Currys is a British electrical retailer operating in the UK and Ireland, owned by Dixons Carphone. It specialises in selling home electronics and household appliances, with 295 superstores and 73 high street stores. Smaller stores also trade under the Currys Digital brand in the UK, which was introduced to rebrand all former Dixons stores in 2006. Dixons stores in Ireland followed in August 2008, without the Digital suffix.
Most stores in the UK have now been dual branded with the PC World name.

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  1. K

    Wanted £30 currys voucher

    Looking for a £30 giftcard if possible. Close values accepted also. Thanks in advance
  2. CleanandShiny

    For Sale £200 Currys gift card 85% // £170

    £200 Currys gift card for sale. Valid for 2 years Selling at 85% // £170 I'm a trusted seller and have sold lots on the forum. PPG for payment please and I'll send the code straight after via DM (can email/whatsapp image as well)
  3. D

    For Sale £2000 Currys e-gift card @ 85%

    £2000 Currys e-gift card @ 85% Voucher will be sent immediately on payment received.
  4. R

    Wanted Looking to buy Currys e voucher

    Looking for £900 of Currys eVouchers ideally 15% off
  5. Mike.P®

    For Sale Currys E-Voucher £100 @ 90%

    Got a new phone a few months back and it came with a £100 Currys e-voucher that I was going to put towards a new laptop. However I ended up getting the Laptop from Amazon so looking to sell this. Can be used online or in store.
  6. 5

    Wanted Currys gift card - up to £500

    Looking for larger amounts up to £500. Must be able to use online. What do you have?
  7. H

    Question Minor damage to expensive TV (plus missing part) after Currys repair - what to do?

    Bought a Philips Ambilight 65OLED935/12 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV from Currys in 2021 with a 2-year warranty. I kept the TV in absolutely pristine condition. It went up on my wall (wearing gloves) and was literally never touched, with not a mark on it. Recently it developed some faults...
  8. Cheap Gaming

    PS5 drift issues. Contact Currys or Sony?

    Hello. Bought a PS5 from curry's 2 months ago and the controllers left stick has terrible drift. Im pretty sure its Sony i contact about getting it replaced/repaired but thing is, its the school holidays and having no controller for a few weeks will be a pain for my son. Has anyone any idea if i...
  9. S

    Hisense 43A7HQTUK help

    Looking at getting this tv from currys i currently have a basic samsung 1080p tv which is 10 years old just wondering what peoples thoughts on this tv are is the picture good is it hdmi 2.1 mainly gonna be used for watching tv and gaming on a ps5 and series x any help advice would be appreciated...
  10. orangebox

    White horizontal line down Philips 65806 OLED Help.

    A few days ago watching Netflix a white line appeared down the right hand side of my screen. I reset the tv, restarted it and the line was still there. Great! Later that day the line disappeared and has reappeared and won't go away. I called Currys, the tech team without seeing any photos or...
  11. J

    LGOLED55BX6LB - line issue 2 years old Currys help .

    Hi All, I wondered if anyone could help me, a few years ago (November 2020) I purchased a OLED TV from Currys. It came with there 5 year warranty on the site, I recall researching this on here and that some people had not recieved any paperwork with there TV but it was 'on the system' at Currys...
  12. T

    Return a QLED TCL TV to Currys

    Hello. I received my QLED TCL "55 TV from Currys on Wednesday the 11th. I tried it with Netflix, YouTube, my PS5 and Nintendo Switch and it has massive ghosting issues it's almost impossible to play videogames. It is also very noticeable on Netflix but it doesn't bother me that much because I'm...
  13. M

    Currys TV Dilemma

    Hi all Long story short my 2018 55" LG B8 OLED decided to die, Had a 5 year warranty and i ended up getting the value i paid (£829) yes i got a good deal at the time after a long drawn out complaint process, unfortunately i can only re-spend this at Currys, i was going to pull the trigger on...
  14. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired 15% off COD MW2 pre-order. Expires 28/10/22.

    Use discount code COD15 at checkout to apply this discount. 15% off Call of Duty MW2 from Voucher expires at the end of October 2022.
  15. SimonB91

    New 55” TV from Currys

    Hi all, Looking for a new 55” TV from Currys. They have a £1,000 gift card to spend on it from Insurance. They have viewed my own OLED, and like the look of it. Although all the different variations LG seem to have now has me confused… Far simpler when it was just B, C, G & W. Also looked...
  16. B

    Currys warranty repair for worsening uniformity

    My LG C7 has worsened over the years and the banding in the middle of the screen has become more prominent as well as a slight grid pattern being visible. These can be seen in the usual ways, low light scenes in a dark room. To see it all clearly you have to bring up the 5% grey screen. Knowing...
  17. eddierocks665

    New Freesat box from Currys

    Hi. Just tool the plunge, and on first impressions, this unit compared to my Sky Q is utter crap. Too slow, too clunky.... Did doo some research before hand, but nobody else seems to make these boxes now. Anyway, I`m assuming this is the Arris build? How do I pair the remote? The generic...
  18. Thug

    Currys just delivered our new fridge damaged

    So we were in the market for a new fridge freezer and after much research decided on a Samsung. The store had no stock but willing to sell us the shop floor display model for a whopping £20 off (£1040 instead of £1060, but already on promotion from £1700). Being desperate and the display model...
  19. lordvader

    Currys 5 year guarantee

    I brought an C1 77" from currys last month but i cant find anywhere on the invoice regarding the 5 year guarantee that should be included. Anyone else brought from Currys and do they send any documentation regarding this? Look on my online account and cant see anything there.
  20. Ian Collen

    NEWS: TCL and Currys extend their partnership in the UK

    The new arrangement includes the addition of the C725K series of Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TVs to the retailer’s catalogue. Read the news.
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