1. jason1wood

    New to REW, House Curve Question

    Just acquired a dual SVS PB-2000pro. Been getting to grips with REW, Umik and MiniDSP hd. I'm going to start positioning, matching and EQing today, read and viewed loads on YouTube so feeling pretty confident to do the basics. My question is, house curve, is there a right and wrong way, or...
  2. K

    Please Help :( Samsung 65inch Curve Thick Black Line)

    Hi all, Please would you be able to help me? I have my Samsung SUHD 65in Curve Tv that has developed a black line fault over night. Its about 3 inches thick and sometimes changes colour. Any Ideas what it could be please? I have taken the back off and re-seated the ribbons but its not helped...
  3. VHS Gamer

    Understanding Audyssey's reference curve

    For a while now I've always stuck to Flat, under the assumption that it is the curve that is untouched basically. But now I'm starting to wonder if reference really is the best way to go. Basically I just wanna understand why the 2khz dip, and why the high frequency roll off. I've heard the...
  4. kenshingintoki

    Am I basshead - 10db Harman curve

    Hey guys, I have a BK Mono plus. I've tested EQ off and on with the following curves: They all sound lovely but I REALLY like the 10DB one. It just has a tactility, depth and power to it which the others don't have as much of...
  5. P

    Changing the fan curve on an Nvidia card?

    I want to change the fan curve on an Nvidia card so that the fan ramps up at a lower temperature. Noise isn't a problem as the case is sound proofed, but I want to keep the ambient temperature in the case down under a moderate load.
  6. Marve77

    Amplifier "V Curve"

    Hi Folks, A wee bit of background, in a recent "F*&k it why not" moment I bought a set of Evo 4.2's, my next purchase was meant to be a new amp but the best laid plans an' all that. So I'm now back on my amp decision process but a couple of reviews have mentioned that they are best paired with...
  7. S

    SAME T - curve all speakers????

    I don’t understand how direct live can say to have the same target curve for each speaker especially the subwoofer..Can someone please explain I have nine speakers with different sizes as do most people thank you appreciated..
  8. puntloos

    Really strange price-vs-quality curve on 4K projectors

    Most "4K" projectors are actually fake 4K. The current common real-4K ones are only the JVC N5,NX7,NX9 and Sony 870,760 and 265 (or close.. their numbering is weird). But there are a bunch of alternatives that "simulate 4K" in a way that I find at least interesting, and also a bunch of...
  9. S

    Target curve adj. DIRAC live

    After running Dirac taking all measurements, these are my FL FR measurements. I have been adjusting as if it was a normal EQ with heavy bass as you can see. I am not sure of the proper way to adjust the graph or should I say target curves. When I load Harmon curves or default curves the sound is...
  10. icemanonline

    Long curve! minimalist...

    This is a shot taken with mobile, minimalist effect... But I like it, hope you do. Ice
  11. paul cliff

    To curve or not to curve

    So through searching the forums for 'curved' I can see that 95% of you hate them. I'm looking for a 65" TV to replace my 42" POS. The 3 in my budget are: Panasonic EX700B Sony XE700 Samsung MU6220 (curved) Whenever I go to JL I quite like the look of curved but its difficult to judge how I'll...
  12. K

    Questions on Horizontal Curve and Vertical Curve

    Hi folks, I am here on an advice from a friend of mine. I have been told that the answers to my questions will come from the gurus over here :). Since I am new to the forum I'd like to introduce myself. I have been in computers starting from C64. I have a degree in Math and Computer Science. I...
  13. Alaric

    Visual House Curve ???

    Hi There, In the midst of calibrating my eecolor box and a thought popped into my head.... I've a Dirac Live set-up which calibrates the audio side of things and ruler flat whilst technically the most accurate is often altered into a house curve which gives the set-up more pop and pizazz as...
  14. C

    Question 65 C6 owners - Do you like the curve?

    Hi I am considering oled and Lg in particular. The 2017 oled tvs are quite expensive right now so i am looking at either the C6 or the E6. I like 3d so the 2017s not having it is an issue for me. At the moment where i live the 65 C6 is 2500chf (£2000) and the 65 E6 is 3600chf (£2880). I an...
  15. S

    Question Costco Samsung 65" 4k Curve TV, $899, is it good?

    All, I am new to this forum, did search for the my question but couldn't find anything hence I post the question here. I am looking to buy 65" TV for ~$1000 or less, today I stumbled into $899 sale price on SAMSUNG TV UN65KU649DFXZA(Samsung 65" Class (64.5" Diag.) Curved 4K Ultra HD LED LCD...

    The Learning Curve - 9.1.4 New Construction - Feedback Needed

    Hi All, First post here, but I've been haunting the forums for a few years now as this project has progressed (steady by jerks!). I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and I've tried to incorporate best practices from here in a way to meet design needs and minimize compromises. Whether or...
  17. Stephendeo

    LG OLED 65" Curve 4k Vertical Lines Issue

    Hello everyone, I just got this TV 2 months ago, to get to the point of this post. I just started to see these vertical lines and dark edges. Based on this review LG OLED TV Review | LG 55EG9600 - Consumer Reports (instead I have a 65") this is exactly what i'm experiencing. Has anyone...
  18. Decath10n

    Question 55 inch 4K curvy quandary

    hi all, So I am looking to buy a new tv for a new flat this week. Having done a fair chunk of research over the past month I'd decided I wanted to go for a 55 inch 4K tv given my budget and room size. Budget: £1500 (ish) Preference: Samsung UE55JS8500 My issue is with the curved screen. I...
  19. jenner

    upgrading 4K TV Samsung Curve UN55HU7250 with SEK3500u

    I have a Samsung 4K UHD Curve TV Model UN55HU7250. Has anyone here upgraded with SEK 3500U Evolution kit? Ive been searching online but results comeout with different tv models and non on my specific. I need some feedback prior to purchasing this product.
  20. B

    samsung ue65js9000- 3D glasses help

    Hi, Im new to these forums, so i apologies if i have posted this in the wrong place I have just bought the above samsung from currys and is due to arrive in 2-3 weeks, i understand that it is a 3d televisions and i have a friend who has a couple of 3d movies on hand 3D glasses are pretty...
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