1. nicke20

    fire tv cube 2nd gen add on usb 3 and ethernet ports via micro usb

    I have bought a firetv cube and set it up, very pleased, however i believe that you van replace the break out mini usb box that has an ethernet port on, with an aftermarket one that has 3 usb3 ports, and a gigabit ethernet port with the ability to be powered by a seperate power supply. this will...
  2. B

    Smart TV or Fire Cube for apps ?

    This might be a really stupid question but I just bought a Samsung QE65QN95A and was wondering if their is any difference picture and sound wise between using the apps in the TV or using the apps on my Fire Cube ?
  3. topgazza

    Fire Cube 4K icons and Thumbnails not loading

    When I start up Fire Cubd I have started to get missing thumbnails for programs and films. If I space across trailers play ok and eventually the thumbnails seem to appear. I’ve not timed it but even after 5 minutes the images are still missing. Something is running slow I guess. But turning off...
  4. O

    Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen - best streamer for the price ?

    Just picked up one of these refurbished for £48 though it's on sale new for £60. All I can say is that I am impressed. Wasn't expecting much of an improvement over Fire TV 1st Gen I was replacing but it is. Obviously super quick with 6-core CPU, didn't think the older Fire TV was laggly till I...
  5. O

    Certified Refurbished 4k Fire TV cube, £50 with full warranty.

    I've bought refurbish fire sticks from Amazon before and they have been like new. This one is half price, normall £100, currently £50.
  6. E

    Any differences between using apps on Samsung Q6580R and Amazon fire cube

    Is there any significant difference between using the apps on my Samsung TV - Netflix, amazon prime etc rather than having a dedicated box such as the amazon fire cube? I know the using the Apple TV app meant I wasn’t getting Atmos so I bought an Apple TV 4K. I still get Atmos with Netflix...
  7. C

    Can Fire TV Cube do this?

    OK, this is a long question for experts only, that a lot of googling has yet to answer. I have an older, unusual AV setup: All the AV equipment is in a dedicated equipment closet (ie. not out in the open living room). The video and audio signals are routed thru cables to the TV, speakers, etc...
  8. S

    Controller for Amazon Fire TV Cube

    Has anyone managed to get a bluetooth controller to work with the Amazon Cube (2019)? I have tried with my PS4 pad, it connects but can't do anything with it and it crashes the box. I'd be using it for general navigation of the apps and retro games. I'm considering a few other controllers...
  9. Waynester

    Question Amazon Fire TV cube with KODI? Any good? and what settings do I need on Audio?

    Hi guys Has anyone got an Amazon Fire TV Cube and use Latest KODI version on it with no issues? Managed to find one for £90 I still have my Fire TV Box 2nd generation, but I do want HDR and the echo features, plus I think the cube has more audio codecs support than my 2nd Gen box? I have a...
  10. Waynester

    Question Opinions on Fire TV Cube with KODI? Anyone?

    Hi guys Has anyone got an Amazon Fire TV Cube and use KODI on it with no issues? Managed to find one for £90 I still have my Fire TV Box 2nd generation, but want HDR and the echo features, plus I think the cube has more audio codecs support than my 2nd Gen box? I have a buyer for my old box...
  11. killie77

    Question Mission Cube SE + Wall Mounts

    Hi Recently purchased a set of the Mission Cubes SE plus. I’m trying to find some wall mounts that will fit them. I’ve looked at the mission original ones but they seem quite expensive at £18 each. Does anyone know of any alternative wall mounts for these ? Thanks Ian
  12. Wswan85

    Amazon Fire Cube 4k

    Morning all, Could anyone provide their thoughts on the Fire Cube 4k? Specifically I am after how good the 4k/HDR content is, and the audio quality, specifically atmos? I currently use my Xbox One X for streaming Netflix, Disney+ and Prime, and the picture is good but I've never been...
  13. C

    Question Changing HDMI inputs on Samsung q90r soundbar with Alexa

    Struggling to figure out the best setup here any help is much appreciated. current setup is: 2019 fire tv cube & sky HD box > hdmi 1&2 on soundbar soundbar hdmi out > HDMI 1 in on Epson tw9400w wireless video transmitter. I’m trying To set up as much control as possible with Alexa that’s...
  14. Alaric

    NEW - Amazon Fire TV Cube - UK!!!

    Hi there, Haven't seen a thread on this yet and noticed it Today on my Amazon page, available to purchase. It's been out in the US for a while, but the UK missed that model, however the refresh is here to buy in the UK now. I've been a Fire TV box fan for a while, having the first and second...
  15. S

    Question Amazon Fire TV cube I wonder what new things this will bring to the table?
  16. killie77

    Question Ket Cube 2. Whats it worth ?

    Hi Thinking of selling the above Sub. Had a look through the forums but wasn't able to find any that had sold. Anyone have an idea what their worth ? Unfortunately don't have the original Box Thanks Ian
  17. G

    Cube speaker stopped working

    I have a Cambridge Soundworks cube speaker (from when Cambridge Soundwoerrks was really Cambridge Soundworks) that suddenly stopped working. I verified that the speaker is the problem and not the wiring or receiver channel. I'd like to see if there is anything I can fix like a disconnected or...
  18. Alpha One Seven

    Resistance is futile.

    CBS is releasing officially licensed Star Trek "Borg Cube" computers. A small sized computer aimed at the gaming and VR users, it will be a very limited release of just 359 units of each version. Does that number sound familiar? It should if you are any kind of Trek fan worth your salt, or gold...
  19. R

    Question Wanted Umbilical Cord Mission M Cube Speakers

    Hi, I need an umbilical cord for M Cube speakers. Anyone have a spare or know where i can get one.
  20. M

    Help! Identify a music video/song from description

    I'm trying to find a song from what I remember of the music video. It was a shanty town or group of homeless older men. There was a floating, slowly spinning cube or box that they watched rise into the air. If i remember correctly, the cube may have floated out of an old barn. There may also...
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