Old school Sony CRT

    A friend who is an avid gamer has just bought a Sony Trinitron KV-24LS35U to use with older game consoles. Games look great i have to say! Anyway, the tv came without a remote, and most of the inputs are set at 14:9 or "smart" She predominantly wants a 4:3 aspect ratio. Tried endless amount of...
  2. A

    Daewoo Gb14h1n crt vhs combi

    Hello there, I have the tv vcr combi named in the title and for some reason I cannot get anything to work on av, that is to say when I plug any of my old consoles into the scart socket on the back then select av on the remote with the source button, the screen stays black, no sound either, as...
  3. ezraharvey

    Beko NR28C7 CRT Geometry help!

    I'd be amazed if many other of these TVs have lasted this long, but I recently picked one up for my retro gaming setup. It was working fine, but auto resizing the screen when using a 60hz signal over RF. I read online about the geometry settings on the service menu (Menu + 9301) and was happily...
  4. 1

    Sony G70 CRT

    I have a Sony G70 CRT projector with ceiling mount and remote that I cannot take to my new house. I don't want to scrap it but is there any demand for one these days? It was working well when taken down but that was several years ago. Thanks Richard.
  5. druxka

    Help with flipping BARCO CINE 6 CRT Projector image

    Hi, I just acquired a barco cine 6 in great working order. I would like to rotate the image so it goes from ceiling/front to table/front. Instructions say that I should open it up and flip all 9 multiplugs (horizontal, vertical and another 3 that need only be flipped when in front/table...
  6. L

    Does my dream CRT television even exist?

    Hello! I am looking for a crt tv for retro gaming. I have read an endless amount of vintage reviews and looked through countless hastily scanned pdf catalogues in multiple languages, and I feel like I know exactly what I want now. I'm just not sure if there is a television quite like my dreams...
  7. B

    How the hell do you remove a Toshiba 36 inch crt TV model number 36ZP38B, from the TV stand.

    How the hell do you remove a Toshiba 36 inch crt TV model number 36ZP38B, from the TV stand. New TV comes Wednesday and I cannot find any info on line in how to remove the TV from the stand. Also if anybody wants it for free before the new one comes then dm me. I think the TV is still fine, it...
  8. B

    Toshiba crt

    Hi I have an old Toshiba crt 36 inch. Have ordered a LG c1, as TV guy said that my tube was on the way out. TV must be 18 or 19 years old, so part of the family. Can this be repaired as the TV seems to now be alright and gives a cracking picture. Picture is of the problem that I had for say two...
  9. D

    Screen display lacking red colour

    Just turned on my PC and the screen display colour seems to be severely lacking in red colour. The screen is a very old CRT monitor, the PC just 3 or 4 years old so I guess the likelyhood is that the CRT has failed in some way. However, before I splash out on a new monitor, I'd like to be more...
  10. P

    CRT and scart

    Hi, I've had a look over the site and can't see the best place to put this, so on the off chance someone can help, I'll post this here. My eldest has recently picked up an ONN CRT 1541 TV, it doesn't have the remote and I can't seem to get it to pick up the scart cable for the old Xbox...
  11. F

    Philips CRT can't turn off AVL

    Got a cheap CRT for retro gaming - model no. 14PT6107 and there is definitely some auto volume levelling going on but there is no button on the remote or anywhere in the meus to turn it off. There is no sound menu at all in fact even though there is a button on the remote for it. Any ideas how I...
  12. A

    How do I clean a CRT screen with anti-reflective coating?

    Hi, I just bought an old Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 1 from ~2001 and the screen has an anti-reflective coating (that's not in such great condition). What's the best way to clean the grime and fingerprints off it without further deteriorating the AR coating? Can I use a mild washing liquid and...
  13. Tomnook80

    Speakers and CRT tubes. Issues?

    Hi all, Having pretty much finished my games cabin I've put my arcade cabs at the back and plan to use the front portion as a mini home cinema room with a decent surround setup. I've realised however that speakers don't play well with CRTs from memory and I have a couple of large buggers in my...
  14. vritra

    Help with old CRT and HDMI

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums and I'm looking for some help regarding an old CRT TV. The TV is a Sony Trinitron KV-1484AN (might be a south american exclusive model) and I'm trying to connect my laptop and a Raspberry Pi with Retropie. I've got a hdmi to rca converter but I only get a...
  15. B

    240p test suite is giving me inaccurate colors.

    I have a Sony KV-20FS120. Beautiful hunk of 55 lbs of CRT. I calibrated the color, black level, etc. the works using 240p test suite on my Wii. Open up Smash Melee, the reason I got it in the first place... and it looks awful. The reds are blown up, all the bright colors are so bright they're...
  16. W

    Samsung CRT CW-29Z404N with horizontally displaced imaged / Lateral black bar

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a 29 inch Samsung CRT TV, model CW-29Z404N. I don't know about how much it has been used or how long it's been stored. Externally it looks great, like new. Sadly, when it's turned on, the image it's horizontally displaced to the right, leaving a black bar on the...
  17. Y

    Aiwa crt video recorder combination unit

    Dear forum members I have a Aiwa c r t video combination unit. and a video snapped today So I’m just if it could just be my ninties jvc video tape why it happened Or it could be a my video recorder Telly
  18. T

    CRT - B&O MX4000 Fuzzy/wavey picture

    Hi all, I've recently got a Bang & Olufsen MX4000 from ebay, but can't get a clear picture out of it. It seems like lines are shaking or have a wave on them. I've got some footage of it: Currently thats a hdmi to scart converter plugged into the scart input. The same effect happens with the...
  19. A

    Bargain Samsung crt tv CZ-21A083N Acepts ntsc 60hz input?

    I am looking to connect my av famicom (ntsc-j) to an old crt tv. I find the Samsung Cz-21a083n but i am not sure if this old crt tv can accept Ntsc 60 hz signal. Online manual says nothing about the frequency...
  20. G

    Daewoo KR14V5TW (CRT) - brightness problem

    Hello! Tell me please - can I ask about problem with my old CRT Daewoo KR14V5TW? I'm using it for playing SEGA Genesis :-) So the problem is - brightness level changes time after time depending of scene. Here is example: What is this problem in your opinion? Thank you very much for answers :-)
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