1. N

    For Sale Back to the Future 35th Anniversary 4K UHD Steelbook Ultimate Trilogy - CX Media

    Brand new and sealed. Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set by Taiwanese Boutique label CX Media. All the discs are region free and that also includes the standard Blu-ray discs. Please note: On the bottom half of the box there’s a paper slip wrapped around the outside with Chinese text. This is...
  2. V

    LG CX seems to have died

    Hi, My LG CX seems to have died last night. It was fine in the morning. When I turn it on, there are some faint horizontal lines on the screen and then after approx. 30 seconds, a lot of artefacting appears on the left (black and purple) and then it powers itself off. Because of this, I'm...
  3. T

    Toshlink Optical Output LG CX to Cambridge CXA81

    Hello all, Firstly, apologies as I know this isn't a new issue but haven't been able to find a thread that mirrors this problem. Please link me if there is already an answer to this. Have recently purchased Cambridge Audio CXA81 and CXNV2 Streamer and have it connected to by LG CX OLED via...
  4. jizzlejimbo

    LG CX + AVR Is it possible to have game mode and filmmaker mode on the same HDMI input?

    Basically my setup is an LG CX TV with a Denon 1600. I'm sure in the past I've been able to have one HDMI port on the AVR as filmmaker mode and one as game mode even though they're going through the same HDMi port to the TV. Basically the TV is smart enough to know they're different inputs...
  5. Tomnook80

    LG CX - Dolby Vision far too 'bright'

    Hi all, Never noticed this hugely to be honest until I started using Apple TV. Having previously been disc-based and now also using a Zappiti box for my own disc remuxes (HDR only) this is something that I've noticed recently. I did a comparison between Eggars' 'The Witch' (a film I'm very...
  6. N

    LG CX & Sonos Playbar

    Please bare with me... I recently noticed that Sonos have added DTS to the firmware. Upon checking this I cant get my sonos to play DTS, I presume this is down to the TV not supporting DTS? I have the LG CX connected to Xbox Series X via HDMI2 Earc and get Dolby Digital 5.1. Apps like Plex on...
  7. P

    [Advice needed - Please!!!] LG CX 77" (£1,900 - 1y Warranty) or LG C1 77" (£2,300 - 5y Warranty)

    Hi All I've just bought an LG C1 77" and comparing with my LG CX 65", I didn't like a few things (OS, picture quality same, sound better in CX and for some reason I find the CX 65" brighter than the C1 - DONT KNOW HOW) I got the LG C1 77" for £2,300 with 5 years warranty, but now I've found a...
  8. optical10

    CX 55" firmware 04.30.61 update no PC windows 11 sound via Denon X2700H eARC

    For those who are having the issue with the latest firmware going into the Denon setup below "Other settings to check on Video / HDMI setup: HDMI control ON" resolved the issue as previously the HDMI control was set to off which had worked on other firmware's before this, go figure. The...
  9. J

    LG CX HDMI ARC issue

    I’ve got an LG CX and it’s great but I’ve got an annoying issue with sound. I use a home cinema amp for sound so normally have the inbuilt sound turned off. I switch the input on the amp as appropriate but, every time I switch it to the TV input, I find I have to go back into the TV menu to...
  10. ArashiKageTaro

    LG CX OLED stopped controlling Samsung HW-Q70T soundbar via TV remote (eARC). CEC is enabled.

    I’ve had my Nintendo Switch plugged into my Samsung HW-Q70T soundbar input, and the ARC output into the eARC input (#2) on the CX OLED. I never touched these cords/ports (I did switch up the HDMI cables for my PS5 but not where it would affect the eARC ports). With this configuration, if the...
  11. S

    LG CX keeps switching to hdmi 3

    Every time I am watching Netflix or on YouTube my lg cx randomly switches to hdmi 3 I have my ps5 on hdmi 3. This is really bothering me I can’t watch Netflix without it switching to hdmi 3 how can I fix this thanks
  12. P

    lg cx 10 sound

    Hi all. I have lgcx10 for about 1 1/2 yr. When i brought it home and play something on netflix i noticed sound in movies was unclear/ like coming from the well/ basically kak. Then i realized netflix was defaulting to 5.1 sound. When i changed it to English(original) everything was fixed. But...
  13. L

    Dolby Atmos with PS5 and LG CX (internal speakers, blu ray)

    Hi, I've got a movie called Malignant on Bluray, I would like to play it in Dolby Atmos using the built in speakers in my LG CX. I have Dolby Atmos option in the TV enabled. In PS5 settings, I set Audio Format (Priority) to Dolby (other options are Linear PCM and DTS). After inserting the...
  14. ArashiKageTaro

    Native YouTube app on LG CX seems to be causing the audio from my Samsung wireless soundbar & woofer to cut in and out

    Hey all, new here and have a strange situation/question: So I have a Samsung HW-Q70T soundbar + subwoofer that is connected to an LG CX OLED via HDMI eARC. The soundbar is also connected to WiFi via 2.4 GHz; the Smart Things app says my soundbar is up to date with the latest firmware. Whenever...
  15. M

    SP8ya and tv lg cx

    Hello, I just bought an LG SP8YA soundbar. I connected it to the LG CX TV and wanted to know if it was necessary to make any changes to the TV settings to have a better audio performance with the soundabar. Also is it necessary to buy a particular HDMI cable to take full advantage of the eARC...
  16. Super Mario bros

    best VRR setting for xbox x series / LG CX

    in my LG Oled CX, is it better to activate VRR AMD freesync premium or leave the standard version and use HDMI VRR ?
  17. D

    Can't decide between LG 55" CX, G1 or wait for C2

    I currently have a 2016 55" B1 display. It has served me well but has a small cluster of dead pixels along the right edge of the display. I don't see them during normal viewing but they are there. It's also lacking in some of the features and improvements in technology obviously like 120Hz...
  18. P

    What new HDMI 2.1 Receiver works best with a LG CX tv without any issues?

    I’m thinking of upgrading my receiver to a more modern one, so I don’t have to do workarounds to get eARC working with external devices like the sharc, which is currently connected to my current receiver. My current receiver is a Denon X4200W and although it works great and can pass through all...
  19. G

    LG OLED price drops: 55" CX vs B1

    Hi Folks, long time lurker and appreciator of the great advice offered across these forums. I recently pulled the trigger on a 55” LG CX for £869.89. Costco delivery has proven to be pretty sluggish which has given me time to reconsider my choice, especially at a time when prices for these LG...
  20. R

    Airplay issue on LG CX OLED

    I have an LG CX series TV with the latest OS which has Airplay 2. The TV has the latest software and is correctly paired with my devices. I have a Macbook and iMac both running the latest OS (Monterey 12.1) and both devices suffer exactly the same problems - which have existed in previous...
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