1. H

    Paradigm Millennia One speakers and Crossover setting

    Hey, I have a 5.1 setup, with Paradigm Millennia One bookshelf speakers, and a Martin Logan Dynamo 700 Subwoofer. These are wired into a Yamaha Aventage RX-A1050 (I want to upgrade the receiver soon enough). Anyway, the original recommendation from the shop I bought these from said to set the...
  2. M

    mordaunt short ms504 amp crossover setting

    Hi guys just brought the Mordaunt ms 504 thx centre speaker second hand (very impressed) i realise the frequency response of the speaker starts at 80hz as per thx guidelines. My question if someone can help is it best still to set the amp at 80hz as well its currently set at 60hz for my other...
  3. JL12W7

    Passive subwoofer crossover settings

    I built two sub boxes and put FI 15'' drivers in both boxes so two 15'' SUBWOOFERS sitting either end of the room. I have those connected to two CV 5000 power amps which are in turn connected to the sub out of the Yamaha receiver. I read you need a low pass filter or crossover, but am I...
  4. markb1980

    Dali Alteco C1 Crossover

    I have just installed some Dali Alteco C1’s as front heights in a 5.1.2 set up and ran Audyssey, it set them with a crossover of 40Hz even though they are only rated down to 74Hz according to the specs? I have raised them to 80Hz but wondering if they should be raised even higher as they are...
  5. G

    Sub With High Crossover Frequency

    Hi, I need to replace the sub in my 5.1 cinema system (posted a question in the Home Cinema Speakers forum - but can't delete it). My satellites have a very high LF crossover point of 280Hz (Mission M Cubes) so really need a sub that is capable of going up to 300Hz to fill in the lower midrange...
  6. bernado

    Speaker crossover DIY experts please advise

    I've got a pair of vintage speakers with a problem on one of them which from measuring all the components from both with a meter would appear to a be capacitor in the crossover, as pictured below. If I've got this right from the code it's a 45000pf disc capacitor with a tolerance of 0.25%...
  7. C

    Sub Crossover Query (relates to HT Bypass)

    Hi, I'm looking at buying the Richer Sounds CA Evo 150+Kef LS50 Meta bundle and using it both standalone and in HT Bypass with my Denon and my SVS PC-2000. Can I use the L&R inputs on the sub and feed the SVS from both amps to use it in both situations? If so, since the CA doesn't appear to...
  8. vlawde

    Pioneer Elite VSXLX104 crossover vs Martin Logan Dynamo 600X sub

    Periodically I'll first run the Martin Logan ARC mobile calibration and move the mic around to the different locations in the room, then run the Pioneer's MCACC. Paradigm studio 60 speakers set to small. I noticed when I'm done running the MACC it says the crossover is at 100. I thought it was...
  9. R

    Help required with Vienna Acoustics Bach Crossover

    I am busy restoring a pair of Vienna Acoustics Bach speakers, and noticed that a resistor on the crossover was replaced at some time as the previous one over-heated, as can be seen in the image below. I am not sure if they used the correct resistance. As I would also like to replace the caps at...
  10. robborobson

    Dali AXS-5000 restoration/repair - help?!

    First time posting, really hoping some of the lovely folk here might be able to help... I recently got my hands on a pair of Dali AXS-5000 floorstanders as part of a stack of 2nd hand separates I snagged from Gumtree - including an SL1210 mk2 - all at a pretty bargain price. Everything's mint -...
  11. DillyDecibels

    Size, Levels, & Crossover Frequency. What are things I know nothing about?

    Help me I am a Stooge My name is Dillon and I am completely new to the A/V world. I love movies and when the theaters shutdown I had to act immediately. My setup as of now consist of the following: • Klipsch 8000F(x2) • Klipsch 504C • Klipsch 500SA(X2) • Klipsch SPL-120 These speakers are ran...
  12. E

    Bi-amping & "internal speaker crossover" ???

    Sorry to disappoint everyone who clicked this READY 2 RAGE. I've done a bit of research & have found that "passive bi-amping" is effectively pointless. I just like to know how things work, and had a question: I own a pair of Klipsch RP-260Fs. Removing their terminal connecting bar definitely...
  13. T

    Crossover Freq for Ceiling Speakers?

    Hi All, Current Setup: Denon 4700, Kef R2C, Kef 950s, Kef 150s(I think) bookshelf for surround, 1 sub Just added two kef ci-160QR ceiling. Audyessy has the ceilings crossover at 150hz. Is this correct or all should be 80hz? Also, during the calibration, I noticed the Height2 speaker seemed...
  14. Noir

    Kef Q50a Crossover settings?

    Hi Team, I have looked and cannot find the answer!!! I have a pair of Kef Q50a using a Yamaha a3080 amp in the 7.1.2 setup. Can anyone tell me what the optimal crossover setting for the Kef Q50a in upfiring mode?
  15. Noir

    New Yamaha Revievers

    Anyone know when the new Yamahas will hit the UK? Looking at the Yamaha A8
  16. Aziz Ismail

    Recommended Crossover For B&W Anniversary 5.1

    Hi I have an Onkyo TX-NR 828 running some 603 S2 Anniversary Floor standers, 606 Bookshelf for my rears and HTM6S2 as my centre. I have ran the Audyssey using the microphone in the three listening positions and changed the distances slightly (used a tape measure). However, the receiver sets...
  17. S

    Crossover and size

    I have just purchased a pair of Q Acoustics 3030i fronts, 3090Ci centre, and 3020i for rears, my sub is the Q Acoustics 3070S. I am just wondering what I should set these speakers to on my Denon av amp, should they be small or large and also what should my crossover points be?
  18. Dr. Robert

    B&W CM6 s2 Crossover

    Is it possible to still get replacements for these or does anybody know of a place that can repair them. Thanks
  19. A

    AVR-x4500h eARC sub crossover/range issue

    Hi All, Hooked up my Samsung Q80T cable-hdmi with the eARC setup. My subs are set to LFE/120. But they are running vocals(haven't heard them performing like this) and are really overpowering with bass-(Cbl/Sat). Watched Mad Max through Prime and all my levels sounded phennormal-(TV Audio). also...
  20. O

    Active crossover build project

    Someone suggested I should post a thread on this build project, so here it is. Back in the 80s, I had a three-way active system - pre-amp, 3-way crossover, and three power amps (driving tweeter, mid/bass, and passive sub). It was in a different country, and I still have it all, though it is...
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