1. SnakePlissken006

    Sony str-dn1080 sound cutting out earc

    Hi I have a problem with my Sony str-dn1080 audio system using earc. The sound is constantly cutting out. I've tried everything and it won't fix. I'm connected to the sony x900h using hdmi 2.1.from the receivers tv port to the tvs earc port. Both have been updated to latest firmware. My settings...
  2. bunyboy

    Yamaha C20 soundbar - cutting out

    Hi All, I've had the Yamaha C20 soundbar for a week or so, it's connected via HDMI arc and has worked fine up until today when it has started cutting in and out (a second on a second off) and the only way I can stop it is to turn it off and on again. It sometimes only takes a minute and the...
  3. B

    Yamaha RX V673 cutting out and making crackle and popping noises.

    Hi As per the thread title, my amp starting to make loud crackling noises through the speaker a few weeks ago. The noises would stop 5 mins or so after having the amp turned on but this gradually became more frequent and now the sound disappears completely and only returns if I faff about with...
  4. P

    Question Harmon Kardon Subwoofer HKTS7 cutting out - replacement amp possible?

    This drops in out periodically - Are there any plate amps that will fit (perhaps with me fabricating an adaptor plate) ? If not is repair possible? Trying to weigh up DIY options before having to buy new.
  5. N

    Question Philips 7303 - sound cutting out

    Hello all. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Have the 65 inch version of the above set and have been generally happy with it. But, recently I've noticed very small audio drops on all sources when using anything but stereo sound. I have the TV connected to a sonos beam over ARC but I believe its the TV not...
  6. jchh

    Question edit then convert or convert then edit?

    Hi, Apologies if this is a dumb question, but is there any difference in cutting/trimming TS flies (from my HDHomeRun) before converting to MP4, or is it better the other way around? The only thing that I can imagine might influence this are I-frames? I am on a Mac and ma using Movavi Split...
  7. D

    Question Xbox One Audio Drop when gaming

    Hi, Hoping Someone can help with a problem I've had since buying a new sound system - have called Richer Sounds, googled the sh*t out of this and can't seem to get a resolution! Is driving me nuts. I have an orignal Xbox One, with an Onkyo HTs5805 (Dolby Atmos Speaker set up with AV receiver)...
  8. tigermad

    Question Sony wf1000x cutting out

    Hi. Costco have a good deal on these at the moment and felt it was time for a change from my Jaybird x2s. Unfortunately I am getting the problem quite a few people are reporting on the internet, when using the noise cancellation in the app the ear buds cut out now and again. They have great...
  9. Rmoliv

    Question LG Super UHD SK8500 - sound and image keeps cutting out

    Today I purchased this LG TV, model SK8500. However, the sound and image keep cutting out intermittently whenever I switch to my cable provider's 4K Set-top Box to watch any live TV channel or content on it, it happens on all screens, settings included. Since I have two of them, one in the...
  10. S

    Question Hue Lightstrip Kitchen Install (cutting, joining, extending)

    Hi all, We're having a new kitchen fitted, and as I already use Hue to control most of the lights in the house I wanted to use Lightstrips for the under-cabinet lighting as wells as the lighting on the plinths. There's essentially 3 runs I need. Plinths 260cm, 200 cm, 240cm (three rows)...
  11. pcdunk

    Question Panasonic DMR-PWT530 Tuner cutting out

    Hi have a Panasonic DMR-PWT530 which I have had for a good few years and I use almost every day. I have been having a problem over the past few months. When the central heating comes on quite often the Tuner of the DMR-PWT530 cuts out and sometimes it comes back within seconds and sometimes it...
  12. guest

    LG SJ8 Vocals cutting out

    Just curious if anyone has had the SJ8 vocals cutting out. Thought at first it was just the source But its happened with the LG TV's Apps too (Amazon Video) Only got the thing today and it has performed really well however twice the music for the film is playing and silence where there should...
  13. N

    ARC from LG TV to Onkyo Amp cutting out due to light switches etc

    Randomly when using ARC to pass sound from my LG TV to my Onkyo Amp I get short audio cut out. eg: 1 second or so... I can now reproduced this at will by turn light switches on/off. 50% of the time I'll get an audio cut out. I suspect other devices coming on/off might also be causing it too? So...
  14. explicitlyrics

    Audio cutting out on Hisense H45N5750

    Hi all, I had a Hisense H43M3000 which failed under warranty so got it replaced with a H45N5750 after a massive faff. I was using ARC to give tv audio to my Yamaha RX V675 but since changing/upgrading the tv it has kept cutting out (it misses a second or two of audio before continuing again...
  15. P

    Question Sound cutting out on Netflix 5.1

    So I recently upgraded my TV to a Panasonic 50EX700B and I have a Yamaha rx-v581 Receiver. Since then when I play Netflix using 5.1 english audio it stops and starts, the amp shows the 5.1 speaker array while working and then the sound goes off and the speaker icon on the amp goes out. It comes...
  16. J

    STR-DB830 Right channel cutting out

    Hi I have a Sony STR-DB830 and, as the title says, the right speaker is intermittently cutting out. It's definitely not a speaker or cable fault and it happens on any source. I'm not an electronics troubleshooter but am quite comfortable touching up solder joints etc if I know where to look...
  17. Navvie

    Cutting for atmos speakers

    I need to cut some 244mm circular holes in my ceiling for atmos speakers, what's the preferred method?
  18. D

    Speakers Cutting Out on Receiver

    Hi there, I am in the process of switching from a Bose Lifestyle 20 to a non-Bose receiver. I am testing this with a receiver I already have (JVC RX-554VBK)to see if a non-Bose receiver will work before purchasing a new receiver. There are 6 rooms that have Bose speakers built into the ceiling...
  19. M

    Question Subwoofer cutting out at low volume.

    Hi all. I've got an issue with my home/computer speaker system. Every so often, I'd say every few months, I have an issue where the sub cuts out at low volume. I at first thought maybe something with the main controller speaker because the volume knob has a bit of static when adjusting. But I've...
  20. tim68

    sound cutting on remote play (PC)

    hi all I had a PS4 Pro last week and decided to try out remote play today on my PC but I am having problems with the sound cutting out when I connect the Dual Shock controller via a USB connection. thanks for the help
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