1. DarioTexas

    Question Custom Home Builder w/PICTURES ( Spec Cinema Advice Request) Dallas, Tx

    Thank you for this forum and the wealth of knowledge it provide. I am a custom home builder on the higher end of things. I am building a spec home that will have a home cinema setup as one of the many features. I am considering the JBLpro Cinema line and would like help specifying the best...
  2. MisthaLu

    Anyone tried making custom firmware for Dune HD devices?

    I've been reading a bit about the Dune HD devices lately, and recently stumbled across this: Dune HD Firmware Build Service - Dune HD STB - FIRMWARE BUILD SERVICE Dune HD Custom Firmware Images - Dune HD STB - CUSTOM FIRMWARE IMAGES Apparently it's possible to create your own firmware. That...
  3. M

    Question Anyone know of a legit and no cost site or video to help to produce, scale and print your own custom Bluray covers?

    Anyone know of a legit and no cost site or video to help to produce, scale and print your own custom Bluray covers? I particularly struggle to scale them properly when printing them out. This is just for my personal collection and NOT for any bootlegging I should add. Ta.
  4. jontell

    Custom upfiring atmos modules?

    I have QA 3010 fronts that are only 15cm/6" wide and the only atmos speakers within this width are the Onkyo's. I have read mixed reviews about these so not sure yet whether to get them or not. I was wondering whether a DIY option may work? If so which speakers could I use? The speakers...
  5. Jack85128

    Custom drone

    My 250 drone with a RMDO board won't connect with my computer, my laptop isn't able to recognize it.
  6. H

    My custom built tv unit

    I had this custom made to house my LG oled and home cinema system
  7. enoughbeck96

    No HDMI signal on PC Moniter? BIOS not working?

    I brought some 8GB (2x4GB) RAM which was compatable with my machine but after first putting it in i dont think it istalled as my pc still said 4GB any way i removed it and put it back again and when i turned my pc back on it started beeping 1 with 2 short beeps which meant there was no memory...
  8. J

    Subwoofer placement constraints & avoiding localisation

    Hoping to get some opinions here. I have attached a photo of the room to give you some idea. Preferably I want a single sub-woofer, so I am leaning towards the SVS PB-2000. The issue is that my wife has a say in the decor of this room, therefore a PB-2000 would not be acceptable anywhere in the...
  9. B

    200 Euro - First custom build NAS - Buget diskless DIY NAS

    I've spend my last 2 week looking for a NAS. I've started looking at an used diskless Drobo NAS (4bay or 5bay) and I've endup with Synology and Qnap. I love the ease of use of a Drobo, I love how stable it is a Synology, I love the features of Qnap and I hate the amount of money that you have...
  10. tinrib

    Custom Braided Cables

    Hi all, does anyone know a good site to get custom braided cables from? Where you can pick your own colour scheme? Thanks.
  11. HeisenbergerHifi

    Question Custom Zebrano Veneer Monitor Audio Speakers

    Hey hifi lovers Im mid way through a little project and Id like to share it with you. Im giving a pair of Monitor Audio BR2s a makeover. Zebrano Veneer finish. I picked them up from a pawn shop for 60 quid. Working perfectly but the exterior finish was ruined pretty much. Seeing as theyre a...
  12. A

    Question Custom made junction boxes?

    I very vaguely recall someone on here posting about a company that made custom junction boxes for AV connections. I have a customer I’m decorating for, who has a collection of (12) games consoles. He ideally wants them all connected to one TV, housed in a custom made TV unit. Anyone know of...
  13. B

    Question Sennheiser ie800s Custom Moulds Snugg

    Hi Love the Sennheiser ie800s detail and clarity as the hype is awesome. As for many the fit is awful so I'm considering snugg custom moulds for £200 has any body considered is it worth it ? One question I do have lingering is that these are my first high end IEMs if I buy a custom mould...
  14. HotShave

    Question Custom picture settings not working with Netflix Ap

    I'm sure this has been posted before, so apologies, but hard to find my exact issue. I run everything to my B7 via HDMI 2 ARC from my Denon AVR. I have input my custom picture settings on the TV (off and they are working from all sources (cable box, blue ray, etc.) but NOT the...
  15. harlock59

    [Philips BluRay Player] is there a way to add codecs or to install a custom firmware ?

    Hello, i'd like to know if there is a way to install a custom firmware on Philips bluray players or to add codecs, because i can't play for example x265 videos from USB stick and some mkv videos. thank you for some tips. bye !
  16. D

    Question Need help with a gaming table setup

    Hi all, first time, be gentle. I'm looking to make a gaming table with an Epson EB585 projector and a Kinect. I'll need to pick it up and move it around a bit, but any help is appreciated. So here's what I'm thinking of cobbling together from amazon: Projector mount...
  17. D

    Custom AV cabinet & room design - are these good or bad ideas?

    Custom AV cabinet - are these good or bad ideas? Hi all, The time has come to do up the front room and my daughter is of an age where Kef Uni-Q drivers are clearly the most attractive things in the world to take a whack at with a handful of half-chewed porridge. I was going to use the...
  18. FlyingPete

    Anyone else making custom cables?

    Sometimes you just can't find a cable that will do the job. Upstairs I have a TV with a single SCART socket and composite input. Connected to it are a fairly old DVD player with SCART (RGB) and composite outputs, and a VCR with a single SCART socket. Since nothing has two SCARTs, daisy-chaining...
  19. M

    Custom Hi-fi build

    First off i accept this may get flamed to hell and back and apologise if this isnt really the right place to ask, it also may be quite a long read. I have two 10" 1200 watt pioneer champion series subs in a sealed box with an american legacy amp. Iv looked around and cant find a cheap way to...
  20. VELS

    What cable to use for a custom 50m RCA lead ?

    SHORT QUESTION I want to make a "cuustom" RCA cable 50 length and if so what should i use for the cable ? Ive googled RCA ends and found some online so i just need to know the cable to use for a 50m length. LONG QUESTION (WITH BACKGROUND) Ive got a distributed audio AMP in a rack that is...
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