1. D

    Cracked 49Q6FAM with lines

    Hello. I have a Samsung 49Q6FAM with lines. Glass itself is unbroken and without a scratch. Been searching online for a replacement screen without much success. Any advice?
  2. S

    Samsung UE65KS9000 - cracked screen

    Hello everyone, First time poster here. Today was a bad beloved, 3yo 65KS9000 took unintentional damage and the screen is now cracked, with a 2" vertical black line across it. I got in touch un an authorised repair centre and they quoted me £875+vat to order a screen and...
  3. Tyler Durden

    Question A friend has given me his cracked OLED55C9 - Can I fix it?

    I'm trying to find a replacement screen but coming up blank. Does anyone know where to get one?
  4. S

    Cracked my LG 65 SK9500 screen, now what to get?

    Hi all, I've just cracked the screen on my 65SK9500, I paid £1100 just over a year ago, all the last year's models seem to have gone now, so I was initially thinking of spending around 1k, but that's gonna get me a lesser spec than I've had, but also thinking do I spent 2k on an oled, either...
  5. Matthew888

    Question What is best repair method and best glue for cracked Sennheiser HDR140 plastic headband?

    I have an 11-year old Sennheiser RS 140 system where the headband part of the HDR140 headphones broke into two pieces (except for the electric wires), starting with the crack on the top just left-of-center all the way through the underside of the headphones, between the center and left foam pad...
  6. C

    Garmin Fenix 5 - cracked screen

    hey - somehow the screen on my Fenix 5 (which I absolutely love!) has chipped with 2 cracks across the screen. Any advice on what to do - obviously cant swim with it like it is
  7. D

    KD-75XE8596 cracked on its own hanging on the wall - anyone else?

    Hi. 2 weeks ago, my little over 1 year old TV literally cracked on its own, just hanging on the wall. I am a trader and it hangs above my desk on the wall, displaying charts when I am in front of the computer. One evening vertical lines started appearing in the middle of the screen, at...
  8. pdiddy

    Cracked cabinet

    I've been looking at a set of floorstanders with a small crack on the top rear corner. Is this likely to affect performance and would a cabinet maker be able to repair? Speakers are gloss white if that makes any difference? Thanks
  9. C

    E8 cracked screen

    I've cracked the screen on my 65" E8 and as a result it no longer switches on. I was wondering if anyone had paid for a screen replacement? If so, where did you get it done and how much did it cost? I'm trying to work out if it is worth repairing or not. I have contacted a local repair shop and...
  10. B

    Question Received cracked LCD and paranoid it was me

    After a very long time researching and waiting, today I received the Q70 55" at home. The delivery guy came in help me take it out of the box and we laid it on the couch. Then he left and with another person we carefully turned it around so we could mount the feet. After I turned it on I...
  11. A

    Cracked screen options (iPhone X)

    Hi guys, just wondering what my options are for a cracked screen, is it to just pay the nearly £300 cost for repair from Apple? I don't have AppleCare plus, but is it actually possible to acquire that for £200 and then pay the £25 cost for screen repair? Feels like that would be too much of a...
  12. jacqeez

    JS7000 Glass screen cracked, possible to replace?

    Managed to crack the screen to my samsung js7000 55". I decided to take it apart to trying to find a part number for the entire display but the screen itself looks fine but the glass piece would need to be replaced, I couldn't find a part number though. Has anyone had to go through this process...
  13. H

    NEWS: Has 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc been cracked?

    A Russian company is claiming its new software tool is able to decrypt the AACS 2.0 protection on Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. At present, they say their DeUHD tool can copy more than 30 titles with more to be added weekly. Read the news.
  14. Rasczak

    Cracked Windscreen

    Hi all, Just seeking some advice if I may. My windscreen (Peugeot 208) got hit by some loose chippings today and has cracked. The crack is in the centre of the screen and runs from the bottom up to around one-third of the height. Clearly not repairable so I need a replacement. What's the best...
  15. TopGunner1978

    Question Samsung Gear Fit 2 - Cracked Screen

    Hi all, Annoyingly my Gear Fit 2 pinged off my wrist onto the floor and cracked. Anyone have experience of replacing a screen, who to use send back to Samsung etc? Thanks.
  16. A

    AACS 2.0 potentially cracked

    There's chatter on the internet that AACS 2.0 has been cracked and Sony's The Smurfs 2 is the first disk to be fully ripped and uploaded with Atmos audio. PC playback of UHD disks is currently possible albeit with many restrictions. You need the new PowerDVD 17 software, one of the latest...
  17. zed4

    Damp, crumbling and cracked plaster - how to fix?

    Good morning all, Any builders or DIY experts able to offer some advice please? Our shower drain was loose and as a result water has run under the shower tray and down into the hallway below. The plaster is now damp and crumbling away with a long crack along the edge of the plasterboard...
  18. MBenson

    Looking for other people with cracked s7 camera glass

    Hi I am new to these forums but I am looking for people in the UK who have had the glass protecting their camera crack spontaneously. I am unhappy that Samsung have told me I have to repair the damage to my phone caused by their manufacturing fault, therefore if they do not reply to my complaint...
  19. Triplizard

    LG 65EF9500 65" OLED Cracked Screen repair?

    I have a 65" LG OLED and my kid threw something and cracked the screen over the weekend. It's a tiny crack - smaller than a dime - but now the TV doesn't work. I called LG who referred me to a local repair shop who said it would cost around $5,500 to repair it. Obviously that doesn't pencil out...
  20. H

    cracked brickwork

    Has any one got any thoughts on why this has happened, its a bungalow and no damage above and below just the small section in the photo.
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