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  1. labalaban

    Component video is shifted sideways on CRT

    Hi. I have a problem with a Extron USP 507 connected to a Olympus OEV142 with component R/R-Y_G/Y_B/B-y. The video is shifted sideways as you can see in the attached images. Any one know how to fix this? The USP 507 is sending the test pattern at 640x480 60hz The CRT works fine when using...
  2. Matt_C

    Question HDMI to SCART adapter/converter

    I need to look into the validity or feasibility of converting a device with HDMI output into RGB SCART Basically, my mum has an old TV (my old Toshiba 36” CRT) which she really likes and doesn’t want to get rid of, but need to upgrade from her old Youview box,that from the end of this month...
  3. MDK1974

    Next Gen Gaming on a Sony Trinitron CRT TV

    Hi. I have a Sony Trinitron KV-32FX20U - one of the last non-100hz CRT's that there was. Original Xbox looks awesome on this, but I'm wondering if I can play next gen games on the Series X through it. Problem is, I don't think the TV can display 480p and the Xbox only displays progressive...
  4. J

    Degaussing coil on older CRT television?

    Does anyone know the approximate gauge of the wire used in the degaussing coil in the old syle CRT television? Thanks in advance.
  5. Lloydy92

    Gaming on a CRT

    With the recent article about gaming monitors piquing my interest, I thought I’d ask fellow forum gamers if anyone else is using a CRT monitor for modern gaming? I’ve currently got my RTX 4070Ti equipped rig hooked up to a Dell E773p, a 17” monitor from the early 2000’s. I’ve been gaming like...
  6. H

    Question CRT geometry calibration

    Hi I have a Samsung WS-28V53N that I would like to calibrate the geometry using the 240p test suite on my consoles. I have manged to get into the service menu using menu-info-mute-power combo on my remote. My issue is that it does not tune into my scart input only a channel number with snow...
  7. scartlead

    Question Where did it start for you??

    Hi all, a light hearted look at projectors in days gone by, or if you're just starting out with modern kit, Its a pretty niche piece of kit after all. So... where did your projector journey start? Attached my own, which I still have. Not used, but cant get rid!. Sony D50 CRT, which I bought...
  8. Q

    Do old "vintage" CRT TVs really have any value?

    I'm just loading junk for the tip into the car, including an old Panasonic TX-3300 22" TV with remote, and happened to see "vintage" CRT TVs being advertised on Ebay, sometimes for hefty prices. Seems to work ok and cosmetically pristine with teak look finish. Has remote and steel stand. Do...
  9. Secondhand

    Anywhere I can buy an old CRT TV for retro gaming?

    I’m looking to a CRT TV for my old games consoles. I’ve looked at eBay and you seem to be paying premium prices (which I don’t mind after exhausting all other options). So far I’ve check FB market. Charity shops no luck. Anybody know anything else I’m missing or still a shop that sells them?
  10. Y

    Aiwa remote controls

    Dear members I have a Aiwa r c - avco5 The remote control runs A Orion combination c r t video recorder c 15000 l t x and a aiwa combination set to . I can’t find a avco5 set anywhere Will a avco6 or avco4 remote control do the job to
  11. M

    Sony Trinitron KD-32DX150U CRT has vertical coloured lines on screen & jumping text.

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum so hello everyone! I was hoping the Sony forum could help me solve an issue with my trusty Sony Trinitron KD-32DX150U CRT? This TV has worked flawlessly for over 10 years for me, as I bought it secong hand. I switched it on recently after not using it...
  12. Willis1995

    LCD vs CRT: Which display type gives the best picture for SD content?

    Hello, I own a Panasonic HDTV which has a native resolution of 1366x768. When watching SD broadcasts on Freeview, the picture ends up looking all soft and fuzzy because of the upscaling. So recently I bought an old second-hand standard definition TV from eBay, with the hope that it would make...
  13. M

    Bush Crt tv BTV180T possible to hook up DVD player or no?

    Hi, I’m not really a techy a person and I haven’t really found anything specific online. I wondered if anyone knows if I can hook up a DVD player my bush crt tv? The only ‘sockets’ it has are aerial and AV1. Just curious as VHS tapes seem to be astronomically priced! Thank you for any feedback.
  14. N

    Looking for an old tech solution!

    We're in the process of doing up our house and after it's all done I should have the ability to use my age old Sony 29" CRT. My goal is to have it set up so I can watch all of my older 4:3 interlaced shows to have that nice retro feeling! My main love is classic Doctor Who, although it's just...
  15. J

    Need help finding my childhood CRT TV

    Long story short ever since I left the house my mother has been throwing old stuff out since "it hasn't been used in a year" when I visited 2 years ago the CRT which I used to play Playstation 1 and 2 games on was thrown out. It has been bothering me ever since I can not play on modern screens...
  16. G

    Help needed with old CRT TV

    Afternoon all, just after a bit of advice, I have an old Samsung CRT TV which I use as part of a retro gaming setup. It has one scart socket but I'm having trouble using it. Initially I thought that the scart selector I was using was maybe damaged so instead I've plugged the console (in this...
  17. YPBPR

    Smallest HD CRT TV

    The smallest HD CRT TV that I know of is the Slimfit TX-T279H, and it's 4:3. Who knows of 16:9 HD CRTs below 30"?
  18. J

    Old crt monitors sell or junk

    I have old crt monitors some work and some don't one is a Dell E773c are they worth selling, I can't use them as when on solar power I need to keep electric usage down they seem to use twice as many amps as a led.
  19. L

    CRT Panasonic TV model TX-25T2L Service Mode (?)

    Hello everyone guys, I hope someone could help me please to enter in the Service Mode of a CRT Panasonic Colour TV model TX-25T2L, serial no. LE-331011 (Alpha 2 Chassis) manufactured in UK. I have found online just a User Manual of the model TX-25T2 so far (I can't find the service manual), and...
  20. D

    Sony CRT - the correct way to set it up

    Hi all, First post... I have a new CRT specifically for old school games from my youth. I've got an old ish PC with an Nvidia GT610 with VGA / HDMI and DVI out. The TV is a 28" Sony CRT KV-28FS20U. I'm using a converter (HDMI to RCA) For the most part everything is working as expected. My...
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