1. peppadapig69

    For Sale Currys £604 Gift Card - £530

    Selling a Currys gift e-card with the value of £604 for £540, which is just over 10% off. Thanks
  2. K


    I live on the Isle of Wight so the only big box local store is Curry's after getting a bonus at work I decided to upgrade my ageing TV with a LG C1 65in Oled. Now I'm a bit nervous about unboxing such a big thin TV even with help and I live in a flat on the third floor so I decided to pay 40...
  3. dr no

    For Sale Currys e-gift card £2,299 and £1200

    Large amount but worth trying to see if it suits someone. Warranty refund from Currys Expiration March 2022 90% value max. Want to consider buying from elsewhere hence sale Short sale period.
  4. L

    For Sale Currys egift card £235 for £205

    I had a £500 gift card with £235.09 remaining on it. Able to use both in store and online. Looking for £205. Once payment received I can send across. Thank you :)
  5. Fade In

    Currys no longer accepting voucher payments for mobiles online

    Apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum, but the 'Shopping' one seems more for deals/bargains. Bought a Currys voucher on here today to pay for a mobile phone on the Currys website as I've done probably 5 times in the past 2-3 years, including once earlier in the year. Went to pay, but...
  6. M

    Wanted £50 Currys voucher

    As the title suggests I'm looking for £50 of vouchers to make an online purchase. Cheers.
  7. D

    Wanted Currys vouchers

    Up to around £250 needed
  8. mikej

    Panasonic TVs no longer on display in Currys

    I was passing my nearest Currys store this afternoon so I popped in to check out the latest TVs on display and found, as I've read elsewhere, that there are no longer any Panasonic TVs on display at all. You can still buy them from Currys online, but you can't see them in store - at least not in...
  9. M

    Wanted Need Currys PC WORLD gift card

    Hi, I need Currys PC world gift card any amount. Upto £2500 Thanks
  10. Z

    Wanted Currys gift vouchers

    Hi I'm looking for£500 (possibly more) worth of currys gift cards (preferably at 90% or below). Thanks
  11. Barbs

    55" TV for £600 budget.... from Currys!

    Hi, I have read the guides and trawled through the messages but as it has been quite a while since I have researched this topic I have found myself lost in a world of jargon, confusing model numbers and new brands! This for my daughter who has a Currys voucher (insurance company insisted), a...
  12. Durzel

    Bought LG OLED C7 from Currys in 2017, 5 year warranty with KnowHow.. severe burn in, am I screwed?

    Hi all, Curious to know what people's thoughts are on this... I bought a LG OLED65C7V back in late 2017 from Currys, and at the time it came with a 5 year KnowHow warranty. It was quite an ordeal just getting the documentation for that warranty, involving me having to email the CEO of Currys...
  13. Kronenguy1664

    An email from Currys (a first timer)

    I went into my usual branch of Curry's the other day to get a new lapto (which I pick up next week). They'd phone/email me to say when I can pick it up but I got an email telling me Hello. Good buy. Thank you for your purchase. What does this mean?
  14. A

    Currys wrote off my 8204 - issuing voucher - new LED model suggestion ~£500-600

    Hello Everyone I had a 55pus8204 and the backlight died while in warranty - Currys is offering me a voucher for the full value I had paid (£474) as there is no spare part available. Can you guys help me figure out what to get (I can add a bit of money- say 126 extra so total budget is 600)...
  15. C

    Currys Extended Guarantee annual fob-off offer

    Hello everyone. I tend to waffle, so I'll try to be brief ;-). I purchased a TV from Currys (during Euro 2016 as it happens), so coign up top 5 years. I took out the extended guarantee. It has been in 3 times now, one they actually broke it in transit so it shows a 4th repair apparently...
  16. B

    Buying 2020 model year TV - annoyingly limited to Currys

    Morning everyone, Am a little embarrassed to be posting this but I was all set to buy a Samsung Q90T 65" TV. My employer runs a voucher scheme that gives cashback on vouchers through certain retailers. Currys was a better level of cashback than John Lewis and after getting Currys to price...
  17. M


    SAMSUNG Q70T SOUNDBAR AVAILABLE FOR £289 IN CURRYS OR IF YOU CANCEL THE 5 YEAR WARRANTY YOU CAN GET IT FOR £189. PRICE GLITCH BEING HONOURED IN STORE SOME BRANCHES. Just a heads-up that the Samsung Q70T Soundbar (3.1.2 with Dolby Atmos) can be had for £289 when you purchase it with 5 year...
  18. M

    Will Currys even try to repair B6?

    Hi everyone, I have my B6 booked in for repair on Saturday. It has had noticeable banding for quite some time now and I've finally decided to do something about it. Based off the pictures below, do you think they'll even try a repair? Or do you think they'll say it's a normal amount of banding...
  19. S

    Currys ad pixels query

    Who's seen the currys advert where the expert says if you watch movies go for an oled because the pixels are seperate what do they mean in comparison to lcd tv
  20. Kewlas

    Dilemma with Currys

    Afternoon all!, I am after some advice on a replacement TV. I currently have a 75” Samsung Q90T which I got from Curry’s June 2020 but it has the input issue of not showing a picture when you change input. After much messing around with Samsung they now say a software update is needed after...
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