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  1. U

    Questions about the receiver crossover below the speaker

    Hello everyone, I have a pair of Pioneer SP-FS52 towers that I love (I already had the 5.0 Andrew Jones set), I'm going back to the 5.1 and I found the Jamo CC 4500 center box (or S40 Center in other countries), the design is very similar to the towers so maybe I won't have timbre problems. The...
  2. P

    Crossover frequency Stereo 2.1

    Hey guys, I am having a REVEL F208 speaker set and a REVEL B110 subwoofer. A couple of questions: 1. Do I need a subwoofer for just stereo? 2. If yes, what would be the crossover frequency? Thanks
  3. DecLinE

    Denon X2800H Crossover

    Hi everyone! This is the layout of my Home Cinema system in my living room, consisting of: 2 front speakers Indiana Line Tesi 204 1 central speaker of HKTS 7 kit 2 surround speakers of HKTS 7 kit 1 subwoofer Jamo C912 As you can see from the attached drawing, the two front speakers and the...
  4. paspolc

    Question Crossover setup value

    I have a 2.1 hifi system with a Yamaha R-N803, speakers Elac Dbr62 a subwoofer mivoc hype g2 and a dac Smsl su-1, is there a fixed rule to find the perfect crossover setup? I have been trying for some time now to fiddle with the crossover and volume knobs but the sound seems unsatisfactory. Do...
  5. A

    Question Advice - Mourdant Short 916 crossover parts

    Advice - Mourdant Short 916 crossover parts Hi - I've recently bought a set of 916i speakers. but on investigation, the solid core induction coil on one of the crossovers has broken away from the PCB and become damaged. I've been trying to get spares of spec from MS support, but not very...
  6. Noir

    Q Acoustics 7000LRi crossover settings

    Hi All, I am using the Q Acoustics 7000LRi for rears in my system and I wanted to know what crossover I should be using with a Yamaha A8A? I currently am using 100hz but just wanted to check to see if anyone else had a different setting.
  7. T

    Soundlab P115CV rebuild

    Hi all, I recently bought so fairly beat up soundlab speakers and when using them managed to blow all the drivers in the cabinets. I wanted to replace all the drivers but have had a hard time finding the original specs of drivers from the manufacturer so have decided to go down the route of...
  8. C

    My 1st DIY project plan (could I have some help)

    I'm currently planning to use a Dayton audio dsa215-8 woofer (8ohm norm, 8in) with a peerless vifa d27tg35-06 (6ohm norm) I planning on a ported box and to have it crossed over at around 2.5khz what software would be best to calculate the crossover and box size. any help would be appreciated
  9. Davekale86

    Marantz NR1710 crossover settings

    Sold previous and ended up getting this Marantz,used Audessey to setup the speakers and it’s set the crossovers to this,does this seem ok in terms of what it’s set them at? I’m using Dx1 se speaker for the centre,diamond 220s for the left and right,Minx m12 for front Atmos and a Rel Ht1003 my...
  10. Yuriksat

    Marantz SR-7015 with KEF speakers settings

    Good morning gentlemen, I've upgraded my system recently and I have got Marantz SR-7015 instead of Onkyo TX-NR696 to pair with KEF iQ90 front speakers, iQ60c center and iQ10 rears. The first impression was just WOW - sound became bass and details :) But I'm not sure if Audissey calibration...
  11. mitchverrier85

    Denon x2800h set up help

    Hiya, So ive just got a new Denon x2800h and im wondering about the settings/calibration. (im new to this) so i mainly like to listen to music, youtube etc... i currently have a 5.1 set up consisting of 4 wharfdale diamond 220 bookshelf, 220c Centre and the diamond SW150. Could anyone help me...
  12. J

    Speaker Crossover Question

    Apologies for this question as I know Crossover inquiries are a Pandora’s Box of response at times but after 2-3 weeks of reading articles, watching videos, and going back on these boards; I am still stumped on something Crossover related and hope someone can help me out (being better safe than...
  13. T

    Celestion Ditton 66 crossover upgrade or not, B&W 601 replacement

    I've just bought a mint set of Ditton 66's, one owner from new. They are an upgrade from my 44's which have had the crossovers upgraded. The guy that does the crossovers for me knows his stuff, but I'm worried they may sound worse. As a matter of driver protection I know they should be upgraded...
  14. sanalkv78

    Pioneer X over settings

    I have front and surround speakers with frequency range starting from 40hz but my Center speaker has 75hz starting frequency. I was planning to use the X over setting from pioneer to set the crossover frequency to around 60hz but the problem is I guess it will apply to all speakers, I couldn't...
  15. R

    Marantz 6015 bass issue

    I am setting up my 6015 Marantz receiver. My front right and left speakers don’t seem to be providing all the bass in songs. It’s Alan it like the crossover is set to cut anything below 80-100hz. I think I have it set such that the cross over is bypassed (front speakers large). But I’m stuck. My...
  16. jackson54000

    Tweeters are giving vocals, Help!

    Hi Guys, I have TDL RTL3 speakers and my issue is that for some reason the tweeters on them are giving vocals which i dont like. If anyone here can suggest me some capacitors which i can use in parellel? These are the details of the tweeters
  17. B

    Subwoofer and bluesound powernode crossover settings

    Hi, I have recently purchased a bluesound powernode along with Epos K1i bookshelf speakers and bk xls300 subwoofer. The powernode has a crossover filter setting default at 80hz. The bookshelf speakers have a frequency between 51hz and 30khz. What are the ideal settings for the sub and...
  18. gasolin

    DAYTON AUDIO DSP-LF DSP Controller Active subwoofer crossover

    What do you think about this unit ? I only have an android phone and 1 subwoofer for hifi but this unit won't break the bank,isn't as expensive as a mini dsp
  19. T

    Celestion Ditton 44 more modern equivalent

    These are my most recent aquirement into vintage gear, they sound great. I'm waiting for the crossovers to be returned after an upgrade. They were caught in time as some of the capacitors were 25% out of tolerance. Capacitor upgrade on the tweeters to open up the sound stage. I like the look of...
  20. psykix

    X3800H & Q Acoustic 3010i 5.1 Package Advice

    I've just got the above 3010i front & rear and 3060s sub. I've run the Audyssey and it seems to me that I am having to turn the volume up quite high for a normal listening experience, typically at half volume for a normal day time listen and around 3/4 volume for a movie. It can certainly go...
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