Music, it can’t find my CXN. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Puccainbkk

    cambridge CXN V2 or audiolab MDAC+

    Hi All. From Thailand I am looking for Streaming DAC. Cambridge audio CXN V2 or AudioLab M DAC plus. I want to connect digital sound from TV too. my TV got optic output only I listen music from my HDD and I watch and listen music on youtube TV and want to connect with my 2 ch. I have got...
  16. P

    Cambridge Audio CXN v2 bitrate?

    I stream an Amazon HD track from my phone (24bit 96khz) via Chromecast on the CXNv2. The display on the CXNv2 displays the track, but only ever 44.1khz 16bit. The CXNv2 spec said it can do much higher rates than 16bit. What explains this? Thanks
  17. F

    Kef ls50 wireless 2 v kefq350 with cambridge audio cxn streamer and cx61 amp

    Hi all would love to hear thoughts on the Kef KS50 Wireless 2 vs a separate wired set up eg KEF350 and Cambridge cxn streamer. For the money KS50 expensive can they really replicate quality of wired separates even with joy of less wires ??! Any advice appreciated
  18. whitehart

    Cambridge Audio CXN v2 questions

    Hi all, So i finally purchased one of this, I have a Qnap NAS running with a library of music. I have it connected up to a Yamaha RX-6VA. quite enjoying this streamer - any tips /advice to get the most of this would be great, Im noticing not all internet stations are showing up on the search...
  19. D

    Cxn v2 streaming

    Hi guys Have just bought a cxn v2 and have noticed when streaming Amazon music the tracks stutter at the start for a second or two. Is anyone else having this problem. Any solutions ?
  20. P

    Anyone with Cambridge CXN v1 have new Tidal Connect firmware getting reliable operation?

    Just upgraded my CXN v1 with the 22/3/21 Tidal Connect upgrade. Experience so far is not good - cant play more than a couple of tracks before the CXN crashes and reboots. I am on Tidal HiFi ... so FLAC streams. Anyone share some ecperiences?
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