1. stanster59

    Currys today

    Went in today for a look. They had a LG OLED set up next to a LED. The OLED looked lovely, deep rich blacks and superb contrast, the LED looked shocking in comparison, blacks were greys and colours faded. I came to the conclusion it was rigged. Anyway I looked at the sets on my shortlist and to...
  2. A

    Question Anyone else pre-ordered with Currys and had a 'disappointing' e-mail today?

    Paid up front for a 12 Pro for delivery on Friday - they're now saying they won't have stock until at least 24 November..... They'll only refund onto the gift card I used to pay for it, which means I can't buy it elsewhere as the money is tied up. Nor do I want £1100 sitting on a gift card...
  3. ash

    For Sale Currys £500 + £10 Voucher for 93% - £465 + £9.30

    I have for sale Curry's voucher: £500 @ 93% = £465 £10 @ 93% = £9.30 No offers.
  4. B

    Currys pre-order payment and order £2000 for Xbox x ?

    Hi All. I managed to pre order a Xbox x before they were sold out - at the time payed £5 deposit and then said email me in 28 days which is today - they say I must put a unique code in email in then £2000 plus £5 is added as payment but they won’t take this payment- it just makes sure I get Xbox...
  5. C

    Tv from currys broken within months

    Hi all! I'm really hoping someone can help me on here and ive done alot of looking at this forum and alot of people have been in the same situation as myself. Story: So I bought myself the Phillips 55pus7334 at the end of may this year. It was on sale from £599 down to £499. Me, my partner and...
  6. D

    Question Currys/AO cooker install

    Does anyone know if Currys or AO supply a cooker cable, I'm in the process of moving into a new build and being a new build there is no cooker cable.
  7. F


    Want to pay £300 for a £330 voucher thanks
  8. T

    Bargain 50% cashback off q950t at Currys = £750, in stock now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50% cashback off q950t at curry's, must buy a tv, cheapest at £199 then just sell it on. Saving £850 vs other retailers. £1499 at the moment. Will be in stock soon. Thought I’d help out 😇 Check there list of Samsung tv’s, starts from £199 and up. Sorry typing fast left that out. Still the same...
  9. L

    Best place to pre-order an Xbox Series X?

    Hi all, I was just wondering what the best place will be to pre-order an Xbox Series X (when they're available to pre-order)? I haven't ever pre-ordered a console before, and I haven't even bought one brand new in years, so I don't know which places are best? If anyone has had any experiences...
  10. K

    Question LG 55UN7400 or alternatives - Currys only, up to £600ish

    Hi, I know it's a bad time to buy TVs, but a friend of mine is adamant on buying one now in the next day or two, and I've been unable to convince them to wait till Black Friday. They have around a £450 voucher at Currys, and told me they wouldn't mind spending a bit on top if it helps. 55 inch...
  11. stanster59

    LG OLED55B9, £1049 Currys eBay store

    Saw this and thought I'd post ( personally I would never use their eBay store after previous dealings with them).
  12. chenks

    Question LG CX 48" - just currys?

    anyone know when the LG CX 48" will be available anywhere other than just Currys? other sizes appear to be avaible, but not the 48"
  13. S

    Help after being messed about by Currys.

    Hi. In short: I am looking for recommendations on a ~75 inch for the living room to mostly watch netlix/sports/play xbox with around £1k budget. Am stuck with Currys as a vendor. Around 1 month ago after doing a bit of research I settled on the H75B7510UK and as I get discount through a work...
  14. N

    Samsung & Currys..... not a happy customer.

    Just thought I'd share my experience. I've had an 82Q70R for just under 6 weeks and it has a fault. The tv keeps turning itself off and on. This happens every 40 seconds and can last for hours at a time. Happens on all inputs, ie) Sky, smart tv and firestick. I contacted currys and was told via...
  15. MI55ION

    Currys PCworld Team Knowhow Service....

    So I just had my lg oled tv collected for repair (green tint/hue issue) under the 5 year Currys warranty service. The tv left the house in aesthetically mint condition however seeing how the collection guy just picked it up by himself, which is not the proper way to do it and the complete lack...
  16. C

    LG OLED48CX now in stock at Currys (70ish units) also if you have ordered already, can be delivered tomorrow!

    Hello folks, Currys received 80 units today (around 10-15 were already pre-ordered) so some stock is now available. I received a text today saying they would be delivering my pre-ordered unit on Sunday, however I phoned them up and spoke to the TeamKnowHow department and they have moved my...
  17. W

    LG C9 3 week old if, i sell can i transfer currys 5y gaurantee ?

    hi purchased a c9 3 weeks ago 55 inch but iv'e decided it looks to big for my bedroom wall, my question is if i sell the tv will the curry's 5y repair guarantee transfer with it. thanks
  18. S

    currys warranty problems need advice

    Hi all, i brought a sony x85c a while back from currys after a year and a half i got the blinking red light of death. I took it back to currys at kingsway derby and they sent it away for repair. after 3 weeks of no contact i went back to see what was happening and they had to ring about 5...
  19. W

    Currys do they price match Costco ?

    if they do are there any costco members that can give me the current prices of the LG C9 & B9, 65 screen, Thanks
  20. R

    Question Samsung UE55JS8500 - Currys Knowhow warranty replacement?

    Hi I am fairly new here so go easy! My Samsung UE55JS8500 went in for repairs through the knowhow guarantee and it needs a new screen which is unavailable so they have decided to give me £499 on a gift card (the TV cost me £1899 about 4 years ago with a 5 year guarantee). 1. Should i accept...
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