1. J

    Using a remote with Cambridge Audio CXN and CXA60

    I have a CXN v2 and a CXA60 amp. The same remote works both. However, the power button on the remote sometimes works with both, or one or other, or none. It's a small thing but can be frustrating. Has anyone experienced this and know of a solution?
  2. kevjf

    Advice on new speakers for my set-up?

    Hi folks, thanks for reading… Wondering if anybody has got any advice, set-up similarities, suggestions for a speaker upgrade for my system. The speakers feel like the weakest link at the moment, along with the turntable. The system is: CXA-60 Amplifier CXC CD transport Rega 2 Planar BluOS...
  3. B

    Help! Need a sub £200 amp to drive Q Acoustics Concept 20s

    Hi folks, I'm a little stuck with a decision. I have a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20s that I want to use with an Audio Technica LP3 and sometime in the future might use Bluetooth. I'm looking for a sub £200 amp to drive these speakers. I've came across the Cambridge Audio AXA25 which is £180...
  4. darrenhaken

    Should I buy Cambridge Audio CXA60 or Cambridge Audio CXA61?

    I'm shopping for a new stereo amp and one of the contenders is the CXA60/61. I can get the CXA60 for £350 and the 61 for £550. I am trying to decide on one of these or a Rega Brio plus a cheap DAC (for TV). If theres not much difference between the CXA60 and 61 than buying the 60 would be a...
  5. R

    Replace Cambridge CXA60 & Sonos Connect with Marantz PM7000N?

    Hello all, I would like some advice about potentially replacing my stereo amplifier. I have owned a Cambridge CXA60 amplifier for a few years now. I originally planned to buy the CXN network streamer but never bought it partly due to indecision and the expense. I have been using a Sonos Connect...
  6. Marcfloyd2862

    Question Remote control cxa60

    Light hearted question, I made the mistake of cleaning my remote control with a anti bacterial wipe and now the back made is a rubber stuff,as become a horrible sticky feel. Any solutions,I have tried washing up liquid and soda powder but still feels sticky.
  7. Wilkeh

    Upgrade from CXA60

    Hey folks, I'm looking for an upgrade from my CXA60, budget £1000. I really enjoy my current bedroom setup, it consits of the above amp, Dali Oberon 5's and an XXLS 400 however there's just something I can't quite put my finger on. Looking through the forums members have stated that the...
  8. M

    CXA60 with KEF LS-50's?

    Hi everyone Just thinking through some options for my setup. I already have a Cambridge Audio CXA60, I'm thinking of adding some KEF LS50 speakers as they are currently £550. The only issue is, I have read various things in forums about the Kef's needing a lot of "juice" - the CXA60 is a...
  9. camcroft

    Cambridge Audio CXA60 with BT 100 Dongle

    Hi. I have the above and was wondering that if I replaced the bluetooth dongle with the IFI Zen Blue streamer would I improve the sound quality as it has more choice of codecs than the BT100 which only has Apt x. I have the IFI zen connected to another Marantz amplifier and I am impressed with...
  10. G

    Marantz PM7005 vs Cambridge Audio CXA60

    Which is the better sounding amplifier? Or there's another Marantz PM6006 ... Is the 7005 better? Thanks.
  11. A

    Cambridge Audio CXA60 remote control

    Hello. My rmeote is 4 years old but the 3 x AAA batteries never seem to last more than 2 weeks. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  12. S

    CXA60 - Should I go Cambridge Streamer or bluetooth vs iPhone

    HI All Just purchased a second hand Cambridge CXA and hooked it up to some RevelM16 on official stands. Initially i was playing my Spotify collection via lightening to USB hooked up to a DragonFly DAC. Sound wise it was good but a but inconvenient as the phone has to remain plugged in. I've...
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