1. O

    For Sale Barco Data 808 Graphics S CRT Projector

    We have a Barco projector in good condition - all working fine on BluRay. Open to reasonable offers. In separate listings I am advertising the Flight Case which goes with the projector and a Barco Ceiling Mount.
  2. Tomnook80

    Speakers and CRT tubes. Issues?

    Hi all, Having pretty much finished my games cabin I've put my arcade cabs at the back and plan to use the front portion as a mini home cinema room with a decent surround setup. I've realised however that speakers don't play well with CRTs from memory and I have a couple of large buggers in my...
  3. vritra

    Help with old CRT and HDMI

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums and I'm looking for some help regarding an old CRT TV. The TV is a Sony Trinitron KV-1484AN (might be a south american exclusive model) and I'm trying to connect my laptop and a Raspberry Pi with Retropie. I've got a hdmi to rca converter but I only get a...
  4. B

    240p test suite is giving me inaccurate colors.

    I have a Sony KV-20FS120. Beautiful hunk of 55 lbs of CRT. I calibrated the color, black level, etc. the works using 240p test suite on my Wii. Open up Smash Melee, the reason I got it in the first place... and it looks awful. The reds are blown up, all the bright colors are so bright they're...
  5. W

    Samsung CRT CW-29Z404N with horizontally displaced imaged / Lateral black bar

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a 29 inch Samsung CRT TV, model CW-29Z404N. I don't know about how much it has been used or how long it's been stored. Externally it looks great, like new. Sadly, when it's turned on, the image it's horizontally displaced to the right, leaving a black bar on the...
  6. Y

    Aiwa crt video recorder combination unit

    Dear forum members I have a Aiwa c r t video combination unit. and a video snapped today So I’m just if it could just be my ninties jvc video tape why it happened Or it could be a my video recorder Telly
  7. T

    CRT - B&O MX4000 Fuzzy/wavey picture

    Hi all, I've recently got a Bang & Olufsen MX4000 from ebay, but can't get a clear picture out of it. It seems like lines are shaking or have a wave on them. I've got some footage of it: Currently thats a hdmi to scart converter plugged into the scart input. The same effect happens with the...
  8. A

    Bargain Samsung crt tv CZ-21A083N Acepts ntsc 60hz input?

    I am looking to connect my av famicom (ntsc-j) to an old crt tv. I find the Samsung Cz-21a083n but i am not sure if this old crt tv can accept Ntsc 60 hz signal. Online manual says nothing about the frequency...
  9. G

    Daewoo KR14V5TW (CRT) - brightness problem

    Hello! Tell me please - can I ask about problem with my old CRT Daewoo KR14V5TW? I'm using it for playing SEGA Genesis :-) So the problem is - brightness level changes time after time depending of scene. Here is example: What is this problem in your opinion? Thank you very much for answers :-)
  10. D

    Saving a CRT 36" TV from going to TV heaven

    Having to downsize my home and the first thing that's gotta go is the retro gaming setup. Can anyone give me any advice as to how to get rid of a giant CRT TV from 2005? Its a Toshiba 36ZP48 with remote, speakers and stand but combined weight is way over 100kg so I can't post it to interested...
  11. Yetizone

    Apple TV3 connection to an old CRT, non HDMI TV?

    Hi everyone. RE: Apple TV connectivity to old TV. Having just upgraded to an Apple 4K TV for our main TV room, I would still like to use my spare Apple TV3, but in this case with a much older CRT Panasonic widescreen TV (circa 16 years old, and still going strong!). This TV does not have HDMI...
  12. R

    Any advice?

    Dear experts, I have a BARCO 708MM which I am about to try and sell. I will then be looking to buy a good quality digital projector. Unfortunately all of my internal wiring under floors (etc.) is RGB terminating in male BNC connectors... is there such a thing as a Female BNC RGB to HDMI...
  13. A

    Old Bush CRT TV service mode (how to access)

    I recently bought a Bush BTV213DVD (all in one telly, VHS and DVD) for playing retro games as it offers a more 'old school' feel. The picture however needs a few tweaks but I cannot find online the button combo to access the engineer/service menu. Can anyone assist? Many thanks.
  14. JaKSLaP


    Hi; I want to connect my Windows 10 Gaming PC GTX970 to my Sony Trinitron SD TV. I recently purchased a DVI-I cable to component, and it did not work all the colours where mixed up. Now, i dont want to keep ordering different cables and adapter to get this working. I want to connect my PC to...
  15. O

    Need tips for selling CRT in US

    Hi, folks. Newbie here. I thought I'd post my Loewe CRT in the classifieds, but it seems that the classified are all in the UK. Can anybody offer any tips on finding a buyer in the US for my 30-inch Loewe Aconda? I'm located about 2 hours from Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks!
  16. N

    Intermittent red and blue screen on CRT

    The display on my old CRT TV (Toshiba 32ZP46P) is displaying a red or blue splotchy picture. I use a projector for watching TV and movies and for playing games, but my nephews use the TV a lot. I have an LCD display that I can move to that room but I wonder if it would be cost effective to fix...
  17. R

    BARCO 708MM CRT Projector repaired (or re-aligned) in the UK (Preferable East Anglia)

    Hello, I'm new... I need to have a BARCO 708MM CRT Projector repaired (or re-aligned) can anyone suggest someone in the UK (Preferable East Anglia) that may be able to help?
  18. D

    Question W7 to W10 upgrade: CRT screen refresh rate problem

    Judging by the many problem posts I've read this week, I got of lightly when I carried out the free upgrade from my existing W7 Pro 32bit to W10 Pro 32bit (v1909) a couple of days ago - still a nightmare process though, strangely inconsistent, and two days I'll never get back. Anyway... I would...
  19. BlueflashAbz

    Question Any Barco CRT Technicians in the UK?

    Hi, Am located in Aberdeen, Scotland, and need a Barco CRT technician to look at my Barco Reality 909. Could anyone put me in touch with someone who still carries out this sort of work? Happy to cover travel and accommodation costs.
  20. Matt_C

    Good old CRT still doing the biz

    Gave my mum my old Toshiba 36ZP18 some years ago (must be about 10 or 12 years ago I think) and it’s still a cracking unit - sat here watching The Jungle Book (on BBC HD, albeit via scart) and it still looks great, if a little small
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