1. martgem

    Question Crossover for 30-2000hz woofer and 1600-25000khz tweeter

    Hi folks, First time here so please bear with me. I am looking to improve my current floor standing speakers. The are a home build of 45L and tuned to 35hz. Problem is they sound a bit heavy and bright. The middle is muted. The tweeter polarity is reversed. I'm looking to build a new crossover...
  2. martgem

    crossover advice sought. Order & Freq for 30-2000hz + 1600-25000khz drivers

    Hi Folks, First time here so please bear with me. I currently have a homebuilt set of floor standing speakers using the Seas W22EX001 Woofer and the Morel MDT30S Tweeter. The cabinets are 45L and tuned to 35hz. My problem is the crossover. Its many years old home assembled from a Wilmslow Audio...
  3. Seanrose4217

    Frequency crossover

    Evening Folks, just purchased a Cambridge audio SX120 sub. I have already set my crossovers for all other speakers (normally 10hz above Their Lowest) and had my sub setting on my receiver at 100hz.. Does this frequency setting on the new sub override the receiver? Not entirely sure how it works
  4. rmonkey100

    Question Are these Denon Audyssey settings correct - Crossover frequency etc? 200hz Surround Speakers?!

    I have a 5.1 set up with Yamaha NSF51 Standing floor speakers at front and Yamaha NSP51 speakers for the Centre and Surround Left & Right, also got a Yamaha subwoofer Running Audyssey it configures it as Front standing speakers large speakers with 40hz crossover, The centre speakers as small...
  5. S

    Surround speaker crossover dilemma

    Ok folks - long story cut short. I'm currently using two pairs pf Monitor Audio Silver FX for surround and rear surround duties and have just run Audyssey. It's set the rear surrounds at 80, (which is ideal as it matches the fronts and centre), but the surrounds at 120. I get that this may be...
  6. Wiktor77

    Help with crossover settings

    So right now I have a Pioneer vsx-922-k av receiver and a 5 speaker system jamo hcs3. For the subwoofer I also have a jamo 210. When running the mcacc advanced full auto calibration the mcacc sets all my speakers to Large. Making my subwoofer turned off. I mostly listen to music and the front...
  7. G

    Speaker crossover help

    Hi folks kind of stuck with my crossover settings. I'm using a denon 3700 and have the following speakers connected Fronts Dali spektor 2 xo 110hz Centre Dali senzor vokal xo 90hz Front heights Dali alteco xo 150hz Surounds cambridge minx xo 150hz Rear heights cambridge minx xo 150 hz Rel t5i...
  8. G

    Rel t5i crossover help

    Hi folks sorry if this has been answered already but cant find it anywhere. I have just bought a rel t5i sub. Just a bit confused with the LFE crossover. I would have thought it best to set that to max 120 on sub but doing this distorts bass and is extremely loud. I'm all using high low level...
  9. rjd51

    Question can I use passive crossover with a speaker missing?

    hi, I have a 4-way hi-fi speaker with the tweeter missing. Its got a 4-way crossover inside of it with the wires for the tweeter still attached, is it safe to run the speakers without connecting the wires for the tweeters to anything or could his cause damage to anything? also wouldn't cause any...
  10. Lensman5d

    Centre crossover settings

    Hi all, I have a B&W Htm2 D3 for my centre speaker. Paired to this I have a 10” M&K patched through the centre pre out on my aventage 3050. my question is, if I set the crossover at 80hz, am I strangling the sub? Should I set it to large? i am fiddling about as I type and thought I should ask a...
  11. DeadEarsMate

    Question Wharfedale DX-2 - what crossover frequency works best?

    Hi, First post here, looking to hear from other DX-2 users on selecting best crossover frequency, mainly for movies, but music too. I just bought and installed the speakers with a Sony STR-DN1080, very pleased with the initial results, now looking to fine-tune it a bit. I read some reviews...
  12. Evokazz

    Quick Crossover Question

    Had my setup running a few years now and never been impressed with the bass, it's ok, but not mind blowing like some similar systems, decided to have a fiddle with it and start by asking here, it sounds like it's almost there, but lacking detail if this makes sense. I don't tend to have it...
  13. Ja55

    Question High level input crossover settings

    Hi All I currently have bookshelf speakers and a Rel Strata 5 setup for music which I run through a stereo amp. I'm thinking of replacing the Strata 5 with a BK XLS400 as i've read good things about the XLS400. I currently rum my Strata 5 through the Neutrik high level connection at 50% gain...
  14. nidonyle

    Question Crossover settings & speaker frequency response out of range after setting up accuEQ

    I am totally confused with the saved settings after i done the calibration (accuEQ). Before i start here are the details of setup : Receiver : Onkyo TX SR494 Speakers : 2 x Jamo S 803 Bookshelf Speakers 2 x Jamo S 801 Speakers for Surround Sound 1 x Jamo S 81 CEN Center Channel Speaker SUB ...
  15. N

    Question Speaker crossover failure

    Hi, The crossover in one of my speakers appears to have failed and I’m having trouble diagnosing what is actually at fault. The symptom is a very small sound initially and then nothing. I’ve swapped the crossover from another speaker and everything works ok, so it appears to be the crossover...
  16. L

    Crossover advice

    Hi all, i have just upgraded my home cinema system to a 5.1.2 configuration. my new system constists of: Denon x4500h Kef t301 series B&W CCM362 ceiling speakers. would like some info if my crossover hrz are ok as they are. And the T2 settings are fine. Any feed back would be appreciated.
  17. Otis

    Question Atmos crossover settings?

    I've just got some Atmos upfiring speakers & i've read that you have better results by altering the crossover settings. Can anyone advise?
  18. titanax

    How to do crossover from Yamaha RX-A1060

    Hi all, I can't find the LFE or LFE+Main in my setup. I have a feeling this has been removed in the Aventage series. If so what is the system setting for the LFE & crossover frequency for bass management?
  19. Rieper47

    Question Crossover for monitor mass speakers

    Hi all, I've got a couple of questions about the crossover settings for my speakers. I've read various guides and have tried a few settings before posting but I am struggling to get a setting that I'm sure is correct and would like to be sure I've got my settings as good as can be so I can...
  20. Dazza

    Question Q Acoustic B12 Crossover?

    I'm in the process of upgrading my AV system and after 15 years! I've replaced my Elac Sub for the QB12 I have a Sony STR DN1080 Receiver and Focal Sib Evo Atmos satellites My speakers are all set to small but i'd like your views on where i should set the crossover? The sub can be set to AV...
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