1. ThePercussionist

    Advice for analog 4.2 HiFi geek. Which AVR cuts the bill?

    I have had an all analog Arcam FMJ A32 7.1 I’ve been running with the FMJ P7 with an Oppo BDP-95 for ages. Yes I know, old school. Now the A32 passed… So after a long run without having to bother I’m back in update mayhem. 😵‍💫🤓 I use my 4.2 system 75 % for music and my main focus is natural...
  2. waltonfc1

    Sony A9G cuts off randomly

    My A9G cuts off randomly. Once or twice a month. I turned off the auto off function. But in middle of movie on panny 9000 and apple 4K tv
  3. D

    Yamaha RX-V6A Receiver Cuts Out for One Second about an Hour In

    I have a Yamaha RX-V6A plugged in through ARC to LG C9. When watching LG app content where only audio is going through the Yamaha through ARC there will be a second of audio cut out every hour - two hours. When watching a 4k blu-ray through the PS5, plugged directly into the Yamaha, the audio...
  4. L

    Pioneer A-X909V cuts out when volume goes past three

    Pioneer A-X909V cuts out when volume goes past three
  5. P

    DVD input cuts out every 2 seconds

    Hi - I hope you can help. I’ve just bought an LG 43“ UN80006 tv for our spare room. Everything works as expected except for the DVD player - the sound and picture simultaneously cuts out every couple of seconds for a second or so. The DVD player is connected to the tv using an HDMI cable; it’s...
  6. arcticwolve

    Panasonic Hc V160 picture cuts out when recording through a tv monitor

    Hello i have a Panasonic Hc-V160 camcorder its a few years old now but works fine my only issue is im having problems when i connect hdmi to tv monitor. When connected to the monitor i get a picture but as soon as i press record the monitor signal cuts out. Reason i need a monitor is for...
  7. G

    UHD Sky Q with a TCL 55C715K HDMI Cuts out

    Hi All I wondered if you could possibly help me. Had SKY Q for a few years and decided to Upgrade my TV to 4k. I have the UHD package already with SKY. I bought 2 UHD 4k HDMI cables also. My HDMI connection is split so into the TV, into the wall. then out of a separate HDMI into the Sky Box...
  8. R

    Help needed! Audio cuts out on after connecting KRK Rokit G4's to Pioneer DDJ-T1 controller

    Hoping someone can help! I've just bought a pair of KRK Rokit G4's but after connecting them up to my DDJ-T1 controller, the audio keeps cutting out after about 2 minutes of playing a track on Traktor (pro 3). It'll be fine then all of a sudden there'll be no sound, but the track will still be...
  9. Dony

    Government cuts EV grant by £500 and limits to under £35k vehicles

    I'm currently putting together a proposal to my employers about making the switch to EV company vehicles. Included in my figures is the £3000 grant for cars up to £50k, but reading this article, as off today the grant seems to be dropping to £2500 for cars up to £35k. Plug-in car, van and truck...
  10. GaryPSU

    LG C9 sound cuts out

    LG C9 sound cuts out briefly, but regularly, when using apps (Netflix, etc.) via ARC, but does not with internal speakers. Live TV is fine via ARC. Receiver is an older Sony. I’m using a quality HDMI cable.
  11. Jbfromwp

    Question 65 inch Bravia X95OG Google Voice cuts out

    When I say Hey Google or OK Google and ask a question, especially when TV is off, the Google lady starts to speak and then sound immediately drops. It works better when the TV is on but used to work with it off as well. This is a pain because I can't set timers, ask for the weather report...
  12. Gable73

    Yamaha RX-V685 Audio cuts out with Firestick plugged in

    I have a Yamaha RX-V685 and recently purchased the latest Amazon Firestick. Everything works fine with the Firestick, audio, video but when going back to regular tv the audio cuts out for a second or so and comes back. The receiver has 5 HDMI ports but it doesn't matter which port it still cuts...
  13. couchpatater

    SOLVED: 75PUS7805 - sound cuts out on Samsung Q90R soundbar when launching or even pausing Netflix titles

    Does anyone technical happen to have an explanation for why my new Philips TV changes the signal to my soundbar when I launch or even pause a Netflix title? I have the following setup: - Philips 75PUS7805.... TV sound is set to Multichannel (bypass).... I've tried it on Stereo and Multichannel...
  14. alan1958


    Recent issue with my old gear (Denon AVR1911 & Kef Eggs) I moved my furniture, including all 5 satellites. I don't know how I've done but I'm certain I've mucked up the back right/right rear wiring ( it's ALL under the flooring) Stereo is, perfect. Pop IN the BLURAY of Abbey Road, WISH YOU...
  15. lgans316

    Netflix cuts 4K bitrate in half, promises same 4K quality video

    Bad move. If Apple does this then I might go back to discs. :eek: Source: Netflix cuts 4K bitrate in half, promises same quality 4K video
  16. M

    Sound cuts out on ATV 4K with LG OLED CX77

    I’m having a major sound issue with ATV 4K connected to an LG OLED CX 77 which is connected to a Sonos Arc sound bar via HDMI eARC. Sound cuts out every other second. Doesn’t always do it. Occurs after watching a Dolby Atmos program from the ATV and then switching to watch something else on the...
  17. C

    HEOS 1 - just cuts out

    I have 3 x HEOS 1speakers connected on my home wifi I play bbc r2 they recently started to just stop playing for no reason the app is auto updated would anyone know why this might happen or suggest how to prevent it please ?
  18. Helix Hifi

    Node2i cuts the sound completely after lasted firmware upgrade.

    Hey folks. I normally use Spotify Premium for my music streaming. Lately the music cuts out. No sound! It seems to happen only if open the BS App too listen to Radio Paradise which is Cd-quality. It sounds a tad better. I can now only get my streaming from Spotify Connect from Airplay 2 trough...
  19. C

    Question Alternatives to QuickTime 7 for direct uncompressed cuts

    Apparently QuickTime Player 7 no longer functions from Catalina onwards. I occasionally use QuickTime 7 Player Pro for direct uncompressed cuts to videos (i.e. I can cut a part of a video and re-save it immediately in the original uncompressed format), a feature available in neither iMovie nor...
  20. G

    Denon receiver cuts off and back on

    Recently purchased a denon avr-x3500h. Every once in awhile it will just cut completely off, stay off for maybe a second and cut back on. No warning, no lights, nothing. Its hooked to my pc via hdmi and in a well ventilated area. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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