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  1. daveattheone

    Rapid Covid 19 Test Question

    I have just been to a care home to visit a relative and had to do a rapid Covid 19 test before I entered. It was just one swab up each nostril then you give it back to the nurse and you wait outside for around 10-15 mins for the result. I was then given the test back in a silver bag and just 1...
  2. aerodynamic18

    Covid 19 test whilst abroad

    Hey guys. I have to go abroad for work in 2 weeks. I have managed to get a day 2 covid test booked ok on my return but I’m struggling to get the test booked whilst I’m away. A colleague got a test from which worked fine (take test, send pics of results with passport and they...
  3. VisionMan

    Covid 19 and the cinema

    How many people will now go to the cinema or just stay away? I've been double jabbed for a couple of months now but still caught the C19 Delta variant. Nothing too serious - runny nose, headache and every muscle in my body hurt... then I got better. But with this in mind (being double jabbed I...
  4. W

    COVD Gaming stories

    Hello! With the current pandemic in mind, there is probably interesting and funny stories from gamers all over the world. As such, why not create a discussion where you can share memorable Covid stories around gaming. Feel free to share whatever story you have in mind wether it be feats of...
  5. Drongo


    I have previously read that people who have serious allergic reactions should not have the COVID vaccine. This follows two healthcare workers having reactions in the early days of the vaccine rollout. I have a number of health issues that would mean that if I got infected with COVID19, the...
  6. BT Bob

    Christmas COVID Rules - Struggling to make it work

    We can't be the only family struggling to work out ho to make this work, can we? My wife and I have 2 kids each - all living in their own places with their respective spouses partners. We're really scratching our heads to work out any way we can get anywhere near making the 3-households rule...
  7. barney007

    How is everyone doing? If you need to chat then please do

    Hi All How are you? How is everything? Good or bad please post let's try to get some positivity going and if you in a position help others if they need a little help during these times. I run my own company and I'm been fighting tooth and nail to keep all my staff in work including me and I...
  8. sagaris99

    COVID 19 nut job conspiracy theories

    Per title Are people really buying into this lunacy? Do a bit of digging online, and you come across the 'New World Order' theories that these are military weapons for crowd control Logically sure, best way to protest is criminal damage..... righttttt
  9. aradonline

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  10. The Dreamer

    COVID-19 symptoms/do you think you are positive?

    Just thought I’d start a post for symptoms people are experiencing, and the time-line for each one. I‘ll just update this first post, as and when I can. Feel free to document your own CV19 journey below. It may make some people feel better, if they know what to expect, and roughly when.... So...
  11. everett_psycho

    The lasting legacy of COVID 19

    Awful as everything that is going on I've been thinking more and more about the lasting impact this virus could have on the world once it finally blows over and we can all go back to some sense of normality. With all the unprecedented steps being taken to try and stop it we are being forced to...
  12. Nikion

    Different type of Bodywork, also in light of the COVID 19

    Hello, I came across a video about body awareness work from a life-coach I am following for a while. It is an inspirational video rather than a "how to", but it got me thinking of what is actually the right way to a healthy life. In the description and on his website ( ) he...
  13. F

    The effect of Covid 19 on car value

    17 days ago my car was worth £17000 at we buy any car but is now valued at £11000 !
  14. crashcris

    Coronavirus: A Better Solution than Quarantine, No Quarantine?

    Don't get me wrong, I believe that had the initial patients been successfully quarantined and the virus been contained and destroyed, then that would have been that. However, it's clear to see that the virus has spread beyond the quarantined areas and now governments around the world are...
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